Aaron Ramsey

by Marvin Cave

Friday, April 13th, 2012

The 2011-2012 Season started in the worst way imaginable for everyone associated with Arsenal. Cesc Fabregas Left Arsenal For Barcelona, When the announcement was made Arsenal fans hoped it was a terrible joke, I know I did.

But it wasn’t and we all had to move on, Arsenal had to move on.

Aaron Ramsey was always seen as the natural successor to Fabregas. He was seen as having all the qualities needed to take on the mantel of being Arsenal’s main playmaker.

So there was no panic from gunners fans, About who would take the gunners forward, So all gunners fans expected him to continue the Same form he showed before that horrible night on February.

So the season began with him having decent games against Udinese. So we expected him to get even better as the season went on.

Before the season officially started. I had a fear that maybe he wasn’t ready for the lead role in Arsenal’s midfield.

If Ramsey hadn’t had that injury and continued with form he showed he could he have been a different player to what he is today?

You never know. But one thing that I know we all agree on is that he has all the tools needed to succeed at Arsenal.

One thing that remains true, is that Ramsey is a decent player and Arsenal would regret Loosing Him.

Most critics forget that he is only 21. Eventually he will blossom. People forget this is his first full season. I say judge him at the end of next season.

I know I might get a lot of stick for this post. But remember me when he begins to prove me right.

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  • Stephen Qureshi

    British Denilson… End Of

  • hollowaykid

    Ramsey is a top player and with experience will be a world class player. For any young player to come back from that sort of injury and continue to show for the ball shows that he has the right temperament for the top level. Fans need to show patience and understanding. Once Rambo shows more composure in front of goal we will reap the benefit.

  • http://maqthegunner.wordpress.com MaQ The Gunner

    Some fans want loyal players but they aren’t loyal to the players they have.

  • Weedz

    My sentiments , agreed. Thanx

  • John

    Some people need a scapegoat, it probably has something to do with compensating their own inadequacies. This year it is Ramsey, last year it was Denilson and there will be someone next year. It has little to do with the capabilities of the player. Let’s be honest, 90% of football fans haven’t got a clue and a large proportion of that are just jumping on the bandwagon.


    I like Ramsey,and agree he will be a top player in two years time,but at the moment we cannot afford to risk him,if we want to finish in top 3.
    Besides he wants to learn to be more a team player,not as he did against Man City,with Robin begging for the pass when well place with Ramsey deciding to have a go himself. For me this is selfishness

  • The ginger ninja

    Hey gooner4ever …. How can you slag Ramsey off for not laying it off to RVP. If he had curled it in the top corner you would be purring over him . Typical fickle fans . Support these guys through the bad times too . Be a proud fan and make the players proud to play for our team . No wonder some want out when they receive this kind of abuse . I bet u was the first to boo arshavin the night we lost to man u . I was there that night and was disgusted . Yeah he had been playin poor but it was 1 all and we had a chance to win that game . And what did 50,000 fickle gooners do …. Boo our possible match winning player . I wouldnt see barca or Newcastle or alot of other teams do that . How dumb was we to do that . Let’s motivate our players and be great fans following a great team . Let’s unite … It ain’t us against our team . We are all 1 and need to show that . Arshavin could have won us that game and instead before he even had a touch we destroyed the last little bit of confidence he had . Ramsey is a team player and runs miles , he certainly does his bit for the team . He has a massive future at arsenal and is a bright prospect . I think he will come good . Life is about taking chances and he is willing to do that rather than pass it around the box . The very thing we have all been moaning about for 10 years …. Tippy tappy !!! He or arsenal can’t win with fans like you . Let’s stop knocking and stap praising . Awesome season , great turn around and still confident Arsene will build another great team . Unless we all destroy him b4 he actually does !

  • http://maqthegunner.wordpress.com MaQ The Gunner

    Enough Said

  • Vishal

    screw all u pundits. you dont see what Arsene sees in training. Ramsay is going to kill it next season on…. he’s just getting over his leg breal. dont any of you remember his form pre-injury??? Class is permanent my fellow gooners.

  • eMKe

    I am not sure that AR will blossom;
    1. he is not smart enough
    2. he is not a team player
    3. JW is way much better than him

  • hillary

    nobody against is ramsey but wenger should leave him on the bench for some time so that he can rethink what he has done so far, why start him yet everyone knows his form is at the poorest, let the likes of rosicky & benayoun start. atleast ten to 15 matches is enough for ramsey to watch from the bench

  • Wassegun@yahoo.com

    Ordinary player gets extraordinary chance.

  • The ginger ninja

    eMKe .
    1 – not smart enough .???? How can u say that . He reads the game awesome for a kid , welsh captain etc ?? How can Gary speed , Arsene wenger and anyone see that he is smart yet you don’t ???? To be honest maybe you ain’t smart enough to see how good he really is

    2 – team player …, again this statement appears as a problem with yourself …. are you a team player… Slagging off Ramsey and also wengers faith in him . We as fellow gooners are all part of the team . Ok we ain’t as important as rvp or wenger or tv5 etc but we are part of the whole thing . Maybe ur a spud in disguise …

    3 – he ain’t as good as JW …. Lol ! How can u compare …. That’s like comparing Henry v wrighty or vierra against fabregas . They are 2 different players . Yes jacks impact was greater when he came onto the scene but he filled a void left by Denison . No offence but Denison struggled . Ramsey is trying to fill a void left by fab and at times nasri . He has a harder job to do as that ain’t easy boots to fill . He is also playing the hardest position in football . He covers the pitch more than anyone else and runs miles . He has bags of ability and how will he ever improve with 15 minutes here and there . He doesn’t hide in games as in that position you cannot hide . U need to always show for it and take more chances than anyone else as its the creative position . Basically it’s a crap comparison . U probably slagged fab off when vierra left and in fairness didn’t wanna give him time to find his feet …. Well fab did find em and they was technically much better feet than Patrick’s !!!

  • http://www.ukfootballfinder.co.uk Mystical Mike

    the most over rated player in Premier League. I don’t get it one bit. He was superb against Chelsea but apart from that nothing. Gives the ball away to much

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