51,531 In The Queue Due to Corporate Meetings!

by Teflon

Wednesday, March 19th, 2008

The Prawns have stolen our game

Watching a football game has never been harder in my opinion, this morning Arsenal Vs Reading tickets went on sale to Red members, which I shall state, now is the lowest membership level for the Arsenal football team. The membership scheme is as follows, Platinum (Corporate), Gold (season ticket holders), Silver (first sale) and Red (left overs).

Now let’s look at a typical Arsenal league game ticket sale plan. 45,000 tickets are either corporate or season tickets which leaves 15,000 for Silver members to get their hands on. Silver members have 1 month to grab these tickets. if they are not gone within 1 month then Red members get their chance to scrap it out in a fast speed, high paced lunge for tickets.


So being a Red member sucks! A very high lack of tickets means that you can see 1 league game every 2 months (If you are lucky). This season I have seen 15 Arsenal games, 4 have been Champions League away games meaning I have had to shell out for flights, 3 have been Champions League home games, 2 Carling Cup games where Arsenal fielded reserves but still charged £40 a ticket, one was an FA Cup tie and the other 5 are all League games against bottom of the league opposition.

So this morning I sat at my computer waiting for 9:30am on the box office waiting to get my 2 tickets for myself and my lovely wannabe Gooner girl-friend. As 9:30 comes it tells me my session is timed out so I am thrown to the back of the queue, this was a disaster! So with much frustration I managed to get 2 tickets in my basket, which were in seats that were so high, I’d expect nausea from altitude sickness. But none the less 2 seats are better than none. So as I’m entering my credit card details when disaster strike again as the site yet again throws me off to the back of the queue. This happened twice! Then I got the message of ‘This fixture is now sold out!’ Frustration hit as yet again for the 2nd time this year I had been skanked out of tickets by the Arsenal box office. So I decided to ring the customer services. It is surprising that if you put on an upset and annoyed voice over the phone how quickly a sold out game will provide 2 tickets for you and your lovely girlie Gooner.

So I got tickets but the rant doesn’t end there. I then asked the question that officially ruined my day. ‘Could you tell me where my memberships are on the waiting list for silver members?’ I will always regret knowing the answer to this now as it is just so demoralizing. ‘Certainly sir, your first membership is number 51,531 in the queue roughly about 4 to 5 years’. So I have to put up with this shocking poor system for 5 more years just to get a regular seat at the Emirates.

Screw it I’m going to watch Barnet instead. League 2 is where the football is at! I shall still go watch Arsenal whenever I can, but this just proves that while you pay £45 a ticket at Arsenal they can easily afford to jack the prices up as so many people just want to watch a game! Money will soon enough ruin the game we knew 10-20 years ago, (if it hasn’t already) But as long as the suits keep paying for their corporate tickets then people like me have no hope. So at the Reading game I advise everyone to take some eggs! Throw them at the corporate blocks so they leave and get some real fans inside to get the atmosphere back to watch the Arsenal lead on to Victory!

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    back in the day 1988-1992, when I was a real Arsenal fan, getting tickets wasn’t a problem, we had a smaller ground, a better team, well in winning things that is, with hardly a corporate prat in site. In fact, corporate actually meant sitting in the East stand.

    We would queue up after the game to get next weeks tickets, even if it was the dreaded trip to The Den to be abused by all the Milwall fans. Tickets were always available.

    So what changed? The game has became more accessible and are indeed watched by a different class of fan, grounds are no longer hostile cages full of blokes in their 20’s wanting to fight the world. More families & woman go to games now, not the best for the old Russ Abbot (atmosphere) it has to be said, but it has, in effect, killed the hooligan element. I for one used to dread the away day derby games, a 0-0 draw would have suited me fine, that way the opposing fans wouldn’t want to kick my head in for being an Arsenal fan, becos lets face it, the whole of London is jealous of Arsenal, even the Chavs with their recent success would love to have our tradition and soul.

    So in a nutshell, it’s not really the corporate prats that have changed the game, it is in fact society itself.

  • Croydon Gooner

    does anyone know how much it will cost for a silver level membership when i eventually get offered it (i’m currently a red level member). cheers

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Croydon Gooner, there’s a guy who uses our blog called Teflon, he will be able to help you.

  • Tef1on

    Silver Membership Costs £30 a season, the same as Red.

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