A bit of Christmas fun from StanJames

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Thursday, December 20th, 2012

Dodgy Jumpers, questionable decorations and cringe-inducing songs are all a part of Christmas and this year, StanJames are giving us all of them in their late attempt for Christmas number one. However, we can’t see it clinching top spot, even though the likes of Bob the Builder have done it in the past!

We have seen Stan and James on the television recently of course, and now they are back offering you a festive jingle to enjoy and sing along with.

Although it might be cheesy and a bit of a laugh, there is certainly a theme and a message in this two minutes of light-hearted fun.

It is a typical ‘lads’ get together and the Boxing Day Premier League fixtures take centre stage, instead of the traditional festive activities.

What this video is doing is reminding you that there is still plenty of betting available during the next few weeks and that as ever, StanJames is the place to go.

With lyrics like ‘it’s the festive season, but the season is only half way through’ and ‘Boxing Day, that’s my kind of day, when there’s teams on the TV scoring’ you know what to expect!

It might all be a little bit cheesy, but that is the whole point. Christmas is all about smiling and you are sure to be doing that after this video.

Be aware that there is a cliché overload, a poor attempt at a Christmas tree and even a penalty shoot-out taking place in the front room.

The Sport is all that Stan and James are focusing on, so sit back and enjoy this bit of festive fun. Check out the StanJames Christmas music video here and just so you know, it is likely to get stuck in your head.

Merry Christmas and enjoy.

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