Are England really that weak?

by Tony Alvarez

Sunday, November 14th, 2010

By Tony Alvarez

Fabio Capello announced his England squad for the friendly with France which included four new names. Andy Carroll, Jordan Henderson Chris Smalling and Jay Bothroyd were the men named in the squad for the first time.

 The question I have to ask is, Have England’s standards really dropped so much?

 With no disrespect to the players, we’re talking about a nation who less than six months ago people genuinely believed could be world champions.

 I understand we have a few first team absentees due to injuries such as Jermain Defoe, Wayne Rooney and Darren Bent. 

With these players missing the strike force England have opted for is Andy Carroll, Gabriel Agbonlahor, Peter Crouch and Jay Bothroyd.

I accept that England are building for the future (a future without Capello so why is he still in charge? But that’s another matter.) However in my opinion we must play in the present with one eye on the future.

Many a fan has been calling Andy Carroll’s addition to the England squad but Jay Bothroyd where did this come form?

Not only has he been proven to be not up to the top level of English football but he also has a well known problem with his attitude, if he is selected on this seasons performances I see no reason why Joey Barton has not been named in the squad.

Whilst he has scored 13 championship goals this season at 28 he is hardly one or the future, there are numerous strikers plying their trade in the premier league that must be more suitable candidates.

Now on to the defence, the selection of Chris Smalling completely baffles me. He has made two appearances as a substitute in the Premier League this season and not started a single game.

How can this selection be justified he has so far been less than convincing in his appearances for Manchester United in any competition.

It is not all doom and gloom there are some positives from this England squad. Although this squad does not put fear into the likes on the Spanish and Brazilians there is a welcome return for the likes of Micah Richards.

Capello has also stuck with Arsenal’s youngsters Jack Wilshere and Kieran Gibbs whilst also picking England’s most in form performer Adam Johnson despite him not playing week in week out for his club side.

What do you think of the England squad? Am I wrong not to embrace these changes? Does the current crop of players have the pedigree to go on and win things?

Leave a comment and let me and other football lovers know what you think.

Please read the comments from other fans and see if you agree with their points.

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  • Marc Sibbons

    Jay Bothroyd’s inclusion in the squad is sheer madness, he is useless and is no way international standard let alone premiership class. Smalling hasn’t played many games at all this season like you have mentioned, but he is a talented centre half who is young and deserves the chance to impress in my view.

  • Mystical Mike

    I think we all know Capello is going through the motions, he has 2 years left so what does he care. Might as well have a laugh while he is at it, and the inclusion of Bothroyd proves that.

    Gibbs is class but has hardly played for Arsenal, as for Smalling, that’s a complete joke, so much for players in form!

  • jb

    Ok, Firstly Capello shouldn’t still be England manager and how can you really build for the future if your not part of the future yourself? On the selection well it’s baffling to say the least, No Cahill,Jones instead Richards and Lescott? Ok maybe Smalling hasn’t played that many games for Man utd but when he has played he’s been impressive so you got that wrong. What happened to picking players based on form and performances for there clubs? Players like Jarvis and Jones have played very well so far this season and yet they don’t get picked. Capello should of gone after the debacle of the World Cup as he clearly hasn’t got a clue!!

  • Tony Alvarez

    It’s interesting that you all have different opinions.
    I can’t see what all the fuss is with Chris Smalling he has not been impressive in my eyes and has just gone through the motions.
    I think there are more suitable candidates for what should be one of the biggest honours in the game.
    I do agree Capello should of been gone months ago.

  • Joshua Fowler

    I agree the inclusion of Bothroyd is slightly suspect, but Caroll deserves his chance. Shame he is now injured. I think it really shows the lack of English striking options, I don’t think it’s a very weak squad. People fear change and when they see a team without Lampard, Terry, Cole etc. they charge at Capello with the pitchforks and torches. Really, this is what Capello said he’d do…pick the players in form. He’s got no other in form English strikers in the Premier League, so he delves a little deeper. I think it’s great and means that the Championship is now being acknowledged by the top dog…it’s encouraging.

  • Tony Alvarez

    Let’s be completly honest if the squad was picked on current form without question, Kevin Davies and Joey Barton would be in the squad.
    I know you can come back with ones not the future and the other has behaviour issues, but Bothroyd is 28 so not the future and has had problems at pretty much every club he has been at due to his attitude.
    I can see what your saying, I just happen to disagree with you on this occasion.

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