A-Z of World Cup superstars – D is for Didi

by Dexy Longshot

Thursday, March 4th, 2010

With the World Cup less than 6 months away, we have decided to start the build up early doors with an A to Z list of our favourite players who set the World Cup alight. Some are recent stars, some are relics from the days of black and white TV but all were mustard. The thing is, each week we will be using just stars whose surname was that week’s letter, eg: this week it is letter D which gives us loads of Frenchies & oldies. Tricky already! Gawd help the banter when we get to M, – Messi, Maradonna, Maldini, Moore ….McCoist!!!

This week’s letter is D, feel free to slate our selections and put it right with players who in your opinion are truly The World Cup Superstars

A-Z. Agree or Disagree?

Week 4 D

Starting with most recent first, here’s a couple of Italians who were in excellent form 4 years ago. Del Piero is the Azurris 4th all time marksmen & a bit handy at free kicks. His early career saw him competing with Roberto Baggio for a starting berth but it was later in his career that he struck gold. A mixed bag in 2002, he managed to get to the knockout with a goal against Mexico but was then shockingly dismissed but the hosts South Korea (I still remember that game, Golden Goal at the death-ouch!). 4 years on, the veteran finally had something to shout about winning the lot after scoring a goal against Ze Germans in the semis and a penalty in the shoot-out final beating France. In all, he played in 7 Euro and WC tournos.

Italian teammate De Rossi was another Star of the 06 squad. Actually that’s not entirely true, he made headlines for the wrong reason, he elbowed Yank Brian McBride and got a 4-match ban (although McBride bigged up the terrier-like midfielder for apologizing to him after the group game). I was there on the day “U-S-A” V “IT-AL-IA!!!” it was dripping with crumpet!!!. 3 weeks later, De Rossi made his comeback in the WC final (not a bad game to come back to). He too scored a desisive penalty alongside Del P and brought the prize “Back Home”

There are a few French Ds who did the business on home turf in 98. Desailly, Djorkaeff, Dugerry and the so call water carrier* big bonced Captain Deschamps. The Frog version of The Golden Generation went on to triumph in Euro 2000 too. I hate to say it but they had a Dijon team, although Desailly was sent of in the final so he shouldn’t really be on here….but I like his stupid voice in interviews.

An honorable shout to a great player who failed miserably never making the final despite playing for an astonishing 3 different countries and being the dogs danglys at club level! Di Stefano played 6 times for the Argies, 4 with Columbia and 3 for the Spaniards but still didn’t muster a kick on the ultimate stage. The Argies refused to play in 50 & 54 and Fifa refused him in 58, by then he had also played for the Columbians. In Spain in 56, he gained citizenship & played in the 58 qualifiers but they failed to make it through. They finally qualified in 62 but Di Stef got injured just before the finals…GUTTED!!!

Next up is old-time Uraguayan Dorada, only the oldies will remember him but judging but the record book, he deserves a mention. The record being he was the 1st player to score in a World Cup Final plus it was against The Argies plus he put it between the goalies legs….NUTS!!!

Waldyr Pareira AKA Didi
My winning D is another oldie but goody. Waldry Pareier was more commonly known as Didi so sneaks in, that plus he had much more success than the other Ds. He played in 1954, 58 & 62 World Cups & is considered to be one of the Brazilian greats, not a bad honour at all in my book. He was one of the most intelligent players of his generation & typically another free kick maestro scoring 12 on international duty with 21 goals in total. His 1st WC ended in defeat to the great Hungarian side in a match that kicked of at the end (known as the battle of Berne). He still came out of the tournament with a few goals but it was in the 58 finals that he really shone. The midfielder was named player of the tournament & masterminded a Brazilian victory against hosts Sweden (the first time a country had triumphed on a foreign continent). They did it all over again in 62 beating Czechoslovakia in the final. A Brazilian Ball Bender Supreme! Didi was dynamite!!! Don’t miss next weeks rundown, I’ll have an E please Bob.

* Cantona referred to Deschamps as the Water Carrier saying all he did was pass it sideways to other players.

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