A load of old Cobblers!

by Mystical Mike

Thursday, July 3rd, 2008

Cancelling games, it’s not nice…

After the excitement of the fixture lists coming out for next season, the inevitable change of dates has occured with England game taking precedence over some of the football league calendar.

For a fan that is forced to travel, like myself, to home games as well as away games due to my location, the England games are well down the priority list when it comes to what I’d rather see on a Saturday afternoon. Northampton Town are my humble side that I follow up and down the country and on October 10th, the game at home to Hartlepool United has now been changed to the Friday before to accomodate England’s “vital” world cup qualifyer against the footballing giants of Kazachstan.

Now as interesting as it may be to see thousands of Borat masks being passed around Wembley, this is surely nothing more than a walk over for England. The fact that I would now have to take an afternoon off work to travel to Northampton if I wanted to see my team play though means that it’s a real gripe for me and many others.

Surprisingly enough, there’s quite a few Cobblers fans such as myself that travel from outside the county to see us play and the England game is now a big annoyance. I would understand a bit more if this was a vital game with someone of the calibre of Euro 2008 quarter finalists Croatia but Kazachstan at home? Was it seriously worth it?

Not only do the fans suffer who have purchased season tickets and live too far away to go to the rearranged Friday night game but the club may also lose out on revenue that previously would have come in from a couple of hundred more fans. Not to mention Hartlepool fans themselves being put out of place. For the none Geographers out there, it’s a hell of a long way from Hartlepool to Northampton and the Friday journey for them would need to begin at lunch time as well.


The main point here is that surely no-one in their right mind would really care that much to miss England’s trouncing of a minnow country in order to accommodate their own club side. Ask anyone in the stands on that Friday night and they will surely tell you that they would rather tha game be played on a Saturday afternoon.

There will more than likely be more changes to our schedule over the coming weeks and in any season it’s obviously expected that sacrifices would need to be made to see your club side play. But is it really neccessary to miss out on a Saturday afternoon fixture just to see England stroll through a game with a country like Kazachstan?

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    what are you talking about? we all know Kazachstan are a footballing world power, the whole nation will come to a stand still to watch England huff and puff their way to a 3-0 victory, Capello will then say we are ready to win the world cup.

    Cancelling the Premier League fixtures, fair enough, but there’s no need to cancel every game, of are the FA so arrogant that they think everything wants to watch this game?

  • Stevie

    I remember a game last season when this happened, in fact it well have been Hartlepool, their game was called off an hour before kick off. Imagine traveling 4 hours only to find your journey was a total waste of time.

    The FA don’t really give a toss for anyone but the big 4, look what happened to Boro with Alideare (SP), what was the phrase they used? Esien did the same a few days later and got his ban reversed.

    FA = Twats

  • dexylongshot

    What are you talking about, it’s all to plug Sasha’s new book surely!
    There are net rumours Borat will sing the National Anthem for them, I wouldn’t put it pass the suits to let him, they are the perfect old duffers that Borat/Ali G/Sasha Cohen would crucify…..with the exception of Sir Trev. He’s the only one I have any real respect for and the only one who appears to be behind grass roots football, not commercialising the brand etc. It’s Lord Mawmingy & the toffs making a pig’s ear of it all, look at Wembley and the Burton project, Trevs been going on about it for years and they kept ignoring him, I heard but don’t quote me that he wasn’t even allowed to to some of the top level meetings. Sack the board, put Trev in charge!!!

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