Arsenal’s new signing Jadson will be even better than Fabregas

by Michael Somerville

Friday, August 12th, 2011

It’s clear that Arsene Wenger needs someone new at Arsenal as months of ongoing transfer gossip involving the sales of Samir Nasri and Cesc Fabregas finally look to be coming to a close.

Team spirit is Wenger’s number one priority, he constantly repeats it in his interviews, and I would strongly concur with him. How the team plays is infinitely more important how the individual plays.

Today looks to be the day that Wenger puts the unrest to bed, and brings in a player that the club desperately needs, a player who knows how to win domestically (five titles in seven years), is a tough tackling midfielder, and can score goals from inside and outside the box.

Jadson will be that man for Arsenal and can fill the midfield ‘void.’

I think this will also be the season where we see a shift the way Arsenal play football; the ticca- tacca  making way for a more direct, brooding style that will relieve and medicate fans’ fears of the side’s frustrating and ponderous passing.

Finally, the only players left at the club will be players who want to play for the club. Enough of the indecisiveness, the ego’s and the complaining on the pitch.

Next season, there is no room for fluff in the Arsenal team. Samir Nasri can pocket his £165,000 a week- it won’t make him a better player at City.

Arsenal fans on Twitter have lauded Wenger’s bargaining abilities once again- £12m for a Brazilian in his prime is a fantastic piece of business in my opinion. I believe that Jadson will improve the Arsenal midfield more than Fabregas ever could.

A stronger physical presence, the same skill of footwork and a better attitude on and off the pitch will ensure a great season for the Gunners.

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  • arden

    You’re right it seems like a decent signing but I still think the defensive side of the game needs to be improved a lot. A holding midfielder and a defender is still needed in my opinion.

  • Chris

    Hmmm…a bit early to say, especially seeing as he hasn’t even signed yet. He appears to be a very good player, but let’s wait and see what happens. 🙂

  • amith

    you have said “new signing” is it a new signing or a target? This is the first blog where signing has been used.. can you give us more details please?

    P.S if hes another target we can’t predict anything.. there are tons of players rumored to sign for us, but not many so far

  • arsenal spy

    I have only read about Jadson, but knowing about Shakhtar’s strengths are quite good so lets give him our full backing now fabrigas has gone

  • Alake Sunday Bamidele

    I dont think he has signed yet, but if he does it will be a great improvement then the likes of mertesercker and dann can be expected.

  • Will

    Jadson and Mata will be good replacements for Cesc and Nasri.
    Ramsey and Jadson will be battling for that midfield position, pushing both to play at their best.
    we do need another defender. Vermaelen and Koscielny is still my first choice, but to make sure Squillaci don’t get on the pitch again, another defender should be brought in.

  • ceejay

    rubish. where did u get this news from. arsenal is not even close in signing jadson.

  • Ohide Joseph

    Wenger should buy Mata and strong defence without wasting time. the biggest problem in Arsnal is cente defence. Bye to Fag and Nasri

  • amith

    @ceejay: being close to signing him is as rubbish as not being close.. with Wenger you never know!! I hope he gets Mertesacker.. He is more solid than Cahil or Jag.. Samba’s definitely ruled out now.. but I hope there are some new faces soon

  • Dan

    Well , if this is really true, then I must congratulate Wenger for such a wonderful signing. But again , we still need Mata and One good defender. Cheers….cheers… Gooners.

  • iceman786

    and who the f…….. are you ceejay?? how do you know what the situation is regarding any transfer????

  • Mystical Mike

    it’s on the Independent website. great signing, if, it really is 100% true. We’ve been crying out for a player like this for years.

    As for Nasri, good luck playing 3rd fiddle to Milner, Silva & Johnson!

  • Mike

    Having seen Jadson previously, I remember then having the same feelings as when I first saw Edouardo, that I wouldn`t be surprised if we signed him at some point. There`s no point is suggesting he would be a like for like replacement for Cesc, but he would do a pretty decent job, and could be a regular goalscorer. This story seems to have first surfaced in the Indie, and while that paper is not particularly known for its transfer scoops, other papers have since picked up on Jadson`s signing as being virtually a done deal, so I`m fairly confident of this one.

  • Moses Watasa

    For the gunners now, the writing is clearly on the wall – and in bold characters. That Nasri and Fabregas are tired of the “stagnated” Arsenal FC is in “red and white”. It’s a tough call but a shrewd manager would sell these players and swiftly find replacements by 31st August 2011. But the post-2005 Arsene Wenger (that we now know) would most likely bank the cash for his predatory Board to munch other than re-invest it in quality signings. The uncertainty rumbles-on but a tricky CL play-off with Udinese is looming and cracking opening league fixtures are on the horizon. Typical Arsene Wenger is insisting with a clownish defence – they have been leaking and banging-in own goals throughout the summer’s build-up matches. Recruiting “toddlers” like Alex Chamberlain and Carl Jenkinson suggests that Mr. Manager, stuck in his soccer illusion, learn’t nothing from last season’s bizarre implosion. But a thick and dark cloud continues pilling ominously over the Emirates stadium. Strong “pain-killers” will be required for the new season – for the fans who remain to watch Arsenal matches with manager + Board. For Arsene, it’s de-ja-vu time – he is back, in his sharp suits brandishing water bottles – he will kick the bottles (again) along the touchline throughout the 2011-2012 season. I am so disgusted and fed-up, all Arsene Wenger pictures cause me a major bout of nausea.

