200 million and you can’t even win the Carling Cup

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Man Utd   3 – 1   Man City (agg 4 – 3)

Manchester United once again proved that class is permanent with a convincing 3-1 win in a fiercely contested semi-final derby.

Wayne Rooney headed home an injury-time winner which saw the red half of Manchester into the Carling Cup final against Aston Villa after a pulsating second leg at Old Trafford.

Paul Scholes gave United a deserved lead with a deflected drive before Michael Carrick doubled the lead with a neat finish.

Carlos Tevez almost twisted the knife with his 3rd goal of the tie, but the knife was as blunt as Manchester Cities performance as they failed to make their first Cup Final appearance in 28 years.

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  • bashy

    united are the kings of manchester… true say class is permanent form is temporary

  • Thomas

    nothing gives me more pleasure than watching City Lose. Stick that in your pipe Carlos!! I’ll have a cigar on you mate!!!!

  • Giggs4ever

    take that and party you twats!!!!! Come on City? Where are you? All gone a bit quiet hasn’t it!

    Ha Ha Ha!!!!

  • http://www.fuckoff.com Redna

    I wish you lot scumarses a relly bad year.Hate ya’with a passion and that is better then dulance. CTID!!

  • http://www.fuckoff.com Redna

    I will come down, wer’e close and you know it. 68 years is a lot past and little future. One can not buy health.
    CTID!! Even more

  • http://www.fuckoff.com Redna

    Who’s that………

  • manutd_malta

    Redna you must be thinking about your future coach already…..with your case there is never a past and a doubtful future.

  • http://manutdnewsnow kaikorey

    redna bouse to liki pilon………..

  • http://manutdnewsnow kaikorey

    redna kakaliki

  • dexylongshot

    I thought it was pretty even over the course of the two legs and very entertaining, shame Neville didn’t get a look-in last night. Big up to Tevez for getting 3 goals and not rising to any bait last night, just getting his nut down and doing what he does best. Rooney was excellent again apart from that moment when the ball got stuck between his legs. Scholesy past it, no chance, him and Giggs were superb and Richards is coming back into some form, very handy for Fabio.

  • Magikal

    Manchester United when they want to play are the best club in the world. Fergusons a legend… OT was buzzing last night…We just take it easy BUT theres so much expectations that we get slack even if we beat a team. scholes past it? are you havin a bubble. He dominated last night. Him carrick and fletcher in midfield are a class apart. Richards in good form?? he was ripped apart last night. Tevez got a nice elbow from good old rio and that just put things into perspective.. We hate scum like that ugly beast.. GET IN UNITEDDDD….p.s Dexy ur so biased

  • dexylongshot

    I know!

    The Scholsey “Past It” was referring to a post about him last week where i bigged him up.
    No way is he past it.

    “Tevez got a nice elbow from good old rio and that just put things into perspective..”

    Erm what????????

    I’m referring Richards to coming back into form after doing nothing spectacular over the past 18 months or so. I think the Mancini effect may help him come to mature into the quality defender he promised to be a couple of years back.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    I would actually say Barcelona are a better side Magikal, they haven’t lost a league game this season and are proving that last season was no fluke.

    Saying that, I did cheer (kind of) when Rooney scored, I’d hate to see City in any final…

  • Magikal

    Sorry that tevez bit was irrelevant to your post dexy loll jus thought i’d gloat bout him gettin the heavy hand so to speak… Barca are a better team on current form I agree but if we play consistently as good as the other night we’d batter them on any given day….

    We are currently the best team in the premiership by far and have the best striker in the world…correct me if im wrong

  • Dave

    The table doesnt lie.

    Who is top??? Chelsea. Top scorer? I believe is a certain Wayne Rooney.

    Liverpool have the best striker in a one Fernando Torres, Tevez isnt consistent enough.

    I think Man City fans should get realistic, you wont win anything this season and Mancini will get sacked for that reason.

    City’s best player is Stephen Ireland and is always on the bench.

    For Man City read Blackburn Rovers, will win one trophy and disappear up their own arses.

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