Adebayor will propel Tottenham above Arsenal for good

by Michael Somerville

Friday, August 26th, 2011

This summer, Tottenham Hotspur have shown Arsenal how it’s done when it comes to holding onto your best players. Spurs can look forward to enjoying Luka Modric’s services this season as well as Emmanuel Adebayor – clearly one of the best strikers in the Premier League.

Where Wenger has remained defiant in the face of loss, Redknapp has played his cards close to his chest- and come out victorious. Spurs have acquired real world class experience when Arsenal will have to make do with Aaron Ramsey and Emmanuel Frimpong holding the team together.

I’ll let you decide which Emmanuel is the better footballer…

Adebayor is a huge signing for Spurs. They will get real and lasting quality in the final third and also have fine back- up when it comes to scoring goals. Roman Pavlyuchenko has proven himself as a super-sub and Jermain Defoe can reignite his sizzling form that he had two years ago.

Impressive young players Jake Livermore and Kyle Walker show that Tottenham do have an Arsenal inspired future- Harry knows a special young player when he sees one.

Wenger is seeing his midfield being completely taken apart by rival clubs while Spurs have planned for the right here and the right now which means signing the top players when they become available. Wenger and Arsenal are fading, while Spurs are enjoying a powerful renaissance.

Fans have argued that Ade won’t fit in at Tottenham due to his temperament and strong Arsenal links, but I say he will be an erudite acquisition by Spurs. Strong, unpredictable and ready to give the North Londoners deserved Champions League football yet again- Ade will be a big hit on White Hart Lane.

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  • rellends

    of course he will as, save for one half decent season in which 6 of his goals were against derby, nobody else has wanted him no matterwhere he goes.

  • George


  • Sid

    Hahaha! This is comedy gold. Designed to wind up spud fans!

    Adebayor is the laziest striker in world football! He will be up for 2 games a season, like he was at City. Thats why they dont want him.

    And Modric is off to Chelsea.

    Every season spurz are going to do this and do that and they always end up doing nothing.

  • Bob

    Lol. This is the funniest stuff ive read in weeks. With all your ‘world class’ talent and youth, you still looked completely toothless on Monday. Watch how its done on sunday (and with half of your resources as you are proclaiming)

  • Phillip Franklin

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha. That is really funny. It was the … and lasting … phrase that was the funniest.

  • jima

    Agree, just a pity he’s not available straight away

    Also worry that he’ll have a blinding season and then we’ll lose him, hopefully we’ve got something in the contract to say we can have him for X amount next summer

  • king goner

    ha!ha!ha!-heard it all before-the last 18 years or so in fact-are you on crack?nearly peed myself laughing at that tint totts certainly have a crazy sense of reality.keep for daddy barn door,trust me,yo’ll regret that one,big time!

  • Ben Watson

    Bold statements indeed, but it sounds oh so familiar and always seems to end so badly

  • Moses Watasa

    Mike, you are spot-on and I have always said Arsene Wenger is mug. How can Arsenal who have yet to win a league match or score a goal be looking to sign a 16-year-old? This week-end, with a squad of “fisher-men” an all-wrinkled Arsene Wenger is heading to the “slaughter-house” at Old Trafford. Red-nosed Alex Ferguson realises this is an opportunity to beat Arsenal to pulp and has advised Arsene Wenger not to bow to pressure and sign quality players. Squad strength and depth suggest that one of Liverpool or Spurs will evict the worst Arsenal squad in 15 years from the top four – and deny Arsene Wenger and his greedy Board a cash wind-fall from the Champions League which they love to death. Arsene Wenger and the Board of Arsenal should get-off opium and cocaine ASAP so they think clearly – and in the interest of the club.

  • johnzo mcmadkunt

    firstly, I would put almost everything I own on arsenal finishing above spurs, our squad maybe shallow but it’s still better than any spurs team you could put out. Secondly I dont see how signing Ade is inspiring a powerful renaissance. He’s a player who will play great for the first two months, kiss the badge blah blah blah. But then suddenly he’ll get in a huff and want to move on, look at his track record.

