Are England really good enough?

by Tony Alvarez

Thursday, November 18th, 2010

As regular readers will I know I have often criticized Fabio Capello for just about everything from squad selection to tactics and even his mastering of the English language, but following tonight frankly embarrassing performance its made me wonder. Are England really good enough?

Now I am sure many of you Football fans who are slightly biased will say yes we are, we have World class or potentially World class players such as, Steven Gerrard, Wayne Rooney, John Terry and many more.

The problem I see with this current crop of players and indeed all these great prospective “talents” we have for the future is there all brilliant players in England playing against an English style opposition in an English way?

In England, the tendancy is to rush the ball and try and score as quickly as possible with the exception of Arsenal of the odd occasion all teams are guilty of this, looking for the killer pass way too quickly.

In my opinion this is what is costing England on the International scene. In the international game you have to keep the ball and probe away at the opposition this is something England simply do not do. The players may keep the ball for a bit before someone looking for the “Hollywood pass” or a route one long ball.

The best example I can possibly give was from kick off against the French. England took centre and kept the ball for around a minute making around 10-15 passes as they hadn’t got anywhere and were no closer to scoring someone( I didn’t see who) played it high and long to Andy Carroll, on this occasion he won a free kick but in general that’s possession gone.

I don’t believe that until some of our players are plying their trade abroad and learning there is more than one way to get through a closed door England will always have this failing. Take Spain World and European champions, are they worried if they have had the ball for a minute and are not in a goal scoring position. No they will happily keep the ball for as long as it takes. England do not.

 What do you think? As the Premier League is spouted as the best league n the World can the players learn all they need to? What do you think England’s problems are?

Leave a comment and let me and other football lovers know what you think.

 Please read the comments from other fans and see if you agree with their points.

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  • Marc Sibbons

    I completely agree with you mate, are problem’s lie with the rush tactics that dominate out play. We have talented midfield players that can easily contain possession, and then burst at the right minute, but it never seems to happen. I wasn’t surprised by England at all tonight, i knew we would get beaten. We were poor at the WC but the French were even more disappointing in the tournament but tonight proved that they are on the up and gaining more confidence under manager Laurent Blanc. Although we had a very inexperienced side out there tonight, you would of thought we would give them a better game.

  • Mystical Mike

    Every time England lose we have the same old conversation, we panic and start asking ourselves why can’t we compete with the bigger nations. The answer is simple, we never have, and never will be able to, as you article clearly states, we are not good enough.

    Until we have a proper football academy with top coaches, top facilities then I’m afraid we’ll be going round in circles.

    Look at the French, Ok, they may have fallen to 21st in the FIFA world rankings, but last nights performance was an indication of what talent they have to call upon. They built Clairefontaine with the World Cup 98 in mind, not only did they win that, they also won Euro 2000, they have also produced some of the best talent of the last 15 years, Henry, Zindane, Ribery etc… All of these players were educated at their academy.

    Lets look at the Germans, after their embarrassing exit at the hands of England at Euro 2004, they invested heavily in youth, every team was forced to have a working academy, we all saw how good the Germans were in South Africa.

    The problem with England is it’s all for show, we’d rather have a £800 million stadium that an academy. Burton Abbey has been sitting there for years, half built, it’s a shambles and the FA are to blame for this. So until this place is up and running, then I’m afraid England will always be a quarter final team at best.

  • Tony Alvarez

    I see your points both of you
    1) Were not a good as the media and the majority of fans would like to believe.
    2) We need an academy to nurture all the talent coming through.
    However, if we built an academy I still dont think we would be potential World beaters. There would still eb the problem of players going from the academy to English club sides, playing the good old English way.
    The French academy that you mentioned the players learned their trades there and were then shipped out all over europe, Zidane was at Juve Viera and Petit at Arsenal etc. The players had tastes of different cultures and styles of Football ours don’t.

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