Are we seeing further proof that Sir Alex Ferguson was indeed the greatest club manager of all time after he has left the club?

by Ian Foulkes

Sunday, October 20th, 2013

Sir Alex left Manchester United as champions of the Premiership by a whopping 11 points. All was well and good if you were a United fan until the metaphorical bombshell dropped that Sir Alex would finally be leaving his post as manager of Manchester United after winning 38 trophies in 27 years at the club.

Fast forward to mid-October and David Moyes is in charge and all is seemingly doom and gloom.

After what can only be described as an underwhelming transfer campaign in which United were rejected by what seemed like everyone under the sun, I half expected one of my friends to come out and say that he had also turned them down. Among the names mentioned were Cesc Fabregas and Thiago Alcantara – two Spanish midfield maestros who would have illuminated the Premiership with their technical abilities. Instead we got a Belgian behemoth that goes by the name of Marouane Fellaini. With a wealth of Premiership experience and boasting a formidable physical frame he was supposed to provide the midfield with the sort of bite and power the team has lacked since Roy Keane roamed the Old Trafford turf. So far, it is safe to say he has not.

Many are of the opinion that had Sir Alex still been in charge, the likes of Fabregas and Thiago would not have so casually turned down the offer to join Manchester United. I also would agree.

However let’s get back to the poor start to the season. United currently sit 8th in the table, ahead of newly promoted Hull only on goal difference and with just 3 wins to their name. Granted David Moyes’ men have faced some very tricky tests and were very impressive in the opening game victory away to Swansea, but since then, that combination of swagger and ruthlessness has been lacking from performances.

Under Sir Alex, would United have collapsed against Southampton late on, or lost at home to West Brom? I think everyone knows the answer to that. United trail Arsenal by 8 points already and currently don’t look like challenging for the title. Their poor home record this season has prompted some to question whether the fear factor that a trip to Old Trafford used to provide has all but evaporated already.

The fact that there was a poll last night on Match Of The Day questioning whether Manchester United will remain in the top four let alone challenge for the title shows what the public think. What was even more damning was that 70% believed that United would not even make the top four.

This goes to show just how much of a good job he did in his last season at United, as they have gone from being comfortable champions to scraping for a place in the top four in less than 5 months.

Hopefully Moyes can turn this round!

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  • ritchie

    I think Fergie himself is not realistic about the situation.
    This is a team that had won the league last season and no player had left. So what should be the problem if the coach is a good one.
    What would new coaches to new clubs which are not to Man U standard say.Martinez at Everton eg

  • Mystical Mike

    most certainly .

    United won the league last season with a very average squad.

    RVP’s goals carried them for sure.

    What is evident is Moyes doesnt have much to work with. They are suspect at the back with absolutely zero creativity in midfield.

    Forget about winning the league, finishing in the top is now a challenge.

    I for one can not wait for Arsenal to go to Old Trafford in a few weeks

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