Arsenal = Marmite FC

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

Sorry for the food metaphor, but it is perfect for the Arsenal! You either love em’, or you hate em’! Since my last article we have beaten one half of Manchester, then lost to the other, beaten the side top of the league and lost to Aston Villa. Anyone else see a common theme? Inconsistency, well at least we are consistently inconsistent! Looking on the bright side we beat Chelsea at the Bride, could anyone else not watch the last 10 minutes? After R.V.P’s great brace (admittedly with help for the lino) I could not stop fidgeting the adrenaline wouldn’t let me stop tapping my feet. Not for one second did I let myself say, we could win this, but secretly deep down I thought, we can win this! Chelsea were really below par but hey, a win is a win, lets hope we can carry this on when we play our boogie teams (anyone outside the “big 4”).

Did anyone else see Cristiano Ronaldo get sent off? How he can complain about that I will never ever know… The least they could do is sort out their story, Ferdinand claimed he was pushed, Rooney claimed he was protecting his face and Ronaldo heard a beep, something’s fishy here! Even if he did hear a whistle, why pat the ball away? Why not catch it? Or better still, head it? Wonder if Sir Alex had told him too play to the whistle and he got confused… Just wondering, but shouldn’t John Terry have been sent off against us? I mean he lunged in two footed off the floor and if he caught Sagna, we would have had two Eduardo’s, Martin Taylor got a straight red, so why did Terry only see yellow?

Anyway, that was last week and this is the present. We scraped a victory against a Wigan side that our youngsters had humbled previously; perhaps we should make Arsenal Reserves into a premiership team? As long as we don’t have to play Burnley. Nicolas Bendtner. I don’t think any more needs to be said. How can you score the winner in the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE, then go out to Championship side Burnley and miss literally from 5yards? I blame the pink boots… Emmanuel Eboue, talk about your nightmare games… He was beyond awful, but lets not boo him as is that really going to help the team? I don’t like Eboue personally but I don’t agree with the booing, the only one who deserves to get ‘the boos’ is Cashley. C’mon you Gooners!

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  • Stevie

    Arsenal = Marmite FC? I totally disagree. The Spuds are hated much more then we are with their stupid predictions and spending spress . Everyone loves the way we play the game, ok, we get stick but what TOP side doesn’t?

    Another Bendtner hater? I think Denilson is worse, what does he actually do except fall over?

  • Darren

    Denilson is terrible. His awareness of what is going on around him lets him down every time. He gives the ball away far to often and is passing is woeful at times. He is knocked of the ball far to easily and to top it all he looks about 12.

    Wenger keeps going on about how great this batch of kids are but lets be honest, how many of those will break into the first team and make an impact. Wiltshire & Ramsey, maybe Vela, that’s it. The others will be sold for next to nothing only for the Spuds to sign them 4 years later for 25 million.

  • Dexy Longshot

    moan moan moan, thats all you bloody Gooners do! You’re in the CL every season, you challenge for honors every year, you have the best ground in Europe, not to mention some of the best young talent. Plus compared to the other big bores you are not in massive debt. SO cheer up!

    Try being a West Ham fan!!

  • leggy elastic

    I have to agree with Stevie. Spurs are hated much much more than arsenal at least the arsenal play good stuff. And also agree with Dexy…arsenal fans moaning again! c’mon you’re having a inconsistent spell…oh boo hoo… try being a boro fan we’ve been inconsistent for 30 years! losing more than winning sadly!

    I hate to say it but this weekend it’ll be Boro 0 Arsenal 3…Alves will win his first header so not all bad news.
    and I bet there’s still gooners ringing up 606 saying you should be winning by more and wenger must go!

  • Jamie Farrier

    Well said Dexy.

    I really couldn’t see what that article was trying to say – bigging up your club while in the same stroke bellyitching at all the horrors within.

    Arsenal are a great club that are in a right mess at the moment, and I for one am getting a bit sick of worrying for them.

  • Darren

    are you saying Alves is the new Ray?