  • amith

    @Moses: you can go puke it out.. IN ARSENE WE TRUST.. who do u support anyway?

  • delly

    If it’s not on Arsenals website then don’t rejoice yet. Wenger is full of surprises.

  • old gun

    Well, why we need another middle attacking field, give Ashavin back his position and get couple od defensive middle field who be able to cover the leaking back.
    I was at EC last month, the wings was our attacking problem.
    Can’t cross or shot!
    Remember when Pires/OM played, you know we can score when they had ball on wing. Even when TH played at wing.
    Now we missed that.
    So please speak loud and give AW the msg.

  • obi

    mr wenger,pls get a good centre defender cos arsenal scores but concieves very annoyin scores due to d defensive problem.pls wenger sign d players we nid n lets get it over wit.

  • Essi

    Wenger should hurry up the signing process and build team spirit by making players interact & know each other well. otherwise time bad.

  • Mystical Mike

    he’s left it way to late already. These players should have been signed 3 weeks ago. United are up and ready to go, unlike us

  • dexy longshot

    You gooners do make me laugh, reckon the way things are going, even the totts might do you this year. Check out my Arsenal rant on the next page, The Big six. Wenger out!

  • HassocksGooner

    Please can we have a top notch defender? What’s wrong with Mertesacker @ £6m he’s a steal? I still think Wenger has something BIG up his sleeve, he’s a canny operator but it’s very frustrating but I for one still trust him but that trust is being sorely tested.

  • Michael Somerville

    Arsenal will be back and will be even stronger.

    Follow me @lastminutemike for more views on the footie 🙂

  • hanzu

    hey he is stil a target.

  • Ryan Sutts

    I love Arsenal football club and always will .
    Arsene Wenger has been manager for 14 years and has not let us down yet . He is building a side and keeps getting knocked down by players with no desire to play for Arsenal . He has come over problems before and will again every target he say’s he wants someone else bids because Arsenal want him .
    You can keep your clubs like man city we dont want to be about that. Respect is given to Ferguson’s United because of the way he keep’s them winning ….Chelsea bought the league even Blackburn bought the league ….ARSENAL and Man utd the only teams who have not done this . so to all you “arsenal fans” who dont like Wenger remember …………………………..

  • Michael Somerville

    “Be not afraid of going slowly, be only afraid of standing still”

    Wenger is adapting- this video of Jadson shows that he is robust, fearless and can shoot!

    Gunners- your team is coming together, albeit a little late, but together nonetheless…

  • Mike

    While there are excuses for Cesc, I`m afraid the truth is that Nasri, who has only been at the club for a couple of seasons, cannot be tired of not winning trophies with us. To even suggest this is to do him a grave disservice, as it suggests he is not the disloyal money-grabbing little pr**k he really is.

  • David Glover

    Arsenal have only won titles when we had a defensive captain, like either viera or adams.

    Arsene needs to buy a proven captain with defensive abilities to lead our team. You can buy all the defenders you want and still leak goals until arsene buys a defensive captain.
    As for attacking options, we need more technical players with pace and energy to be able to beat the likes of barcelona thats why they were frieghtend of Walcott. The days when we had that type of player in Henry, Overmars,Lungburg, wright which would stop the opposition from venturing forward and also excite the fans is missing and need to be replaced.

  • chris

    I have less of an issue with a player who decides 165k is better than 110K than one who pays 5M to push through his transfer. Fab is junk and honestly I DO NOT wish him well. ..

  • Sonny The Goon

    Great piece, but I fear that you’re very wrong.

    Fabregas is a fantastic player, so is Nasri, there is no point hiding that. They were our two best players last season, by a mile, and it will be very, very difficult to find somebody who can replace them in a good enough manner.

    I’m afraid that this is just another one of those buys that will go completely to waste, because Wenger does not dare to spend over £20 mill. even if he gets £35 mill. for Fabregas. Ergo, we will not get enough quality in.

    I just hope we can qualify for CL (Top 4) this season, but Liverpool seems like a top team now, after they bought the likes of Downing and Jose Enrique, both, whom I really wanted at Arsenal.

    Our defence still needs massive improvement if we want to compete with the likes of Man U, Man C, Chelsea and Liverpool.

  • Sonny The Goon

    Gervinho seems very promising, though.

  • David Glover

    Hi Guys,

    Arsenal fans are growing frustrated.

    The purchase of Campbell just shows that Arsenal are bargin shopping again and gambling with their chances of qualifying next season for Champions league football.

