A New Arsenal Philosophy?

by Luke McGee

Wednesday, December 8th, 2010

Playing cack and winning might just be the new playing superbly and losing. At least this seems to be the case down at the Emirates.

Over the past 5 years or so Arsenal have held the reputation of being England’s representatives of the beautiful game.

Pace, style, skill, creativity and disturbingly accurate passing. Winning absolutely naff all, of course, but playing some pretty lovely football in the process.

But since their collapse against Spurs, Arsenal appear to have adopted a new style of play; out of control passes, runs that lead to nowhere, breaking so slow you wonder if you’re watching a stop-frame animation and never, ever will you see so many players slip over entirely of their own accord as you will when watching Arsenal right now.

But somehow, The Gunners have won their past 4 games. Despite playing this self destructive style of football, despite often playing as part of the opposition’s midfield, despite making their fans cripple with misery and tension for 180 minutes a week, Arsenal are winning games.

Against Partizan, we saw an Arsenal team that looked like a group of men that had never met one another before. Yet, as soon as the final whistle went, the team looked delighted and more together than I ever remember seeing this group of players, as they did after finishing off Fulham in another uncomfortable 90 minutes in North London at the weekend.

Maybe this crash back down to earth is proving to be a good thing? Maybe the tension is doing something to the club that is inspring ugly assurances, rather than beautiful ambiguities? Maybe it’s giving the team a common sense of dread that is galvanising them.. Who knows?

It’s certainly galvanising the fans. A few weeks ago I criticised the Arsenal fans for being quiet. The past three home games have been full of screaming fans, shouting for their players to stand in the right place and reminding them to look over their shoulder as an opposing striker is looming over them.

For years Arsenal have tried being good, and as pretty as it’s been, it’s not been enough. Maybe crap is the way forward?

*Removes tongue from cheek*

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  • Soup Dragon

    Nice article. The words nail and head spring to mind.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    Ditto, well said

  • http://monkeyhotel85.blogspot.com Luke McGee

    Thank you! I was being a little bit Tongue in cheek but there is a certain degree of belief in what I’ve written. Thanks for the comment

  • Jack

    A wins a win… Think some of the players are starting to grasp that when le boss tells then if we play well and loose it’s ok, maybe is t always the best policy… We need to learn to wig ugly like the mancs and the chavs… Still think we are a ways away yet, but sod it, we’re top of the prem and thru to next stage of champs league

  • Jj

    Great article, If we can win games whilst attacking at a snails pace then we might just win something this season.

    I feel the champs league is beyond us, we are bound to draw barca

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