Arsenal will crash out of the Champions League tonight

by Michael Somerville

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Am I the only one thinking that Arsenal will find their Champions League tie against Porto extremely difficult? There’s been no cup upsets in Europe’s 1st tier this season, and I think we’re owed one.

No William Gallas could mean that the defence is left badly exposed from set pieces with the appropriately hulking ‘Hulk’ ready to test the weakened Arsenal back four. Midfield creativity will also be badly hit with the regrettable absence of the admittedly ‘Fabulous Fabregas’. Arsenal fans will be praying that Samir Nasri can come in and do a job. He did against Burnley, but that was Burnley at home!

Theo Walcott could give Arsenal the attacking impetus needed to defeat Champions League opposition, but so far this season it really doesn’t look like happening for young Theo. After producing an accomplished performance against Burnley on the weekend and scoring just his second goal of the season with his LEFT FOOT against strugglers Burnley, Walcott will hope to prove himself to the Arsenal faithful. Unfortunately, in the big games, Walcott can frequently
go missing.

The reason why I fear for Arsenal in this fixture is that I think they will underestimate Porto. Yes the Portuguese giants have sold off their best players in the last few seasons. Yes they’ve had problems in keeping their number one spot in the Portugese League this year; trailing behind leaders Benfica and surprise package Braga. But they’ve got a better European pedigree than Arsenal, having won the competition impressively in 2004 and winning the old European Cup in 1987. Of course they are underdogs now, but I can only think that this will benefit them tremendously, especially coming off a 2-1 win in the first leg.

Porto also gave Manchester United a very tough time last year in the Champions League, eventually being beaten by a Cristiano Ronaldo 40 yard screamer.

The absence of Robin Van Persie, William Gallas, and of course last season’s vital target man Emmanuel Adebayor will disrupt Arsenal’s just a little too much for my money.

Never mind- at least Nicklas Bendtner is in good form.

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  • Badcock


  • paulie paul

    I’m a gunners fan, and it looks like arsenal has proved their doubters once again plus they overcame the haul of overturning the deficit in a european match for about 32 years i think. No fabregas but i’m sure that some of you saw the individual goal scored by his replacement in nasri. Bendtner silenced critics yesterday by scoring a hatrick even though he was wasteful against Burnley over the weekend. Vermaelen and Campbell did well even though they wasn’t on their A game and our full backs in Clichy and Sagna was great. It looks like it’s a 3 race for the title now since arsenal are only 2 and 3 ponis of chelsea and man utd plus i definately see both losing points especially chelsea, as they have to play aston vila at home then go to anfield, old trafford and white heart lane.



  • Andrew

    One question, what was the score last night? Nuff said

  • Mike Somerville

    Well done Arsenal- you surprised me

  • Darren

    once again we proved everyone wrong, my advice would be not to get to excited, we’ve been there before remember!

    No doubt the same idiots commenting on this blog were the same idiots who wanted Wenger out a few months back.


  • Monty

    how does the humble pie taste??? And Nicky B IS in good form isnt he???

    even after Burnley he now has 5 goals in 3 games for us and 6 in 4 if you include the goal for Denmark last week….. he also bagged me £400 with Bet365 as he was 40/1 to get a hat trick and i went with my gut feeling!!

    Thanks Niklaus… you paid for my holiday!

  • dave

    Good post – spot on with your prediction..

  • ur dad



  • http://dexysden fab


    “Midfield creativity will also be badly hit with the regrettable absence of the admittedly ‘Fabulous Fabregas’. Arsenal fans will be praying that Samir Nasri can come in and do a job. He did against Burnley, but that was Burnley at home!” I THINK MIDFIELD CREATIVITY

    “The reason why I fear for Arsenal in this fixture is that I think they will underestimate Porto.” YEAH WE UNDERESTIMATED THEM AND WHOOPED THEM 5-0

  • Matt Quinn

    Bloody hell!
    Arsenal fans are as paranoid as Liverpool fans.

