Anyone for touch football?

by Mystical Mike

Friday, March 7th, 2008

Super Clown’s new plan

If Sepp Blatter gets his way then touch football could be the future.

The Fifa president must have been watching Arsene Wenger’s post match interview a few weeks back. He has called for lifetime bans for players who make dangerous tackles  and a “zero tolerance” policy ahead of next weekends meeting at Gleneagles.

Blatter said: “Dangerous tackling is one of the most important issues in football at the moment.

“Therefore players who do this kind of thing intentionally should be banned from the game and given a criminal record.”

He added: “Attacking somebody is criminal, whether it happens on a football pitch or elsewhere. It is a crime and should be treated as such.”

Now lets get this straight, I was horrified when I saw the pictures of Eduardo’s snapped leg, but tough tackling is part of the game. How many tackles are made in a weekend? Thousands, millions, how many injuries are there?

If we continue to change the game we could end up playing ‘football it’. Who’s up for that?

Turn around touch the ground bugsy not it!


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