    606 is full of dickheads, they are slowly defecting to Dexys Den, so be ready for banter central!

  • Martyn

    Oh dear! Stevie’s had a shocker and Leggy’s got it all wrong. How you guys can sit there and and claim that Spurs are the most hated club and hated more than Woolwich is is so bllinkered. The most hated team over the last 10 years or so has been Chelsea. That is a fact. Also, your assumption that Spurs are more hated than Woolwich is incorrect and very Woolwich/London biased, even though Leggy seems to be pretending to be a Boro fan. I am from London but do spend time around the country for work, Spurs are actually very popular team outside of the Emirates surroundings and are considered to be a team that plays attractive football whether you guys can admit it or not. Dont forget Woolwich were known as a long ball team in the 80s and 90s, during teh George Graham years. Spurs are eternal optimists and often falsely predict greatness but that hasnt meant they are hated. Deluded – yes but not hated. As I do go to a lot of England games and I also know the majority of England fans appreciate Spurs’ attempt to develop young English players, as opposed to the fact that Wenger had always insisted on developing the French national team.

  • dexylongshot

    I can safely say that Tottenham are currently the most hated enemy in the Premiership for most West Ham fans (That was even before the shambles on Monday). I have never known any fan of any team of any age who has said he hates Arsenal more than Spurs.
    That includes England games and a 3 week World Cup soiree in the Fatherland.

    For Hammers, Chelsea run the skids close for 2nd and then it would be Millwall (what league are they in again??!! The Lions were always the most hated rival throughout the Irons history mainly due to local rivalry although many would say they are up there with Dirty Leeds in the general popularity stakes for most fans country-wide.

  • leggy elastic

    Hmmmn Martyn am I supposed to rise to the bait of ‘pretending to be a Boro fan’?

    All I can say is and maybe it’s a chip I’ve had on my shoulder from moving to the south but my view of spuds fans changed over night and not one fan I’ve met since has changed my opinion, Hated is possibly a too strong a word but certainly I have a disliking of. You are I’m afraid the Newcastle of the south. I went to Spurs v Boro 1997 our fourth game in 8 days I think and you scraped a one nil win by the wonderful player Andy Sinton…all I heard coming away from the ground was anti boro rubbish…some of what I heard was ‘f8ckin boro think they can spend money and compete with the likes of us’ and ‘who do boro think they are buying barmby off us and then they buy ravanelli the place is a sh8thole’ I don’t want to generalise too much but quite a few spurs fans I told about these comments I heard agreed…Oh and most hadn’t even been to Middlesbrough!

    You mention developing young talent…perhaps you do but not a lot comes through your club…you do buy a lot of young talent I’ll give you that! But I’d say Boro has a better youth policy. I don’t remember spurs playing a full squad of academy players as boro did in MacUmbrella’s last game.

    So what have we learnt… I too readily take the bait….Spurs are not hated just disliked more than other London clubs even Chelsea. And Spurs buy all other teams young talent and claim it as their own.

    and I do stand by my original point I’ve friends all over the country who support a many different clubs…I’d say 90% prefer Arsenal to Spurs.

  • Martyn

    Well we’ll have to agree to disagree, as those ive met from up north always prefer Spurs over Woolwich from my experience. Admittedly, that is mainly over in the North West where i go alot. For the record, I think Boro have one of the best youth academies in the country and I have nothing against them at all. I think you’re still harbouring a grudge from that game in 1997. Not all Spurs fans talk like that. Just like not all Woolwoch fans believe they’re part of a big 4. To be honest, I think we’re all talking about a big 3 really now. Woolwich haven’t competed for silverware with the big boys for a while. I’ve seen nothing this year that suggests Woolwoch are any better than Villa, Hull, Everton or Spurs to be honest. Being in the Champions League isn’t enough anymore. Oh and Teflon, yes West Ham have developped a hatred of Spurs as their least favourite club. The feeling isn’t really mutual tho. Woolwich are our no.1 rivals. Let’s be honest tho, which London club has any love for any other London club?

