Another one bites the dust

by Marc Sibbons

Monday, December 13th, 2010

After last week’s controversy surrounding the sacking off Chris Hughton, another English manager has been given his marching orders. Sam Allardyce of Blackburn Rovers has had his contract terminated by Rover’s new indian owners in another shocking twist that further tarnishes the reputation of foreign investors in English football.

Although Blackburn’s results have not been the most impressive in recent weeks, Allardyce’s sacking has certainly raised a few eyebrows amongst fans and pundits alike where sheer shock proving to be the best word to describe recent developments in the Premier League of late.

Blackburn are currently occupying 13th place on 21 points, well above the bottom three and arguably have one of the best English tacticians around in Allardyce. However, It seems the new owners of Blackburn FC are craving a new direction for the lancashire club and don’t see ‘Big Sam’ as the man to lead their charge.

In my opinion, both Hughton and Allardyce have been very, very hard done by. Whilst Hughton gained the respect of the Newcastle dressing room, grinded out impressive results, and won over the St James faithful, Allardyce has received few plaudits for managing a club on a shoe-string budget and the limited talent he has at his disposal. Furthermore, we are talking about one of the main candidates to replace Fabio Capello once he steps aside from his England role, so he must of done something right during his tenure.

Whether the new owners believe they are going to transform the club into the new Man City is another thing. The investment is of course a huge bonus for a club desperately seeking a large influx of revenue to fund new arrivals at Ewood Park; however, the decision to sack Allardyce is questionable, and certainly not needed at this stage in the season. A replacement will ideally need to be installed as soon as possible in order to steady the sinking ship in fear of rapidly sliding down the table.

The timing, as mentioned, is very strange and extremely debatable. Blackburn’s next three games are monumental as they have West Ham and Stoke at home, followed by a tricky away trip to West Brom. Three teams that are fighting for relegation, are slightly below Blackburn in the standings and who might see this as an ideal opportunity in taking three points off them. Not exactly the ideal time to be without a manager who has considerable experience in these situations.

Time will tell whether the decision by Rover’s ambitious new owners pay’s off, but i’m sensing this latest controversy to be labelled as another example of foreign investors with a big balance who know little about football.

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  • Lyle

    Great news for Fat Sam it gives him a chance to brush up on Barcelona, Real Madrid or even England for his next job.After all his style of football is really exciting and will surely pull in the crowds.Ha!

  • porciestreet

    England,s next menager …….Hmmmmm. Which planet are you from my knowledgable friend.? E very job he,s had recently has ended in disaster. He turns out a bunch of briusers every week who persist in lumping the ball 60 yards at a time. Boring Boring Boring.
    We want football . Here Here I hear the cry.

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