A nanny state

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, November 10th, 2008

Are we an unfit nation?

I’m afraid on this rather wet and bleak morning I’ve been tipped over the edge. One news article on ‘healthy towns’ is the culprit.

These ‘so called’ healthy towns have shared a pot of £30 million to encourage local people to generally live a healthy life. Whether this is by an exercise scheme, growing your own fruit and vegetables, or making a city more breast-feeding friendly, it’s all working towards combating the ever growing problems of obesity.
This is just another example of how we are living in a nanny state. No-one, well apart from my parents, occasionally my significant other and the laws of the land, tells me what I should and shouldn’t do. Soon the population will be filled with nobody taking responsibility for their actions, as all their actions could be attributed government policy.

Imagine our traditional big breakfasts being banned because they are too unhealthy, or other foods that you love taken from the shelves because of their fat content. How would you feel about that?

I understand that we should eat better, exercise on a regular basis and generally look after ourselves, but this just takes the biscuit… no pun intended. Obesity is a problem, but for the most part it’s self-inflicted. We don’t eat the right things, we eat too much food which is bad for us and we don’t get enough exercise. But this is all because we choose too. I’m just your average 6ft, 13st 28 year old, I eat some good things, I eat some things that are bad for me, but I exercise on a regular basis. It all balances itself out. I know what food is good for me, at the same time knowing that some foods aren’t, but to be fair, these are the ones that usually taste the best.

For me, it’s about getting the balance right, and I believe that this should be the case for everyone. There is no excuse for not getting it right. People are not taking responsibility for their well-being.

The main reason for this initiative is to ensure that the future resource of the NHS is not taken up by people suffering from obesity. Unless people have a genuine medical condition, of which obesity can come in to it, people who shun their responsibilities by not eating the right things and not exercising should not be treated. No doubt we’ve all, or have in the past, contributed to the NHS through our National Insurance deductions I want to see our government ensuring that our money is spent in the right way and I don’t think this programme is going to help.

Let’s be firmer with people who aren’t taking their well-being seriously, as well as the parents whose job it is to ensure that their children are eating the right things and that they get enough exercise.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    Very interesting article, I heard something on LBC yesterday which really made me laugh. Do you know you can go to prison if you have an over weight cat? The same DJ who was reading this out actually suggested that if a family have an obese child then they should go to prison for letting them getting fat, what a stupid thing to say. I really respect what Jamie Oliver is trying to do, he’s incredibly passionate about food and does more then any member of the crappy labour party to change peoples eating habits, he’s up against it to be honest, but good one him! But at the end of the day if people want to eat crap and do no exercise then it’s up to them!!

    I then heard that they (government I assume) are trying to ban loud fireworks as its scares some dogs. With all this can’t do this can’t that wouldn’t just be better to have a communist government in charge?

  • Matt Quinn

    Conkers with protective mittens and gloves. Nanny state-ism in a horsechest-nut shell.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    What article did u get that from? Or are you showing us your true well educated upper class side? What what I’m from Birmingham you know, I may not talk like a Brummy but I can assure you I haven’t sold out in the slighest!!

  • Matt Quinn

    Kids in skools aint allowed to play conkas wiv out gloves & glasses, innit. This iz well old newz. Google it, grandad.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Darren

    You’re definitely my poshest mate, there is no way Simon would have known that, I’m very proud to know you, you friends and family should be very proud.

    Not only are you very intelligent, you also look like Brad Smidge, there’s not an ounce of flab on you, the kids should look to you for inspiration!!!

  • http://www.netsensia.com Chris

    Interesting article – but on the one hand it seems to be against the nanny state, and on the other it says we must be firmer with people who aren’t looking after themselves… not sure I understand which side of the fence it’s coming from…

    On the same note – I read was reading in a paper about the craziness of politcal correctness gone mad and how people should stop telling us what to say, and within a couple of pages in the same paper is supreme outrage at some of Jeremy Clarkson’s comments on Top Gear!! Not to mention Jonathon Ross and Russell Brand and how the governement should intervene to stop these gross broadcasts!

    It’s enough to send an old man potty.

  • jackie emu

    Don’t forget at Schools kids aren’t allowed to compete anymore….it means there’s a loser and that wouldn’t do…

    rubbish it’s all character building and encourages you to improve…

    mollycoddle over load

    and in Sweden a few months back a kid invited everyone except two kids in his class to his birthday party…the teacher said he had to invite everybody or there was to be no party as this was alienating the two he hadn’t invited encouraging bullying…!

    This country/world!

  • Stevie

    that’s crazy that kids can no longer compete, how on earth are we expected to raise champions with ludicrous rules like that?

    The best part of my school week was looking forward to playing league games against other schools and seeing the result published in the local paper and read out in assembly.

    As Chris says, it’s enough to send an old man potty!!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Not sure I understand your point. You start off anti and end up pro encouraging people to be healthy. Its nothing to do with a nanny state, its about educating people to be healthier. Its all very well for you to say you make informed decisions, but a great many people in this country eat poorly because they know no better. I think that towns encouraging health in any way should be commended and supported, and if the knock on effect is that less people end up in hospitals with illnesses that could have been prevented then even better.

    It is fashionable these days to shout ‘nanny state’ whenever someone tries to make a positive difference. I heard a true story the other day that someone complained to the NHS that their introduction of the cervical cancer injection in schools was merely a ruse to cut their workload by lowering the cases of that cancer in women and therefore an outrage! You probably believe the same, bloody nanny state eh!

    Government has a responsibility to do all it can to educate its people about keeping their health good, for too long the tories cared about no-one but the wealthy. Long may it continue…….

  • Stephen Trenery

    My point in this article was to demonstrate how… 1) the Government are acting as our parents, telling us what is right and wrong, what to do and what not to do and 2) where does it stop, I mean, in Government Policy. Surely we, as adults and individuals know what is right and wrong, where did we get this information from? Primarily our parents, and some of it from school.

    There is NO excuse, everyone knows that eating fruit and veg is good for you and eating fatty/salty foods isn’t. People also know that exercise is good for you. People are obese for 2 reasons… 1) a medical condition or their body doesn’t break down fats like ‘normal’ and 2) people are LAZY!!!

    It’s not about a lack of knowledge it’s about attitude!

  • Stevie

    live and let live, if people want to eat crap then surely its up to them right?

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I don’t understand why you are so against educating people about the dangers of obesity, I really don’t. You are also wrong, it is about lack of knowledge. Many people know that some things are healthy and others not but do not understand the full consequences of it. And don’t start bringing parents into it, if parents can’t educate their children you clearly believe the children should suffer, as obesity in the young is a major issue. You either are living in a falsely idealistic world where everybody shares your level of education, or you are highly arrogant in believing that what you know, everybody knows.

    Our health service is creaking due to overuse by people who have illnesses that could be prevented. The NHS is the pride and joy of this country and needs to be sustained, yes I am talking to you Mr Cameron, so we as a country need to look at ways of lightening the load. We must never turn patients away, so lets educate them now and lessen the volume of sickness. The smoking ban was one of the best things we have ever done, should have happened years ago but the Tories needed cigarettes to tax the less well off. I am not saying we ban fatty foods or bring in prohibition, and no-one else is either except the scaremongering fools at the Daily Mail, but lets tell people what they do to you.

    It is not a nanny state for gods sake, it is a state that cares.

    Anyway, what the heck has this got to do with football?

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