Arselona or Barcenal? Who will be the footballing kings of Europe?

by Keith O'Connell

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

So after United insipid capitulation at the hands of German tormentors, tonight we get stuck into the main course.  What’s not to love?  Surely the promise of an encounter such as this is why we all fell for football as youngsters.  Tonight we will witness two teams who raison d’etre is to Play The Game The Right Way.

None of your route one rubbish, no parking of buses, no butchering of talent and of course, no small amount of flair.

If you are a United, Chelsea, Liverpool, Spurs fan or whatever, you can talk to me until you are blue in the face about the end result being more important than the performance in your belief that what is aesthetically pleasing does not matter a jot.  That you would rather bore or kick your way to glory, admiring cynicism over sexiness.  Well I tell you what, you can stick it where the sun doesn’;t shine.

Tonight, Tonight, Tonight (woah-oh), Arsenal are gonna make it right (ok, I’m not proud of that one).  The carriers of the torch in the Premier League face up to the dauntingly brilliant artisans of La Liga.  Without embarrassment, this is the team we aspire to emulate.  Not only a team who can make you fall in love with a simple game purely for the way in which they play it, but one that marries their genius with a solidity without which it could not flourish.  A little reported fact about those curious Catalans is that they have made the most tackles in their league, and yet have had the fewest fouls awarded against them.  What’s not to like?

Well, from an Arsenal supporters point of view, quite a lot actually.  Their continual, unabashed and unashamed pursuance of Our Dear Lord Cesc Fabregas, on the one hand saying they respect Arsenal and cannot talk about the issue whilst continually harping on about his Barca DNA et al, well, it makes your brain ache.  No matter how many times our Captain Fantastic pledges his allegiance to the mighty Gooners, they, or the unimaginative UK and Spanish press ape the same material like the dogs they are, over and over and over again.

It is time they were shown the error of their ways, and a statement of intent was delivered from the environs of North London, not just to Barca but to the rest of Europe too.

With Chelsea and Liverpool humbly licking their all to fresh wounds, and the Mancs wobbling after being found out by a bunch of brutally basic Germans (and can anyone tell me how such an ordinary Utd team are still in contention for anything?) it is time for Arsenal to step out of the shadows, and send chills down the spine of all who knock us.

Tonigh Ladies and Gentleman you will see why “We are The Arsenal and We are The Best, We Are the Arsenal so f*%k all the rest!”.

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  • Johno

    damp squid 0-0 bore draw. make my words

    I can’t see Arsenal winning to be honest. It will be Chelsea & Man U all over again

  • Stevie

    get out of jail free. A footballing lesson but the Gooners showed excellent team sprit.

  • dexylongshot

    I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the game last night (cheers scotty the yank) and i was blown away!!! Barcelona were a sight to behold in the first half & i honestly cannot remember seeing a finer footballing display in the flesh in all my life. I think the Gods were smiling on the Gooners because that were totally out-played for an hour and were only 2 down. The possesion that The Catalans gained was stupendous playing Arsenal at their own game. The positives for Arsenal were zilch until the hour mark and the introduction of Theo, scoring in a big game again, is this the turning point in his season? I hope so, if he can get his head right, he could put the frightners on Maxwell in the return, especially with Barca missing Puyol and Pique. They have to go for the goals, give Valdes something to worry about, staring at them in awe which Diaby managed for 90 minutes will not do the trick in a weeks time.

  • Jake

    A Spanish materclass of how to pass and move then throw the game away when it looked impossible to not to win by at least 4 goals.

    Both teams must take credit for a sinterlating game of football.

  • Keith

    Once Arsenal stopped looking like rabbits caught in headlights and got a bit of confidence together it became a contest. Good point well made about Diaby though, he epitomised Arsenal’s odd reluctance to close down the ball with any urgency or potency. Maybe it was a cunning tortoise and the hare style plan, as Barca ran themselves into the ground in nicking the ball back from us, and our lackadaisical early play resulted in us looking fitter and stronger, and the more likely winners come the end. If we could have brought on Eddy for Cesc I’m sure we would have nicked it. So looking forward to next week now.

    And Johno, damn squib 0-0 bore draw? Good call mate.

    Jesus wept…

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