Arsenal – The future’s bright?

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Friday, September 9th, 2011

As a Liverpool fan, you could be forgiven for not being surprised that I’m glad to see Arsenal lose their ‘star’ players. But honestly, it’s not what you think. My concern is more for the behaviour of footballers… and the lack of respect with which Arsenal Football Club has been treated by many of it’s players. Many of them (Fabregas and Nasri to an extent, but particularly Clichy, Denilson, Bendtner etc) acted last season as though they were doing the club a favour by sticking around. When they didn’t win anything, they blamed Arsenal Football Club and completely ignored the fact that they spent most of the season playing like toddlers with blindfolds on.

Arsenal meanwhile have been scared of giving up on this generation that they worked so hard on and particularly on their talisman and captain. The last three years have been like a bad marriage. Fabregas has stayed out of habit, whilst disappearing every summer for a fling with FC Barcelona. Arsenal have given him everything to stop him from leaving, and followed him blindly down a path that has left them trophyless since 2005.

So from the standpoint of a football fan, I’m overjoyed that Cesc and Arsenal are finally getting a divorce. Fabregas was undoubtedly a wonderful player for Arsenal for many years, but both player and club have been fighting to rekindle the magic of earlier seasons and it just wasn’t working. Arsenal should take a look at what Liverpool have done and consider that it can be a real blessing in disguise – there’s nothing worse than trying to keep players who don’t want to play for you.

What will decide Arsenal’s future now is how this new look squad comes together. The invincible Arsenal team was characterised by two things, both of which came from Arsene Wenger. The first was their occasional petulance and if things weren’t going their way, the toys would come out of the pram sometimes. The second though, was their team ethos, their huddles after every game, their selfless runs to give teammates space – it was clear that they played for each other.

That atmosphere seems to have disappeared at Arsenal and left only the petulance, illustrated by all the infighting that has surrounded Adebayor, Gallas and others. Only last weekend Walcott decided to have a go at Carl Jenkinson when, admittedly the full back had made a mistake. But he’s young, Walcott is supposed to be more experienced now and he didn’t help his young full back or consequently his team with that decision. It was unnecessary.

Arsenal need to rediscover the team ethos that made them champions before. It may not make them champions again, but it will certainly give them a shot at staying in the Champions League. If this new squad doesn’t gel, they will continue to be what they were before: a squad of good individuals. Only now, the individuals are not as good and the competition is stronger – clearly not a recipe for success.

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  • Kieran

    Wow, wasn’t expecting anything quite as fair as that from a LFC fan! Accurate stuff in my opinion and working as a team is a must now that we are short of truely world class players.

  • Mystical Mike

    Early days, finish in the top four and the in wenger we trust brigade have another season of faithfulness, outside and in wenger we rust will b in full swing

  • Mystical Mike

    great team performance tonight, against a very good Dortmund side.

    def a step in the right direction. win at Blackburn on sat, then beat Bolton at home and it’s game on

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