  • Stevie

    In all due respect Martyn lad, the Spuds only get a mention when they are near the bottom of the league as usually they are in the dizzy heights of 11th.

    Yes we are having a bad season, 4th in the league, last 16 of the champions league. So no more

  • jackie emu

    The whole who hates who debate is quite an interesting one though. Reading lite and bitter in the ‘london lite newspaper’ every evening highlights that.

    To be honest as a boro fan we have no one who hates us…Sunderland hate newcastle…and newcastle hate sunderland they are indifferent about us…which i think winds boro fans up more. That is possibly why i’ve chosed spurs to be my team to dislike as i have no real grievence with anyone else…and as i said before they are the newcastle of the south.

  • jackie emu

    jackie emu has an alias as leggy elastic!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Right at the top of the comments here we have the main reason why I, and many like me, dislike Arsenal more than any club (note dislike, I reserve hate for people such as Margaret Thatcher, David Cameron and Coldplay). Only an Arsenal fan would think to make a competition about who is most hated!

    Every internet forum is swamped with bloody Arsenal fans either whinging on about their players, or claiming to be the best team ever and the inventors of football. But ask 90% of them who Charlie George is and they will think he is a character on Eastenders. Arsenal have more born again fans, who weren’t interested in football before Murdoch got involved, than any other club, and the vast majority seem to do nothing but talk crap about them on internet sites (apologies here to the 10% who have been to the Emirates by the way).

    So add together the John Thompson character fans with a manager who for the last decade has regularly contradicted himself, often in the same sentence, who has superhero like ability to turn his eyesight on and off, who regularly makes a fool of himself at press conferences with his moods and who claims that he doesn’t need a proper captain at a club and you have a pretty dislikeable team. Then throw in some of the most arrogant footballers ever to insult a football field – Henry, Cole, Van Persie, Henry again, Gallas, Viera on it goes, the fact that time and again British talent is ignored to develop the French youth team (does anyone really believe that the English ‘kids’ won’t end up at Blackburn?) and you have a team only their mother could love!

    So yes, whilst I dislike all of the big 4 for differing reasons, Arsenal are way out on their own. And as for your claim that Spurs are more hated – wake up! People chuckle at Spurs and their ludicrous big dreams of course, but only Arsenal fans hate them, deep down because they see some loveable things in there that they kind of envy…..

  • Jamie Farrier

    I’m glad you mentioned John Thompson there Martin. You’re absolutely spot on in describing the kind of support Arsenal have as a hangover from a bygone era.

    For those not familiar or if the name isn’t immediately recognisable, Thompson was a regular of the cast on The Fast Show, probably best known for his Jazz Club routine (“mmmm, nice”).

    Aficionados of the sketch shows may remember a character Thompson played making an arse of himself in an Arsenal shirt at a game, but it perfectly captured the image of the ‘nouveau’ football fan who had jumped on the bandwagon after Euro 96 – and sadly a lot of them, for whatever reason, had chosen Arsenal.

  • Darren

    As Richard E Grant would say, ‘what utter twaddle’.

    Most of my mates are West Ham and Palace fans, and 2 Boro, and not one of them hates Arsenal. They all hate the Spuds.

    I think Dexy should do a survey!!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    I am absolutely fascinated by Arsenal fans obsession with being more liked than Spurs. Who cares who hates who more!!!!! All those points I made about your team being arrogant and your manager and fans annoying and the only thing you pick up on is my claim that Spurs are not as hated!! Its hilarious…

  • Darren

    well we need something to talk about don’t we? It’s become a little boring talking about how crap we are this season and we are not part of the big bore. It’s a marathon not a sprint I may add!

    As for hatred, I don’t hate anyone or anything except Phedo’s murderers and nasty no good gooders!

