Arsenal vs Villarreal preview

by Mystical Mike

Wednesday, April 15th, 2009

Gunners look to Rome

Arsene Wenger believes his young side have the mental strength to make it through to their 2nd semi final of the season as they take on Villarreal at the Emirates stadium.

The Gunners go into the game as favorites after the 1-1 draw in Spain last Tuesday. However, after last nights 4-4 epic Arsenal will be in no mood for complacency.

“I believe the team has shown great mental strength through the whole season,” said Wenger.

“We have another good opportunity to show those mental strengths against Villarreal.”

Wenger added: “What makes me confident is that recently, in every single game, when the odds were against us we found the resources within the team with a strong response every single time. “That happened at Villarreal, that happened again at Wigan (on Saturday) and every time we came out strong.”

Arsenal are on an incredible run with only 1 defeat in their last 24 matches. With only 9 goals conceded all year, Arsenal’s depleted defence with have their work cut out against a decent Villarreal side, who will be without Spain international Senna, who suffered an injury in Saturday’s 2-0 defeat by Malaga.

There is some good news on the injury front as Wenger welcomes back midfielder Vassiriki Diaby. If the game is half as good as last nights classic then we’ll be for another Champions League treat.

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  • Darren

    Arsenal have almost gone the last 4 months of the season unnoticed, which suits them fine. The press have got of their back and are now way to embarrassed to actually give them any credit what sop ever. Especially the Match of the Day team that still seem to put their games on 2nd last ever week!

    In the famous last words of a certain hair bear bunch fan ‘I would love it if we beat them!’

  • Pj

    Are Arsenal playing tonight? I thought it was only Man United.

    Who are this Arsenal team, I thought there was only 3 teams in England!

  • dexylongshot

    They are some impressive statistics Michael. Without their best player Fabregas either for most of that time and Eduardo coming back. Too late for the Premiership but I think Arsenal will ease through to the semis tonight and have a decent chance of reaching the final. Gallas will be missed but I really believe they will make a decent go at it, I fancy them to upset the top 3 as well in the coming month.

  • Tef1on

    I was reading the good old London Light last night and found an interesting article about Denilson. Wenger has played Lego Haired Denilson in every but 1 Premier League game and every minute of the Champions League this year. He also goes on to say how he is the most underrated player in the world and his stats of completed passes/tackles are up there with the best… the only reason he doesn’t get noticed is because he doesn’t make himself look good with tricks and flicks.

    Arsenal still have it all to do tonight. I hope Wenger is starting to see a pattern of what happens when Bendtner starts (Nothing…) and leaves him on the bench! Ade seerms to have come back from Injury in top form and with RVP rested at the weekend also i can see a strong middle/front line and maybe a few goals.

    One thing I would be concerned about is thinking ahead to Saturday vs Chelski, lets hope we completely wrap up this tie before half time so we can get some players some rest.

  • Tef1on

    You Say too late for the Premiership Dexy but the goons still have to play Chelski, United and Liverpool… if results between the top 4 go Arsenals way there is one hell of a chance if they win all 3 of those games!

  • Darren

    come on Teflon mate, you sound like a Spud, 79 points will not win the league. Speaking of the Spuds, did anyone hear that Goon who rang up Talk Sport this morning moaning about last nights game? He was banging on about the lack of English players in the Champions League. The reason is simple, they aren’t good enough, David Bentley & Co are not good enough for the Champions League, that is why the Spuds will always be an Inter Toto Cup side! How many Spanish players play for Barca? How many Italian players play for Inter?

    As for tonights game if we score first it’s game over. They don’t travel well and have too many key players out

  • Matt Quinn

    I still think Villarael are an excellent team. You wont roll them over that easily. They have Rossi, Ibagaza, Pires, Capi, Fernandez… all with as much creativity as Fabregas.

    Ps. Was last nights game (Chelsea v Liverpool) a classic or a terrible game? Saw an article on this and it makes you think. So many mistakes and poor quality football but exciting… so how do you define it?

  • Darren

    are u listening to Talk Sport by any chance? Adrian ‘Ginger Tit’ Durham is saying exactly that. At the end of the day what do you want? Its all about goals and entertainment!! And that game had it all.

  • dexylongshot

    I’d rather watch a goal packed tie than a 0-0 anyday. I’m sure i’m not in a minority on this one. Last night was one of the best games i’ve ever seen, yes there was a few fumbles but what about the plus’s. Alex’s free-kick was one oft the best I’ve ever seen in the Champions League. Alonso’s penalty was the best i’ve seen all season, power and precision. End to end drama. I’m a neutral and would have happily paid up for a ticket to see that.

  • Matt Quinn

    I thought it was a great game but i disagree that those that say its a great advert for the Premier league. Wasnt amazing quality but the excitement was second to none…. However, for English football, any young up+coming footballers will have learnt nothing from last night. Watching Arsenal v Villarael tonight would educate youngsters far more.

    After all- football is all about education not fun. Bah humbug.

  • Darren

    thats was pretty easy wasn’t it! We were excellent, all those injuries and we still looked good.

    Kerion Gibbs is a future star!

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