Alexander is not great, he’s a Pleb!

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

King of the playground

So the Pleb is off to Catalunya, good riddance I say, in my opinion Pleb is one of the most over rated players in Premiership history. A playground player if I ever saw one.

After spending 3 seasons with Arsenal the so called creative midfielders Opta stats are nothing short of shambolic.

Signed from Stuttgart in 2005 the 27-year-old Belarusian was used mainly as a winger, his pace, close control & trickery was evident for all to see.


Last season Pleb was given more freedom by Wenger, often used in a support role with his main objective to supply the killer passes and to chip in with goals. However, his all round contribution of 10 assists and 7 goals in 3 seasons proves my point, Pleb was a playground player of the highest calibre.

After scoring on the opening day of the season he only managed to hit the net one more time. His tally of 15 shots all season was less than one every two games. However, he did have a conversion rate of 13%.

The stats also prove that Arsenal were more effective when he didn’t play.


So the question is, do Barcelona actually know who they are signing? A player with bags of talent who may think he’s a Ferrari when in fact he is nothing more than a skoda.

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  • JazzyG

    we’d have him, although I didn’t realise he only scored 10 goals in 3 years. Looks like Wenger has once again chose the right time to sell, he does have a knack of doing that. They say Ashavin may replace him, could be interesting times for the Goners!

  • tef1on

    Would have wrote this article myself if i wasnt so busy these days….

    End of the day for arsenal he has scored 10 goals in 130 games… That for an attacking player is dire. his whole attitude stinks, the guys a skunt and doesnt deserve to wear the arsenal shirt.!!! bring on Arshavin!

  • Darren

    it’s a good article actually, I always knew he was shite, all my friends disagreed with me, I said read the papers, one of my phrases, at the end of the day he scored 2 goals last season, Eboue chipped in with 0. So our main wingers, (Forget Thomas) scored 2 goals between them, say no more.

    Pleb’s distribution is shocking, his crossing is shocking and his shooting, well, is no existent. 11.5 for a player that doesn’t contribute in any way to the team is a brilliant piece of business in my eyes. Lets hope we do sign Barry & Ashavin, that would be a statement and a half!!

  • Thomas

    Good article. I’m over here and follow Barca. When I saw that Hleb had signed my first thought was the last thing Barca need is a another lightweight who couldn’t hack it, as Mystical mike says in a playground scrap, never mind ‘el clasico’.

    He’s one of these guys who looks a bit fancy then just annoys. MM your stats say it all.

    Hleb – put on a stone, roll up your sleeves and put in a dig somewhere, man. If not you’re just gonna get clobbered all over Iberia.

  • Darren

    I lost count the amount of times I heard people shout ‘shoot, for f**ks sake’, as MM says, the man is a Skoda with an 11 stone pop pop. Barca will soon see his true colours and he will be shipped out to Bolton, Spurs or any other mid table club.

    Even Carlton Cole scored more goals and had more assists.

  • dexylongshot

    I can’t believe he had a pop at Cesc saying he was too greedy, unbelievable! 16 Assists and over a dozen goals from the Spaniard, Barca have truly got the wrong of the end of the deal. I mean, Jimmy Bullard got more than that in a third of the season at the mighty Fulham, he must be worth 50 million if Barca base their buys on stats.

    I hear the best song they sing at The Emirates these days is a one word shout of “Shoot”, it will be heard a lot less next season now Pleb has done the Frankies.

  • mickymarbles

    Another master-stroke by Wenger. Now it’s just getting shot of Ady for 30m and he can buy Barry and Ashavin and a couple of 16 year old spainards. Fran Meridas back this season too, he will be edgeing nearer the 1st team.

  • Parks numero uno

    Hleb never stopped moaning all the time he was at Arsenal.

    very overrated indeed

  • Darren

    Fran Merida, Fran Merida, Fran Merida, Fran Merida. Make sure you remember this guys names, in 3 years he will be the best player in the world. Mark my words!!

  • Tim

    no doubting his skill, but very little else and put it in a PL game and it doesn’t stand up

    however, i believe that in the less physical league in Spain he may be more of a success

    i still don’t get Barca though, flogging Etoo, Ronaldinhio (I know he didn’t play much, but still!) and Deco. and to go and buy Hleb, odd business

    whats everyones view on the new guy Nasri? will he be the scoring midfielder you’ve lacked since the scoring days of Pires and Freddie………

  • JazzyG

    basically Barca have sold one playground player for another.

    MMMMM, I don’t see their logic.

    This Nasri geezer looks good though

  • tef1on

    Dexy Wrote: “Jimmy Bullard got more than that in a third of the season at the mighty Fulham, he must be worth 50 million if Barca base their buys on stats”

    Jimmy Bullard for England Captain!!!

  • JazzyG

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