    Campbell is a bargin at the price and will be a good signing for the future as he is still learning the game and has great potential as seen with his improving technical abilities. But Arsene needs to spend some of his huge transfer kitty and this is why.

    Arsene was promissed a transfer kitty of over £50m before there was an indication of selling Fabrigas and Nasri which was mentioned to the media before the transfer window had begun.
    Now that he is going to sell Fab and Nas he should have a transfer kitty now topped up to over £100m unless the directors decide to keep the transfer money from sales.This money should be reinvested with the following statement in mind.

    Arsenal have only won titles when we had a ‘defensive’ captain, like viera or adams, who were both defensive players. Henry and Fabrigas should never have been made captains, which is why our defence is a shamble and disorganised.

    Arsene needs to buy a proven captain with defensive abilities to lead our team. You can buy all the defenders you want and still leak goals until Arsenal buy a defensive captain.

    As for attacking options, we need more technical players with pace and energy to be able to beat the likes of barcelona. Thats why they were frieghtend of Walcott.

    The days when we had that pacey, energetic type of player in Henry, Overmars,Lungburg and Ian Wright that would stop the opposition from venturing forward and also excite the fans is missing and needs to be replaced. Giovani has that potential quality but more is needed.
    Sometimes Arsenal although very technical at passing the ball they sometimes look lazy and un-inspired.
    Do you think Arsenal need that excitement and defensive organisation as mentioned?

  • Evans Quarm

    Michael, Arsene is not selling players who have won the champions league and the premiership in successive seasons. These so called superstars have won nothing for at least 4 years. They flop and freeze on the big stage. Look at the fab back pass against Barca. Cesc played for Barca in arsenal shirt in the last 3 years. Nasri could not even inspire arsenal against Birmingham. Arsene needs a captain who sees the captains arm band as an honour. The captain should be a leader, and that should rule Van persie out. Too many lazy players. Get rid of them all. Vermalen for capito

  • am

    Well sounds good but hes 5’6 with no premiership experience. That means Wengers 4month bedding in process.

  • khriezoyhome

    a player like mata and cahill is needed very badly from long time ago. Jst shut up n sign..d players who r ready 2 cum at d emirates.

  • http://Nil Opara Obioma

    Hi everyone. I bring u greetings in the mighty name of Christ Jesus. It’s not what the board or manager think matters,rather what the grudging & fade up fans think and feel matter. Do the board & manage another Arsenal fan to commit sucid again this season? For God’s sake, there are Arsenal fans across the globe who love and support the club wt passion inspite of roughages that are going on since 6 seasons now. Imagine a giant club in Gunners’ calibre, is now a public ‘toast’. Well, what do i say, everytime blame me, i promise to be active in the transfer market, i’m going to bring in a marshal, i will do this !!! and that !!! Says mr manager Asène Wenger, all to no avail. Now i hear he has signed or wants to sign Jadson from shaktar and renewed his interest in valencia’s Matter, how true are these stories? Pls for the sake of candidness, the board and manager should tell us the truth for once. These money they are interested in, will still be while they die one day and go. Is this not vanity? Imagine lossing players like Samir & Cesc without immediate replacement! My good GOD!!!, this is unthinkable and unbelieveable. I obioma moves a motion that the brain of both board members particularly Stan Kronker who claims to have the heighest number of shares in Arsenal and the manager Asène who is full of himself, to be examined. They are all suffering from LUNACY. Here’s my phone line +234 80 96916703 or my addrs: 10 Nwodo street owerri, Imo state of Nigeria. If anyone of them felt insulted or reduced, he can call me or visit me with the above contact. I AM READY TO OPEN A CASE FILE WITH HIM. Thank you and goodbye.

  • stuart holloway

    In Mr Wenger press conference yesterday he said we had too big a squad. He retains faith in players who failed repeatedly in the past. We had a 10m bid in for Diaby that we turned down. Unfortunately I fear the press speculation on players being signed is giving a lot of fans false hope. I believe Mr Wenger wants Diaby to take over in midfield. He is frightened to spend big. The press saying he was waiting for the money from the sale of Cesc before he spent is rubbish. The board handed Mr Wenger more money than before to spend. He just won’t, he is convinced he can win the league by home grown and very young players he has captured. Unless he does sign some players of quality, we can say 6th at best. We will be bottom after the 1st 3 games.
    This is not me not supporting the club. I will scream and shout at every match. But I am a realist to. I do not blindly believe in the manager as a lot do. If come early January we are out of every competition, what will all those who say “in Arsense we trust” be saying then?

    It’s time for a change before we turn into Liverpool or worse Spurs who have been lost in footballs wilderness for a long time.

  • Leon

    How can anyone say this is a good signing ? Is it a signing ? More to the point who ever heard of him before – hardly known to the world is he ? I would rather Wenger not bother signing anyone and leave – who really fully supports this fool anymore ? Get him out and Kroenke out – usmanov in and spend some serious cash !

  • Harry Barracuda

    Wenger has said he hasn’t even asked about Jadson. So this site goes on the bullshit list.

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