Andy Carroll ~ The return of SuperMac?

by Dave Redden

Sunday, April 12th, 2009

Newcastle make their point

Before you all start to laugh at this article let me preface this by saying that the Magpies will have to play much better over their last six matches than they did against Stoke if they would like to be 1/20th of the Premier League next season.

That said, they have one jewel in their squad that, if allowed to play the season out, could be the one to pull them from the mire. That jewel is 20 year old Andy Carroll. He has certain attributes that suit the #9 shirt at Newcastle, namely the willingness to work hard, an understanding of his position in the penalty area, a forward’s thinking process when a shot is there to be taken and, most importantly of all, the fact that being a local lad he genuinely knows what the fans are going through and what is needed to save the day. Can he provide it? Time will tell, but only if he’s given the chance.

His height and speed will make for a great strike force partnered with Michael Owen. Shola Ameobi is nowhere near the class of player needed upfront and with Obafemi Martins carrying a groin injury (yeah, right) the time has come to blood the youngster against the teams left to play, including Liverpool and Aston Villa.

So what if it doesn’t work? He gets six games of experience in the world’s best league and he is contracted until 2013 and will probably stay longer if treated right. That also needs to start happening with Carroll’s off the field antics, having been involved in three issues already. England’s international team needs players like Carroll to come to the fore and that means their management teams need to groom them accordingly.

The Return of SuperMac? He certainly reminds me of Malcolm MacDonald with his hustle and eye for goal but he has a long way to go to get to that level. Still, even MacDonald started out somewhere!

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  • Stevie

    Newcastle were woeful, Stoke should of had that game won by half time. Despite Shearers up beat post match interview it was evident to see how much trouble they are in. Butt, Duff & Owen have all finished. It’s going to take more than a another super sub to save them!

  • Tef1on

    Stoke was one of the few easier must win games. They are down and the players seem to know it

  • Wayne Saliba

    Andy Carroll will be the man to help Newcaslte back up to the premier league if they go down, he is a local lad and that will shine through when he plays, that header he did against Stoke just showed that he has the power as a centre forward to score the goals and be a great player for Newcaslte

  • Stevie

    I think the Toon are once again clinging on to another new hero, a 20 year old can’t be expected to keep them up!

    They seem to think that they will win all their home games which will be enough. Everyone saw how good Fulham are under Rwoy Hodgson and Boro at home is a derby so anything can happen.

    The only way is down and good riddance, we won’t have to put up with the soap opera anymore because its highly boring!

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