16 years of hurt as the German machine marches on

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, June 22nd, 2012

Germany V Greece

It’s David & Goliath time in another cracker of a quarter and this tie is tastier than a plate of Sauerkraut & Hummus with the economic climate adding to the drama, the run-down Greeks will really want to get one over on their richly talented opponents.

The Mighty Mannschaft  Express just keeps on rumbling and at the last count, i think i’ve heard the media mention the word “efficient” just 465 times in the last fortnight and read it a further 763 times in the papers so I won’t say it once. It’s not surprising they have used it mind, 9 points out of 9 without coming out of 3rd gear is my view on Joachims Low’s side. I don’t actually think they have played as well as they can, maybe they are still a bit knackered from the Champions League run.  It hasn’t hit them drastically like our lot though, they have a full squad to pick from for Friday night and Boateng is back after his suspension at the expense of the little Bender. I’d imagine he’ll go right back alongside Hummels & Badstubeer in the centre with Lahm at left back. Khedira and The Schwein will run proceedings in the middle although a little birdie tells me the handsome one is struggling for fitness so don’t expect to see him for the how game and do expect to see Kroos and some point. Up the top, the Muller, Podolski and Nemo (my diamond) will be threading it through for top goalscorer Gomez, the threading will have to be very intricate to break down the Greek wall, I’m sure they will do it though, they are on a run of 14 completive wins which is just so

For Greece, the story is different, in fact it’s tragic (so nearly another another over-used clich’e). Their God-like talisman Giorgio Karagounis (who has received more kicks than the Karate Kid) & Jose Holebas are both suspended and Kostas Chalky Chalkias is also looking iffy to make it in time with dodgy ham-string so the back is a bit shakier despite having the excellent pairing of the P & P Papoulos Factory in front of the D. I feel a bit sorry for Greece, I don’t know if there is some conspiracy going on but the referring decisions they have had to endure is beyond a joke, I was fuming watching the Russia game, I watched a showreel on Spanish TV and they were highlighting all the decisions that had gone against them in the Polish and Czech games, they didn’t have the ref on their side in that game either but somehow survived the cull. Ze Germanz will be a far sterner test and realistically, not many Greeks will be putting their last handful of Cents on a Greek miracle. Unlike them, I’m still tempted to part with a nicker for stand-in Captain Katsouranis & the boys with the 1-0 at 22-1, can lightning strike twice? you never know.

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  • Bakes

    Great read, Dexy. 22-1 for a 1-0 Greek win? Got to be worth a quid or two in a two horse race! To quote Keegan “I’d love it”! There is another overused quote for you!

  • Philip

    Greece 1 Ze Germans 1 Greece win on pens!

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