A-Z of world cup superstars (A) – Agree or Disagree?

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, January 26th, 2010

With the World Cup less than 6 months away, we have decided to start the build up early doors with an A to Z list of our favourite players who set the World Cup alight. Some are recent stars, some are relics from the days of black and white TV but all were mustard. The thing is, each week we will be using just stars whose surname was that week’s letter, eg: this week it is letter A which gives us Ardilles, Aguas, Aldier etc etc. Tricky already! Gawd help the banter when we get to M, – Messi, Maradonna, Maldine, Moore, ….McCoist!!!

Anyhow, lets get the World Cup ball rolling with A and feel free to slate our selections and put it right with players who in your opinion are truly The World Cup Superstars A-Z. Week 1 A
Agree or Disagree?

The first group brings us a mostly players from the past. The magnificent defender Aldier who won the 94 world cup with Brazil and also played in 98 getting 81 caps. Others who were in with a good shout but didn’t cut the mustard were Italy’s Alessandro Altobelli who scored 25 goals in 61 outings including the 3rd goal in the World Cup final win over Germany in 82. (He was a substitute as well!). Another Italian Demetrio Albertini came close being just one Baggio spot kick away from winning the 94 World Cup, a truly outstanding passer and reader of the game with a glittering club career in Italy. They were good but for me, there is only winner:

Osvaldo Ardiles
Everyone should know who Ossie Ardilles is and if you don’t get out of my Den! Despite being Argentinian, Ossie is one of the players who I most admire and he was untouchable in the 1978 Finals when the Argies won it on home turf. He soon flew over the Atlantic after that triumph and went on to be one of the leagues greatest ever imports. He should also get an honourable mention for his famous Ossie flick demonstrated perfectly in slo-mo in “Escape to Victory” and his undulcit tones in Chas and Dave’s Totts Anthem “Ossie’s Dream”. A worthy winner and a great start to our World Cup Superstars A-Zs. If you fancy contributing any players to the forthcoming lists with a few lines about them, email us dexy@ukfootaballfinder.co.uk.

See you next week for the B’s, I’ve got a shortlist of 15 already!

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