Are Liverpool going to follow Arsenal?

by Mystical Mike

Friday, November 16th, 2012

In what direction are Liverpool heading?  

In the last few seasons Arsenal have been nicknamed a ‘selling club’ after offloading their best players for huge sums of money. Firstly, they allowed Cesc Fabregas to finally re-join boyhood club Barcelona for around £35m, and then, more annoyingly for Arsenal fans, sold Robin Van Persie to league rivals Manchester United for £22m. In successive seasons Arsenal sold their two of their most iconic players, their captains and their best players.

Other recent transfers in the last six years have seen Arsenal sell Samir Nasri, Gael Clichy, Alex Song, Kolo Toure, Emmanuel Adebayour, Alexander Hleb and Thierry Henry. Wenger has made some fantastic profit margins on all of these players, keeping Arsenal well in the black, but at what cost?

Arsenal are seemingly already out the Premier League title race and are struggling to hold on to fourth position. They are failing behind the now, three big guns (Chelsea, Man United and Man City) in the Premier League and don’t look like catching them.

After a run of poor seasons, are Liverpool going to become the new Arsenal, and sell their best players? With reported interest in Louis Saurez from Manchester City it seems that they may do exactly that. But, do they have a choice?

Look at it from the players’ perspective. Liverpool are not competing in the Premier League anymore and are struggling to make the Europa League, let alone the Champions League. The best players in the world want to compete for medals, to play in the world’s most elite competitions and – they deserve to. Players like Louis Saurez, Steven Gerrard, Daniel Agger and Pepe Reina should all be competing for the league title and playing in the Champions League, at one of the best clubs in the world.

In addition to this, Liverpool have some promising young players coming through the ranks too. Take Raheem Sterling for example, he has taken the Premier League by storm this season earning his first England senior cap too. He will definitely caught the eye of supposedly bigger teams. Will the prospect of player for one of the best teams in the world influence him to leave? Could he turn down a move to a bigger club?

Liverpool have also shown in the past that they will let their best players leave if the money is right. They have sold Fernando Torres, Javier Macherano, Xabi Alonso and Raul Meireles in recent seasons when the big clubs have come calling.

Liverpool are seemingly heading in the same direction as Arsenal and will become the next selling club. Which begs the question, will Saurez and Gerrard leave?

What do you think on this matter?

Are Liverpool heading into the direction of being a selling club?

Author Mark Stefanyszyn

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  • Philip

    The big 3 can practically do what they want and who they want it too. Liverpool, Everton and Arsenal are feeder clubs. That’s the way business works. City will sign players for the sake of it to stop anyone else winning things. It’s a sad and boring state of affairs. Only 3 clubs can and will trophies for the next few years

  • Mystical Mike

    The Premier League has become boring zzzzzzzzzzzzz.

    Back in the day (before my time) anyone could win the league. Derby, Forest, Villa, Leeds, Arsenal & Everton were all challenging.

    Now its just the richest 3 clubs.

  • Richard Foulder

    Arsenal have been a selling club for well over a decade. Anelka went to Real Marid, Petit and Overmars to Barcelona, Vieira went to Juve.

    Liverpool are struggling to get to grips with the new order in the Premier League due to Man City and Spurs spending their way into competing and Liverpool’s own poor decision making.

    Liverpool will always have the resources to compete for the champions league places, they just need to get things right

  • Philip

    It’s not a case of Suarez going to City, it’s a case of Suarez going to Resl or Barca. He and RVP are The best strikers inthe world at present.

    Liverpool won’t have a say when starts sulking

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