  • Lewis Annis

    This is the most bias artical i have ever read.

    1. Fabrigas went home for 35M
    2. Nasri is in the last year of his contact and we made 25M
    3. Modric has time left on his contract and believe you me, if he was in the last year, he would be gone already.

    When you say make do with ramsey and frimpong. did you forget about wiltshire, song, rosicky and the other 2 that we will sign beofre the transfer dead line……….

    To be honest i cant beleive i have been reeled in to replying to your blog…. Well done..

  • Totty Lukewarm Spurs

    Why are Spurs supporters so caught about Arsenal?

    Spurs love buying Arsenal hand me downs and then think how they will finish above Arsenal instead of worrying about the other Premier Leagues teams.

    Spurs were almighty ordinary against Man U, I think they should concentrate on their issues rather Arsenal’s.

  • AmazingHowDumbYouAre

    WOW Im speechless .. yeah you lot have massively improved by loaning one of our ex players you aer now surpassing us .. and not only that you are doing it for good right.

  • Peter

    The only way Spuds will be higher than AFC is if they build a new stadium on higher ground. Twats.

  • bogman

    neither team will be top 4 come the end of the season



  • Dan

    Uh… D WHEELER… the article says that it is the acquisition that is erudite, not Ade himself. Erudite meaning showing great knowledge.

    i.e. it is the aquisition that is an exhibition of great knowledge.

    Maybe you should read a book at half time. Or go ahead, read it now. I bet Adebayor would have interpreted that sentence properly… I’ve heard he is a lettered gentleman.

  • RDS

    All I know is that I will be putting money on Spurs getting the most offsides every games AdeBARNdoor plays…

  • Ledleydaking

    to scum comments:
    your team is disjointed and WHEN rvp gets injured you will be in trouble. you were very lucky last wednesday and have 0 chance of a QF in the CL. prediction: finish 6th.

    COYS: left it late, as usual, in the window. Adebayor on lean is a good move, so we can rid or keep at the end-of-the-season, depending on what happens. need to signed a few more… that brazilan striker would be idea. Against City, moders & thud must play… then lets have a go…

  • InArseneWeTrust

    I’m guessing from the nonsense you garbled together at the top of this page that you didn’t watch an impotent spuds against UTD where your sole tactic was “hit it from range”. And are instead revelling in beating Hearts away whilst overlooking the fact your team couldn’t score against them at home.

  • Darren

    I’ll put money on it he’ll run his stupid fat ars off for the first 3 games, then he’ll piss the dressing room off before his head will be turned with a move to the new Russian trillionaines Anzi!

  • Michael Somerville

    haha! good banter on this thread. It’s all about Anzi, Darren!
    “Maybe you should go read a book at half time” Classic.

  • Nick

    I think we can all agree which Emmanuel’s better, but unfortunately he’s now left Arsenal for Galartasaray.

    I’ll never be drawn to an opinion until the league’s fully started in september mate, but right now this is the weakest arsenal team for over 10 years while this is perhaps the best spurs side in their club’s not-as-noteworthy history (not bring bitter, you guys just haven’t been as successful: fact).

    On the flipside, I still have good confidence in a talented squad featuring Szcesney Vermaelen Jack and Robin… but they really need a tougher, England-built, experienced backbone that gave the 2004 team a winning mentality.. which 60 million can do. It’s just down to Arsene, and whether he spends some ——- money.

  • Michael Somerville

    Wenger needs to stop sitting on his hands so much.

    Jenkinson looked v good against Udinese though, i’ll give him that

  • Michael Somerville

    Ade has been brilliant for Spurs so far this season. Twice as many shots per game and key passes as Crouch managed and I feel there’s more to come.

    Tottenham 3 points above Arsenal with a game in hand- that’s bound to irk Gooners!

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