    If Arsenal lose at the weekend, all these fans will be coming on calling for Arsene’s head and for the board to spend some money!

    So, so fickle.

    Im a villa fan and would love to watch a team play like Arsenal every week…. yet for most fans its not enough. Now Arsenal win a game comfortably against a poor Porto team and the fans are suddenly claiming the Gunners are the best team in the world.

    Incidentally, i put a £5 on Arsenal to win the league (20/1) a few weeks ago when you were 10 points behind Chelsea. I admitted this on the Arsenal BBC message boards…. every single fan said i was mad and that Wenger had lost the plot.

    To be honest, while hindsight has proved the article to be wrong, it is no more defeatist than the vast majority of Arsenal fans i have met. They are NEVER happy.

  • dexylongshot

    Big up Matt the bard Quinn, I too lumped on Arsenal when Ashley Cole snapped his ankle and my money is looking a very good bet at the mo (but i’m gutted I could Have got 20-1, that is a superb longshot!, i got a 9-1 tickle). The Arse looking good and good on them, even without Fab, Bendtner kicked the recent comments about his form into row z with his hatrick, good on him, i’m even gonna put him in my dreamteam!

    PS: For everyone who’s been telling myself Dexy i don’t know what I’m on about in some of the comments above, if you read the top of the article, you will see the author is not myself. We have over 50 authors on the site who provide us day in day out with blogs, if you fancy yourself as the next Martin Samual, chuck us an email, more the merrier, just keep it clean…ish!

  • Shill

    Epic Fail!!

  • Ross

    Smart man, I’ll come to you for tips in the future….idiot

  • Geo


  • Nayan

    Why do people with no interest in football write football blogs and/or work for talksport?

  • toni

    i hope you lost at least 20£ on porto winning.


    you must be one of these who also thought city would be above arsenal
    your blog is a joke.

  • neville

    You have no idea what arsenal are about…….go and blog for spurs or somthing……arseclown

  • solthegooner

    fair play “dexylongshot”, but where is the guy who wrote this article, you should get rid of him because hes a mug!

    and to the villa fan – dont give arsenal fans this nonsense you hypocrite. remember when villa capitulated last season when they could have finished 4th? remember the pelters o’neill got then? or are you too fickle to acknowledge your own fans are the exact same? why you are reading this blog is a mystery, perhaps you are the one who is paranoid – stick to ur avfc blogs, and we will leave you alone.

    and just for the record, real arsenal fans who have supported this club for 20+ years know atm we have it real good. im glad i wasnt alive in the seventies thank god!

  • Dan Church

    i thought the idea of these blogs were for people to express their own personal opinions and then for others to discuss them ?? i was stupidly mistaken as it appears that all they are for is for moronic spastics to prove their asbo-worthiness and shout abuse at the author. You lot are the kind of fans who think they can prove how good their team is by shouting abuse louder than the other lot of fans. SING WHEN YOUR WINNING……of 100+ comments, only a handful discuss the actual ins and outs of the game, the rest are just cowards abusing an individual who dared to voice an opinion, behind the safety of a computer screen. Bunch of idiots……

  • Andy

    I hope you feel like the stupid, short- sighted numpty you are Michael Somerville.
    It’s only a shame that a great club like Arsenal cant ban dimwits like you..
    eff off and support the Sperz or Manure you prick

  • mickeymarbles

    Well said Church. I hate to say it but my Mancs had better watch The Arsenal, they are definately a good bet at those odds.

  • Dave

    Franny, I am far from jealous mate.

    I thought Arsenal were very proffesional and done exactly what was needed,Porto were a poor side and Arsenal looked a little suspect defensively.

    Vermalaen has been the buy of the season in my opinion.

  • Darren

    well said Dan.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I bet half of these fools are the same fools that wanted Wenger out. If you have something to say, at least be constructive. Don’t act like a school kid and say my dad is better than yours mentality, it’s highly embarrassing.

