A remarkable day in the Premiership

by Russell Hill

Sunday, October 23rd, 2011

QPR versus Chelsea; Manchester United against Man City. When down at the bookies, you would think that the first scoreline would be in favour of Chelsea with maybe a draw at best for the Manchester derby. But, as the final whistle blew there were many gasps of shock at what had just happened.

The 6-1 scoreline at Old Trafford showed how far City have come and how awful United can play at times. To think United beat Arsenal 8-2 earlier in the season and then when this is compared with the performance against City it is in complete contrast. City’s performance was one of the finest which many have watched for a very long time. United’s defence was nowhere to be seen and this was not helped by the sending off of Jonny Evans. Even in the dying few minutes, the City players seemed incensed after Fletcher scored a consolation when the score was 3-1. Ferguson said afterwards that there would be a “response”.

From the Manchester derby to the west London derby and QPR faced Chelsea. Predicting a couple of goals in Chelsea’s favour, the complete opposite happened. Bosingwa and Drogba were sent off and Helguson converted a penalty kick which only escaped Cech’s fingertips. The scoreline at the end finished 1-0 in QPR’s favour. The day for remarkable score lines did not end at Old Trafford but in fact a little south of the country at Loftus Road.

If Chelsea had beaten QPR, they would have overtaken Man Utd and jumped up to second place. But, as it stands, they remain one point behind but are six points behind Manchester City. The 12th December is when they face each other and this should prove whether, once and for all, if City are genuine title contenders.

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  • Rooneys mate

    Compare who city have played so far this season to who united have played.

  • Wayne Mooney

    Rooney, that doesn’t matter, City defeated United, and thats how things are.

  • mariustheancient

    You’re absolutely right Rooney’s mate, and we still haven’t played anybody yet.

  • BobbyC

    Yeah City have played the champions away and humiliated them. What have united done?

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