All aboard the Fab Wagon

by Dexy Longshot

Friday, October 10th, 2008

Dexy knows best!

Sometimes, there is only thing worse than watching England, not being able to watch England. Last month I was faced with the prospect of not being able to watch an England game for the 1st time in donkey’s years unless I shelled out on the Sultana package, no way Pedro I thought as I read the morning reports filtering out of Barcelona. An hour before the game as I was listening to the Sky news build-up I gave in, swiftly got on my mac and got the plastic out. I was in the massive minority (if that makes sense???). Just 3 million fans subscribed to Sultana leaving an estimated 21million to listen on the radio or Sky news or get down the battle-cruiser to watch a team which let’s face it, was at it’s lowest ebb since er… last Autumn. Well, after The Andorra game, I was thinking I should have gone down the local, but I’m glad I didn’t, it was wedge well sprayed as the performance I saw live on the box the following Wednesday was the best 2 hours of subscription paid TV ever*

The warm-up games were just that, warm-ups, the press, general public and many bloggers on this fine site jumped on the anti-Fab-wagon after a couple of laboured showings against The Czechs and Andorra. I hit back saying Fabio was still tinkering with his line-ups against Andorra, which I believed was the equivalent of a warm-up anyway. On the Wednesday, nobody gave a monkeys, when it came to big one, the Iron Sergeant was bang on the money giving us the best performance since Croatia 2004 and dare I say Munich 2001.

This was mainly down to a new look front four. Theo-Pace and ability to reach the byline (3 goals, I’ll say no more) Heskey-Link/hold-up play and strength (No goals but does the hard work for others)
Rooney-Tireless energy (This was his best game for years)
Joe Boy-Tricky and the cutting inside option. (Shame about the knock)

We have not really seen this style for years. Beckhams pace in recent tournaments was always a problem and his deeper lying role as well as his drifting all over the shop tendencies always gave the opposing left-backs the chance to push up. Fabio was bold in basically saying b*llocks (or whatever it is in Italian), “Pearcy my young Padawan, we’ll give something for Slav to worry about. I’ve got a need, a need for speed… UNLEASH WALCOTT!”**

And didn’t it work; The Croats didn’t know what to do apart from get the elbows out. No Joe boy this time out but I expect Gerrard to slot in on the left, as Fab likes him out there. I myself would have gone for Ashley Young, another whippet on the left but Fab has again not included him?? (my one critiscm of the Roman).
This leaves Frank and Barry in Midfield, both in a more withdrawn role. Who needs Frank rampaging forward as he does so well for Chelsea when the front 4 are working perfectly together as seen last month. At the back, Kazastan and Belarus shouldn’t pose too much of a threat to a Champions League Final backline, even Wes who I wasn’t so sure of last year as been playing out of skin recently). My only worry is the goal keeping jersey. Yesterday, Jim Baker mentioned Robert Green in his West Ham rant. I put my two-pennies worth in and am glad to say that Greeno has at last been recognised as one of our finest keepers although James will probably get the nod. Greeno’s worth taking to the big tournaments just to chuck on for the inevitable penalty shoot-out, he’s the equivalent of Reina when it’s one on one from the spot. Hopefully, with Cappellos new England, we won’t need to go to penalties next time; I really have high hopes for our chances come 2010.

6 points in Postman Pats bulging sack.
Kaz – 3-0
Bel – 2-0

*Does not include Adult Channel, Television X or those Ring a Minger stations.
**Did you know that, at fifteen years of age, Theo could run 100m in 11.52 secs.
That is just 1/100th more than a current 19-year-old British Olympic trialist ran at the same age.

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  • Stevie

    The result against Crotia was quite simpy stunning, he should stick to that team. Gerrard should sit on the bench and should not start in the middle with Lampard. What sort of message does that send out if he starts? He missed that game but played for Liverpool 3 days later.

    As Dex says where is Ashley Young? And why is Downing still in the squad, he has had plenty of chances, it’s obvious he is not International class

    England 2 Kaz 0

  • jackie emu

    Stevie the more people who slate downing the better for boro. It stops teams sniffing around him as much. I agree he’s not been brilliant for England but then again in the games he played badly so did 7 other england players, somehow he gets slated the most…Perhaps instead of booing the lad and not getting on his back the moment he gets the ball he would produce his club form. Capello’s not stupid and he keeps picking him so he must see something in him.

  • Jon Freebase

    r u telling me Downing is a better option than Young, SWP and even Millner? Downing is a good club player, although he is a shite peno taker. But time after time in an England he gives the ball away, has no pace , can hardly beat a man.

    Capello has also left out Englands 4th all time top scorer by saying goals are not enough. So there you go.

    ps: who needs Televsion X when you have the OV Guide, thanks for that tip, it’s saved me loads on subscriptions

  • Matt Quinn

    Downing is certainly better than Milner!

  • dexylongshot

    I think Milner is class, Still so young but so much experience and aimproving all the time. He hasn’t had the best of luck with injuries but believe he will be an important player in the future. He reminds of Waddle with his little shoulder dips, O’neill will get the best out of him, another shred buy for the Villa.

  • Darren

    over rated if you ask me, not worth 11m. Scores 1 or 2 a season, reminds me of an English Alexander Pleb but half good. Even though I can’s stand him.

  • dexylongshot

    8 goals in 38 u21 games for a winger ain’t bad at all if you ask me.
    Anyway roll on tom night, 3-0 to Fab, i might even chuck a pony on!

  • Darren

    Pires used to bang in 16 a season as did Ljunberg!! 8 in 38 aint that good

  • Darren

    what exactly does Steven Gerrard bring to the England team? Thats what I would like to know. Heow many times did he give the ball away? He looked totally lost.

    Drop the twat. I’d start with SWP, 4-4-2

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