39 games, he was havin’ a Scooby?

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, February 21st, 2008

Tea and buns all round

Surprise surprise, the FA have said get stuffed to Scooby Doo’s stupendous proposal to play Premier League games abroad.

In a meeting at Soho Square with tea and buns, the FA told the Premier League that their plan was absolute twaddle. We all knew this of course.

“The idea is dead in the water, although I’m open to ideas for an all expenses weekend away if any arise,” said the Football Association chairman Lord Triesman.

“We can’t afford to be to misanthropic, although the idea is rather moribund, for want a better word.”

He added: “If the Premier League have any more silly ideas I would love to hear them, we haven’t laughed this much since we gave Steve McClaren the England job’

However, Lord Triesman has agreed to go on that jolly to Zurich to meet with the fat cats from FIFA to discuss the proposal.

Now this is pretty strange as Sepp Blatter initially said the scheme would never get off the ground while he was in charge, maybe he’s a fan of tea and buns too?

Scooby Doo

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  • http://blog.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Aslan

    loool 39 games was the biggest joke of this season. Scudamore should have gone scubadivingmore than think up such an idiotic plan to sell our game abroad….CLOWN!

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