A tame week for English football?

by Jack Hayes

Monday, March 8th, 2010

After a relatively tame week in comparison to most others this season we’ve seen England come through a tough game against the Wembley pitch, Arsenal make scoring look impossible and Man United make Wolves look good, but perhaps the surprise of the week was Scots beating the Czech Republic.

I was at the England Egypt friendly so I witnessed the ‘booing’ first hand, I was trying my best to boo the dirty scumbag, but it seems that being decent at football means you can get away with anything. A chorus of “there’s only one John Terry” rang round Wembley after JT’s first touch and may we all be thankful for that. It not just he’s been cheating on his wife and kids, but cheating with a former friend and team-mate whose kids go to the same school and wives are friends. Let me put it like this, hypothetically, you cheat on your wife with your best friends and work colleague’s missus you turn up to work the next day and not only do most people don’t spit on you, but cheer you and chant your name. Does that not make anyone else sick? For me I’ve booed the dirty scumbag now, so that’s that for me, from now I’ll get behind the team but I will never chant he who shall not be named’s name ever again.

Back to the game itself, after a forgettable first 45 Capello got the troops in and showed why he is a manager in high demand. The partnership of Defoe and Rooney just wasn’t working and sadly for Jermaine that has to mean he will only be used as an impact sub as there is no way Fabio can leave out Rooney. However, Defoe’s replacement must have booked his seat on the plane to South Africa. Crouch was lively and more then deserved his two goals for his all round play. For Egypt Zidan looked a great player, perhaps not the same standard as his namesake, but surely worth a gamble for a top half premiership team.

Predictably the play-off idea was rejected, however Fifa’s Neanderthal rejection of goal-line technology was met by general uproar. I have not done the necessary research to tell you the exact figures but I guess most fans want goal-line technology. For one, referees want this technology brought in, they have probably the hardest job in football, get paid the least and get the least help. For those that argue it will interrupt the ‘flow of the game’ every time Rory Delap takes a throw in it takes him around 30 seconds per throw, what harm would it do for the 4th official to look at a TV screen and 5 seconds later tell the ref whether it was in or not, the technology is already in place. Also for the people who believe that we need things to talk about at the pub, surely you can discuss something else? Perhaps you could discuss how Niko Bendtner is PAYED to play football when he has the same coordination as John Sergeant.

Credit where credit’s due to Theo Walcott, after a poor game against Egypt he’s responded in the perfect manor with a superb performance against Burnley. He was well worth his goal, which may be a huge goal in Arsenal’s season. After last weeks mammoth blog I think I’ll leave it there for this week. Thanks for reading!

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  • dexylongshot

    I agree with everything you have written Jack here apart for the Bendtner comment ( i think he will be a top top top Player in a few years, I really do).

    I was at Wembley for the Pharoahs game too and was surprised at how much stick Terry originally got, it was deafening when the teamsheet was read out, worse than anything I’ve witnessed before boo-wise with the exception of the brolly wally night. I refrained from booing but must say a little smirk was raised, Terry did deserve the boos. As you say all over done with, no real boos for him at the end although i didn’t think he was one of best players like some of the papers said (I’d give that to Barry who I thought was excellent).

    My Zidan prediction was almost spot on in my England preview and if Crouchy wasn’t on such fine form, my 2-1 bet was looking good but you can’t have everything. In Fabio we trust.

    As for FIFA goal-line shambles, one Sunday paper looked at who was in favour of goal line techno and it was a massive yes please, 90-0dd%. If it’s good enough for Rugby and Tennis, it’s good enough for footy in my book.

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