Are UEFA pricing the younger generation off the terraces?

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Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011

After an enthralling week of Champions League football that saw enormous victories for two English clubs, attentions were turned rather abruptly when UEFA slapped a monstorous price tag on a ticket for the final. Having secured a welcome 1-0 win at the San Siro Tottenham are becoming a team that many football fans would like to see in the final two. However, should they get there Spurs fans will be forking out a minimum of £176 for a seat in their allocation. This is made up of £150 for the ticket with an added £26 for ‘administration fees’. After this ticket prices rise to a staggering £225 and finish at £300 (before the added charge).

Giorgio Marchetti, the UEFA director of competitions explained that they arrived at these prices having analysed the type of event as well as its marketability. He continued by saying that if the costs are compared to other events the Champions League Final is not over priced. OK, let’s do that. A ticket for the FA Cup Final costs upwards of £40, the Europa League Final: £45 and the World Cup Final: £106. In this respect it’s impossible to see where this valuation has come from.

However, the costs won’t end there for the supporters. If a team outside England makes it to the final, which is very likely, one fan will have to buy plane tickets there and back, a hotel for the night as well as transport to and from the ground. Add this to anyone of those three prices and they’re looking at an incredibly expensive trip with or without £26 administration fee.

With this in mind can it be argued that football events like the Champions League Final are being marketed toward corporate businesses rather than the supporters? Take the FA Cup for instance. A club in the semi finals will receive around 30-35,000 tickets to be sold direct to their fans. Compare this to 25,000 in the final. This frees up 10-20,000 tickets in which the majority are hiked off to businesses who sit baking in the sunlight on the halfway line with a pint and a burger watching a game with no sense of loyal significance to either side. All the while thousands of fans from each club are watching agonisingly and regretfully on their sofas.

The most worrying thing about this is that UEFA’s willingness to rip off and desert true football fans is paving a treacherous path for the game to be led into. The rising trend in the price of match tickets throughout football is becoming so expensive to the extent that fans up and down the country will be priced out of supporting their teams in the near future.

When the moneys been made UEFA will take a look at the empty seats and empty terraces, praying for football fans to return.

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  • Andy Watkins

    Very valid point and this is definitely is an increasing problem, not just in the Champions League. I struggle to go to most Palace games with the average ticket costing me £30. I think most would agree, not exactly value for money!

    The CL final is obviously a bit different as to some extent UEFA can charge what they want, safe in the knowledge that there will be fans craving a ticket whatever the price. It’s a one off, especially for teams other than Barcelona and Utd, for instance, who reach the finals on a more regular basis.

    If it keeps on going up, though, it will drive the new generation away and even the most loyal fans will simply settle for watching it on the box. Unless your a United fan of course, then you’ve been doing this for years!

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