A new-era? Or is it same old same old for Arsenal?

by admin

Friday, October 19th, 2012

I must admit, as an Arsenal fan we have often been too hasty to herald a new era at the club. With players leaving in the past and us bringing in new talent, we’ve often claimed that ‘this year, Wenger has got it right!’ But I’m not so sure with this years side that we could win the league. Maybe I’m being pessimistic but looking at previous years, it’s not hard to justify my doubts. In season 07/08 we had lost Henry in the summer and Arsenal turned to new blood such as Eduardo to fire us to glory. We fell short that year despite being six points clear at the top in February. A squad that was too thin to compete was found out after a torrid march when injuries struck. The same went for season 09/10. The season prior to this we had dug ourselves out of a precarious hole; 8 points behind Aston Villa in 4th with a few months left of the season. After another promising start in 09/10 we fell short once more, running out of steam by March and capitulated because of, yet again, a wafer thin squad when our first team was a match for anyone but once players such as Silvestre and the returning Campbell had to step in, we struggled.

This season has a familiar ring to it; the egos have been sold (he who must not be named & Alex Song) and a couple of wins later, there is optimism once more. I too felt our performance at the Etihad was worthy of praise but our display at home to Chelsea left me guessing at our real aim for this year. In my opinion, we could yet again fall just short of the title, the big games are the most important and failing to win those will cost us. Conversely, if (and its a big if) players stay fit and we put a good run together then we could find ourselves near the top at the end.

February and March defines Arsenal and last year it was a catalyst to hunt down spurs, in previous years however, it has often been our downfall. Wenger must let go of the deadwood at the club who are eating into our wage budget: Squillaci, Djourou and Chamakh to name a few. Getting rid of these players however, our squad becomes reduced in size. That’s why Wenger must spend in January and sell said players. Bringing in suitable back up and another top class striker would suffice. Am I dreaming a tad? Most likely, but if he lets Chamakh go then there has to be a replacement. All in all, based on the quality of our current squad I think we would miss out on the title and we must be vigilant of those who will be chasing us. 4th and a trophy would be a realistic achievement.

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  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I think Darren Bent could do a job for us. He’s unhappy at Villa and will score us goals.

    I can’t see us winning the league under Wenger. We are still conceding soft goals. The two at home to Chelsea were same old Arsenal. No communication between defender and keeper. Basic errors

  • jeff wright

    Same old while Wenger is the manager – dodgy GKs and centre backs will always cost us – it’s the games against the top 4 in the Prem – and the top sides in Europe – that will decide if we win any trophies .
    So far we have only played two top sides in the PL – City and Chelsea and have taken just one point from those two games.
    We have not looked convincing in Europe either and have yet to play a top side there.
    The games against Norwich and QPR look a shoo-in for 6 points – it’s the game after those against United away though that counts in the greater scheme of things.
    Looking at the fixture list during the time that Gervinho is AWOL again at the ANC in January -Feb – we have City h , Chelsea a , Liverpool h, Stoke h ,Sunderland a to play . We can’t afford to drop too many points in those games if we want to get 4th place in the league this season. From our current position that we are in anything higher that that would be amazing. I would take 4th now if it now if offered – and so would Wenger.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    I’m with you Jeff, i’d take 4th now. Get Pep Guardiola, stick Wenger on the board but not in charge of the money

    United away will be our customary defeat. Even with a second string side they always seem to beat us

  • Charlie Peat

    I agree with getting in Guardiola. I don’t know what it is about Man United but we always seem to be tactically outclassed by fergie. Wenger never learns.

  • jeff wright

    You’re right about the Ferguson factor Mike – for some reason since Wenger took over we have only scored the odd goal in the league games played in at Old Trafford – whereas we have had a few hammerings there – including one last season against by general consensus the worst side that Ferguson had ever put together.
    Wenger also blew it in the home game against Ferguson’s gang when we looked like winning it – by making one of his late senseless substitutions that caused fury with the home supporters and mirth with the United ones – and had RVP throwing a strop about it .
    What are the odds on him scoring against us at OT.
    Playing Kos instead of Mertesacker against Chelsea was also a big clanger dropped by Wenger and showed yet again that Arsene doesn’t always know best.

  • Charlie Peat

    Wenger has thrown in many clangers in recent years. Playing our only fit full back in a pointless game last year in Olympiacos; resulting in us having no full backs for months was detrimental to our poor form in January. Arsenal have also made a habit of throwing in some lackluster displays in places such as Sunderland or QPR.

  • Philip

    And there’s your answer. A 1-0 defeat to Norwich have have shipping 5’s in almost every game. Pathetic

  • MM

    also failing to score 3 times in 8 matches says alot too.

    Chelsea are miles ahead of us and City & United know how to win games playing badly, we don’t. Same old same old

  • Charlie Peat

    The fans (including myself) were very frustrated at Carrow Road. Too many inconsistant players who weren’t up for it.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    surely that comes from the manager? we had 73% of the ball and passed it 660 times. Hardly tested the keeper.

    too many square pegs in round holes. Ramsey is not a winger and Gervinho is an Arsenal player full stop.

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    also, we only have 1 decent keeper!

  • Charlie Peat

    I completely agree, it all comes down to Wenger not bringing in quality to replace to quality we sold. I don’t know where to start with Gervinho, he’s just abysmal. Why he continues to play is beyond me. We only have one decent left back as well. I thought Santos was terrible on Saturday

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