A-Z of World Cup Superstars – H is for Hurst

by Dexy Longshot

Tuesday, April 27th, 2010

It’s all about the H’s this week and here’s a couple of heroes and villains for you. Lets start with a cheating froggy villain.

Henry has had a hit and miss career with Les Blues. He was in the squad for the 98 triumph and scored 3 goals but missed the final victory due to tactical switches forced by suspensions. 4 years later, the highly fancied frogs had a mare getting knocked out in the group stages and failing to score at all, hehe! It didn’t help that Thierry got red-carded in the 2nd game. He made amends almost 4 years later. He knocked in 3 goals en route to the final and was voted one of the top 11 players of the tournament. I shouldn’t even give him more lines but I’d like to mention that he will be there again this summer after some disgusting, sickening handball action knocked out my beloved Ireland in the play-offs. Like Zidane’s head butt in 06, Thierry will probably be remembered for his villainous cheating as well as his va va voom and those crap Gillette ads with fellow cheat Tiger. (sorry, was that a bit strong….tough)

Ze Germans are dominating when it comes to the H’s with a couple form the early 70s. Uli Hoeneß played 35 times for The Fatherland and was part of the Bayern Munich contingent (6 in all) who won the 1972 European Football Championship and the 1974 FIFA World Cup. He scythed down Johann Cruyff in the opening minutes of the 74 final that led to a goal from the subsequent penalty, luckily the bloke below got him out of trouble.

Bernd Hölzenbein & Horst-Dieter Höttges both deserve mentions for winning the World Cup in 1974. In the final, Hölzenbein dived.. err I mean was fouled in the area which lead to the West German equaliser. Horst-Dieter Höttges was in the squad but didn’t get to play in the final. His last game came earlier in the Tournament when West Germany faced East Germany in an emotionally charged game in Hamburg which West Germany actually lost. This game was to be the last of Höttges 66 caps.

Talking of 66 (pun me up), guess who’s next. No not Hursty, he’s later but Hunt.

Roger Hunt was the other forward when West Ham won the World Cup for England. OK, let’s not be too biased, Hursty grabbed the hatrick but Hunt was originally the preferred striker alongside Jimmy Greaves at the start before his injury. Hunt scored 3 goals himself in 66 playing in every game. He would have probably been in for a fourth if the ref had played on when Hurst’s ball fell on the line for the 3rd. Luckily it was already a mile over the line as every good Englishmen knows, none more so than my favorite H.

H is for Hurst

Sir Geoffrey Charles Hurst MBE was obviously the only choice for any Englishman and West Ham supporter. His hatrick in the Wembley sunshine of 66 is fondly remembered as England’s finest hour defeating Ze Germans 4-2 in extra time. I won’t bang on about it any more because you all know the story. What i will mention is Hurst only got the nod after Jimmys injury and he had only made his England debut 5 months before the final., food for thought for any late-comers to Fabios set up such as Milner and possibly even Adam Johnson who i think has a very good chance of making the final 23. I wonder what odds you would get on one of them getting 3 in the final against Germany??

I! I! Ieeyy!!! next time.

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  • Stevie

    legend! finest performance in a world cup final ever?

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