Are England really that good?

by Jamie Walker

Wednesday, March 27th, 2013

After watching both of England’s World Cup Qualifiers this week I was left thinking…how is this team so high in the world rankings?

According to, whose world rankings were last updated on March 14th, England are fourth in the world behind Spain, Germany and Argentina, yet ahead of nations like Italy, France and Brazil.

Now I’m not sure about you, but I really don’t see how we can be ranked so high. We have a very strong group of players but when it comes to performing on an international level we always seem to fall well short of the mark.

After Friday night’s demolition of San Marino, which let’s face it we all saw coming, it was vital that England got past Montenegro on Tuesday night. Despite dominating the first half, and taking the lead in the sixth minute through a Wayne Rooney header, England fell apart in the second half. They just showed no enthusiasm of desire to attack, resulting in Montenegro pushing and prodding at the England back four until they eventually got an equaliser with 13 minutes left.

In this qualifying campaign we have only beaten San Marino and Moldova, whilst only managing draws against Ukraine, Poland and Montenegro, which I really don’t think is good enough at all for a nation that likes to think that they are capable of winning major tournaments.

Now England lie second in their qualifying group – two points behind Montenegro – and will most likely need to win their last four matches if they are to top the group. Personally I think if we were to finish second and have to go through the play-offs it would be embarrassing, we should be top of this group by far, if the world rankings are to be believed.

But I could name you about six or seven teams from last year’s European Championships alone that I think are better than us, the fact that we went out in the quarter-finals should be proof of that. When was the last time we reached the finals or semi-finals or a major tournament? We seem to always go out in the last eight and still manage to climb the FIFA rankings regardless.

Don’t get me wrong I will follow England all the way, no matter how good or bad I think we are, I just think the world rankings need to be made more accurate. I mean come on France 17th and Brazil 18th? That isn’t a fair position for two teams that in my view should be in the top ten.

In summary, I really just don’t think we are that good, I think we are average and that we are considered to be better than we actually are. If you were wondering where I think we should be placed then I would say eighth; behind – in order – Spain, Germany, Argentina, Holland, Italy, Columbia, Portugal and then us.

But what about you guys? Do you think we should be ranked lower, higher or are we in a fair position now?

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  • Denis09

    4th in the world? Is he havin’ a laff!!!!!

    No, they are not that good. Outplayed for large periods by a pub team. Manager had no plan B, the goal was coming but the team didnt know what to do about it.

    Gerrard quoting after the match we lost the midfield in the second half and didnt show. Erh, its yr job to get them going.

    Roy Keane was spot on, England are crap when it comes to big games

  • Denis09

    ps: you missed Holland, who have won 16 qualifying games on the spin, got to a World Cup Final

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