    Start with how Sol Campbell has been a superb signing, and how Wenger once again proves time and time he is the best manager the Premier League has seen!

  • john t

    So 5-0 eh!

    Just a note to all of you bashing the author, he had the courage of his convictions to write it and put it on here. Supposing thew game had finished a score draw or we had won 3-2 would all of you come on here and congratulate him on his prediction? I doubt it very much.

    So lay off the guy, it is people like him that give us somethin to do at work (while surfing the web). Let everybody voice their own opinion without jumping down their throats at every opportunity. Freedom of speech is a great thing, so let people have a voice without running them down when they get something wrong.

    That we won 5-0 last night is brilliant, but we have been in this situation before and got over confident and got no further the following round.



  • dexylongshot

    Nicely put JT, it’s all very well slating the author in hindsight but how many actually piped up before ko. Anyway, Mancs tonight, I’ll dip my toe in with a 2-1 to Fergie and co.

  • Darren

    you speak sense John. When we beat AC Milan I wrote a blog saying that we would dominate football for the next few years. I learnt a valuable lesson that day.

    We were brilliant last night, but as quick as our fickle fans are quick to praise they are the same fickle fans who are quick to say we need 3 new players and get Wenger out!

    For the record, read this blog that the author wrote – how right was he on this one! 100%

  • john t


    If utd can keep AC scoreless or the first half hour i reckon they could end up hammering them, but on the other hand if Milan score early it could end up a worrying 90 minutes for the Mancs.

    I’ll take a punt and say 3-1 utd. Wouldnt actually mind seeing them progress as they at least play good football consistently and if we dont manage to win the chamos league i’ll be throwing my support behind utd.

    Well i’ll be throwing my weight behind anyone but Chelsea lol



  • john t

    I remeber reading your Blog Darren and must admit I agreed with you 100%, I still think we can dominate the game but results to the end of this season are now critical. not only because of league/champs league position but for confidence next season and forthcoming seasons.

    I read mikes other blog too at the time and felt he would be proved wrong but alas he wasn’t so he was on the ball then and like i said, he had the courage of his convictions to post the blog yesterday.



  • RvP

    5 Reasons why we beat Porto:
    1. Nicklas Bendtner
    2. Nicklas bendtner
    3. Nicklas Bendtner
    4. Samir Nasri
    5. Emmanuel Eboue

  • Jezz

    Dan Church:

    “i thought the idea of these blogs were for people to express their own personal opinions and then for others to discuss them ?? i was stupidly mistaken as it appears that all they are for is for moronic spastics to prove their asbo-worthiness and shout abuse at the author…… cowards abusing an individual who dared to voice an opinion, behind the safety of a computer screen”

    Sorry, Am I the only one who sees the irony here?

  • Jamie

    Just read the first line to yourself again…..”am i the only person who thinks arsenal will crash out of the champions league tonight?”…..errrrm…..yes you are the only person who thinks that you extremely knowledgable football fan!

  • moley

    oh dear, hindsight is a wonderful thing, but OH DEAR! I think someone looks a little silly now…

  • shooy

    Don’t have a go at the people having their fun here. If you want to stick your neck out with blogs of your over blown opinions for everyone to read then expect the worst when you are shown up. It goes with the territory.

  • Ollie

    My my my, where does one begin.

    Ok, I know what, I’m going to keep this short and granny smith sweet…

    So, Den…

    How do you like these Apples?

  • someone

    ha ha ha ha ha – one for each arsenal goal

  • Michael Somerville

    Cheers John- you speak sense mate. Of course I felt a bit silly in hindsight- I even put a £10 bet on that it would finish 1-1. And I’m a student, arghhhhhh!

    Still thats football for ya 🙂

  • D

    Haha, oh dear. Never mind..

    If I am honest, I was slightly nervy going into the match (more to do with all the negative press than actually thinking about it). I did however, remember that the other year, we got spanked at their ground and then put 4 past them at home. I also remembered that this time at their ground, they won due to shoddy play from us rather than their own brilliance.