  • Hayes

    How is it no-one even read below the title of the article? The article had nothing to do with who was hated more, Arsenal or Spurs, I don’t think I even mentioned Spurs? And as for the most hated team? Clearly its Arsenal! Every year we get stick from pundits opposition fans and whoever eles likes to pretend they know it all, and you know what I love it! I actually enjoy proving all the ignorant wrong, English kids are just not as good as the foreign ones! And thats our fault? I hate Tottenham, but that is wired into my blood and not much I can do about it. Thats what I love about football, the passion, not pathetic people on forums arguing about who hates who more. Who cares! At the end of the day we all have our teams and no-one will ever win this arguement, so why bother?

    I enjoy chatting to mates about the finner points of Bendtners inability to hold up the ball, and they inturn will bemoan the fact that Geremi isn’t playing and we have FUN. Seriously guys I’m probably the youngest guy here and I’m probably the most mature…

    Grow up, support your team, and stop this petty arguement about who hates who more. Its making me sick!

  • Darren

    I must admit Jack, this blog is one of the most highly debated blogs since erh, we hate Maradona!

    So a pat on the back mate for raising such debate. That’s what blogs are for! Keep up the good work and who knows, you could be crowned blogger of the year next June!!

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Erm Hayes – ‘English kids are just not as good as the foreign ones’. Thats something of a broad sweeping statement is it not. Care to elaborate? Perhaps explain which English kids and which foreign ones? Are you saying that Luke Wilshere can never be as good as Denilson because he is English? And Theo Walcott can’t be as good as Yossi Benayoun because the latter was foreign?

    Good to hear such mature argument on the site, especially when I am so ignorant. You have a great career ahead of you as a replacement for Wenger with that kind of argument….thanks for proving everyone wrong.

  • Darren

    who’s Luke Wilshere?

  • Darren

    Interesting fact, Liverpool are the only British club to have played in more European finals than Arsenal, who have contested six finals

  • Martin Tibbetts

    Luke Wilshere is in a band, no relation. Sorry, in my ignorance I got his christian name wrong. Maybe if he got a game once in a while it would trip off the tongue more….

  • Darren

    Jack Wilshere has potential, but so did Denilson!

    How’s your band doing? Have they made the top 40 yet?

  • Martin Tibbetts

    2 weeks at 41. Next single coming soon……

  • jackie emu

    luke wilkshire was a boro player…sold to bristol city then fc twente…

  • Stevie

    another cracking performance from Denilson. We have no pace with Walcott, hurry up Eduardo!!

  • Football Gifts

    Surley Arsenal proved a point against Spartan.. Hleb was pure class

  • Martyn

    Anyone else getting even more fed up with Wenger’s stupidity. He managed to see the disallowed goal 3 times yesterday, yet he failed to see Eboue’s retaliation at all (which is a straight red anyway, so Dean did get it wrong by showing him a second yellow). Also, Mr. Wenger, if you did actually see the disallowed goal 3 times, how did you also fail to see Mike Dean blow the whitsle a good few seconds before Eboue actually shot, therefore rendering the whole thing a moot point. Ekotto (on the line where the ball crossed) visibly stopped by the time he had shot. Mr Wenger, if you cant see things properly, either go to the opticians or stop commenting after the game, we are bored of your rose-tints!!

  • Darren

    I have to agree with you there mate. I think he is going mad, or half the time I reckon he’s taking the piss, he is very dry after all.

    That was your best chance of beating us is ages, we were there for taking, although I think we defended very well for a change.

    We are 19 points head, the bet was 10, so looks like £50 is coming my way!!

    Palious is class, we let him go 2 years ago, he is exactly what we need.

  • Martyn

    If he is being dry witted, I bow to his superior hunour but I think your first assumption of senile dimensia might be closer. We shouldve won but didnt put our chances away.
    Palacious is great. I must admit, I hadnt seen enough of him before but he was brilliant yesterday.
    Can you just go back over the blogs and check it wasnt 10 points and was £50. I dont think it will make a difference whether its points or places to be honest!!!

  • Darren

    boo, it was only £20.

    He is a comedy genius, thats why he plays Eboue & Denilson every week!

  • Martyn

    Thank god. With teh credit crunch an all….

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