A momentous day for English sport

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, November 3rd, 2008

Battersea Ironside in need of some divine intervention

Its been an historic weekend with drama unmatched and humiliation personified.

We have had Spurs steal victory against a resurgent Liverpool. We have had Hamilton steal a World title from a dejected Massa.

We have seen Englands Cricket Superstars on paper thrashed by a real team of superstars on the pitch.

We have seen Australia’s Rugby League team take thrashings to a new level with an England side again on the receiving end.

Yes drama, shock and shame all in one weekend and in the case of the Ironsides all in the space of one match.

How having been 2-2 at half time with two excellent strikes by Badhia – one a sumptuous lob, the match could end up in a 6-2 defeat, needs honest examination.

Yes it was a case of a tremendous strike from Trinity that had something holy about it all right but this match the ref gave us some divine intervention missing two blatant penalties from the opposition and giving us one that Badir failed to convert for his hat trick. And of course they broke away and made it 6-2 .

So it has been a landmark weekend in all sorts of ways and for the Ironsides a landmark one and historic one too. Why ? because mark my words, big changes will be made to ensure this humiliation will never ever happen again and will never ever be seen again. The season starts here!!.

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  • Darren

    i think you guys need to get back on UKFF and find yourself some new talent.

    You remind of Arsenal, lots of talented kids but what you really need is a few older English players who have been been there done that.

  • Karim

    The game was unlucky as well as embarassing.
    Everything on that day was doomed to failure.
    The weather, referee, luck were not on our side at that day.
    A penalty (which wasn’ t one!!!) given to the opposite team after a foul to me lead to
    an unpopular referee which of course effect the motivation of the players.

    But all this is not an excuse for a poor performance.
    We have to start to play football as a unit. The required skills
    are available, so we have to make sure we start winning from next saturday on!

    It’s up to us lads!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    you make your own luck dudebuster, and it sounds like you guys need to stop looking at dodgy decisions and just get on with playing football. I’ve seen you twice and you look like a good side but do lack that killer instinct.

    It’s your first season and that does look like a tough league. If you pull together on and off the pitch you’ll be fine.

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