    So I managed to reassure myself prior to kick off. But thanks for the post, could you do me a favour and write us off for our remaining league games and our chance at the league?


  • john t

    Lol Michael

    I’m a student too apparently a mature one studying politics and sociology.

    I backed us to so the league champs league double the day after Chelsea beat us at the Emirates at 120 – 1 only had 20 quid on me lol so stuck the 20 on that.

    I also backed us to win the premier league at 25-1 after utd. beat us lol .

    A fool and his money eh.

    Well done with your blog yesterday mate by the way, at least you stood up to be counted, which in my book means a lot.

    Ignore the mindless drivel you readin on here and keep up the good work



  • The Law

    First of all, let me nail my colors firmly to the mast: I am a Gooner, loud and proud, 15 years and counting. I am also an unflinching defender of the policies of Arsene Wenger. Certainly, he gets some decisions wrong (he is human, oui?) but I believe in his vision and his policies, and I believe he is the best man for the Arsenal job, bar none.

    Now, to all of you saying the author has a right to his opinion, I agree wholeheartedly. It is his right to speak his mind, and say whatever he feels like. Conversely, it is also the right of those who have read his opinion to tell him he’s a moron and an all-round dunce.

    Certainly, this being football, the game could have gone the other way, and Arsenal could have crashed out. Had that occurred, he would certainly have come back here to crow and beat his chest and hand out “Told you sos” to all who disagreed with him at the start. It would also have been his right.

    Unfortunately, he was wrong. Horribly wrong. Having read the “article” myself, I cannot help but agree with those who have come on here to have a good laugh at his expense. If he’d declared the world would end at 9.30pm last night (which is what Arsenal going out of the Champions League would mean to some supporters) and at 9.31pm, we were all still here, his readers have the right to jeer at him and call him a false prophet, which is what he has been proven to be.

    To slate fans for laughing at yet another pundit who wrote off Arsenal and got it stunningly wrong is, in my humble opinion, asinine in the extreme. For certain, we’ve won no title this season, but if you, as a Gooner, cannot enjoy the uncomfortable squirming of yet another idiot with a blog who dismissed us, then something’s wrong with you.

    And that, sirs, is my opinion.

  • Zvinei Gwembere

    The game is obvious much bigger than you think you know and if you think you know then i don’t think you know

  • ros

    Why do people write Arsenal off all the time at least Arsene wengerball entertains us for our money i would not pay to watch chavs manshitty bolton blackburn stoke liverpool (at mo) coz its boring to watch. the russian wants chavs to play like us but he never will unless he gets arsene on his books he will piss off soon ,he is fed up with terry and co. The trophies will come when this team matures, we are so close this time WE BELIEVE FUCK ALL THE REST losers

  • ScotchEggsRule

    Dan Church Says: March 10th, 2010 at 3:17 pm

    Shut up you knob! The author put himself there to be shot at, so shouldn’t be upset at getting a few shots fired at him. Deal with it and stop crying about the “nasty posters” boo hoo.

    If you post something controversial, expect controversial replies, end of.

  • DaVinChe

    Arsenal fans are weird man that’s all I can say, taking such an obscelete blog so personally. Most of you should be ashamed.

  • Dan Church

    did the author write something contraversial ? no, he said in his opinion arsenal were going to lose…hardly shocking stuff… not against people arguing the points made in the article, but some of the replies here are nothing but unwarrented vitriol against someone who has done nothing but state his opinion….if he had called tails in a coin toss and it came up heads would you abuse him so readily then ??

    i think you lot just didnt get enough hugs from your mummys when you were younger…

  • crouchendgooner


    The author should be more thick skinned i think… and pretending to be other people so you can defend yourself in the comments is just well cool.

    Dont voice an opinion if you aren’t prepared top be ribbed for getting it horribly wrong

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