Arsenal’s kids are better than alright….. alright!

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, November 4th, 2009

Childs Play

Soffo The Greek belled me last Wednesday with an invite of a freebie at The Emirates to watch Arsenal V Liverpool. I arrived to a packed Stadium but couldn’t help but wonder if I’d been sucked into a May 09 Emiratian time warp. Wasn’t most of this side on the pitch for the FA youth Cup final in spring?

Lining up in a 1-4-4-2 (The formation, not the ages of the back four), I was soon in awe of the quality on display and they are just wee babes to boot. We all know Wenger has been using this competition to blood his infants since 2004 when Wiltshire started teething but this lot looks the business already. The likes of Bendtner, Cesc, Theo, Toure & Clichy have all progressed to the seniors and the conveyor belt appears to be lining up the next crop.

Athletico target Fran Merida who I’ve talked about in previous scribblings kicked of proceedings with a corker before the scousers who had a few youngsters of their own came back with an identikit strike from Insua before halftime. Wengers young steeds upped the ante in the 2nd half (The last thing they wanted was extra time, they have got to be up for their paper rounds). Creaky old-timer Bendtner got a 2nd in no time and his playmates had a game of keep ball despite Rafa chucking on 6th-formers in Yossi and new boy Aqualani (who looked impressive on his first day at school). At the final whistle, it was bedtime for the ickle Gunners. The Who roared out of the speakers “The Kids Are Alright” too much amusement but it could have been “I’m a Boy” for most of the Arsenal contingent. Good job Liverpool didn’t win it or we may have heard “I’m The Face” for Dirk or Yossi, now that would be really funny.

The thing I like about this new squadron of Gunners is the sprinkling of Arsene gold dust all over the pitch. Between the sticks, Fabianski is still only 23 but giving Almunia something to worry about. Vito Mannone (21) is worrying Fabianski and 19 year old Woj Szczesayis is worrying all of them. The goalkeeper spot is the only area I think could do with improving; they are all adequate keepers but not world class.

At left back, Gibbs may soon be outing Clichy & Ashley Cole for club & country sooner than he wished. With reports claiming the Arsenal left back is out for 3 months, young Kieran must be licking his lips at the prospect of impressing Fabio before next June. He can play in midfield too, which may see him overtake Wayne Bridge. Young Gilbert on the other flank looked handy and will be good back up for Sagna if Eboue does the offs.

Ramsey was superb in the centre doing his best Fabregas impression & winning man of the match in the process. The Taff was a bargain at 5m & will be getting plenty of appearances in the Prem in the coming months. Eastman took the defensive midfield slot just behind Ramsey and pretty much dominated for someone who is just 18. Randall, another who Wenger has high hopes for, replaced him. Denison must be getting a bit worried with all these whippersnappers waiting to pounce.

Up front, Speedy Gonzales Sanchez Watt had a late cameo and shows promise but may well find the return of on-loan Simpson at QPR stunting his growth.

French exchange student Nasri came back from injury & was different grade and although he lacks some fitness at the mo, he will be a big player for them (not in height mind).

Then there were the kids who chucked a sicky. Vela and the prodigy Jack  “Brady” Wiltshire (oh Wiltshire!) who could prove to be the best of the lot because he has got the lot.

That Carling game was a week ago. Since then The Gunners shoved Robbie Keane’s Spurs jibes straight back down his mouthy cakehole giving The Yids a proper hiding last Saturday. Of course, it was 6th formers on the pitch with head prefects Cesc and Van Persie dishing out the punishment to Harry but the bench was looking young and Ramsey got a few minutes. It was beautiful to watch and had me thinking deeply, (Ok, Jenkins, no giggling at the back); this is easily the best squad since the Invincibles. The strength in depth is fantastic and the B-team young’uns are really pushing the big boys. Expect some Brasso bottles to be going in Headmaster Wengers satchel with the rusks and Huggies next term, I foresee plenty of Silver in the School Trophy Cabinet over the next few terms in North London.

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  • Stevie

    the problem is and it’s a great problem to have, Arsenal have to many good players, how many of those will break into the first team. Merdia, Ramsey & Gibbs would walk into every other side in the Premier League or in Europe. I’m excited about the season. 1 signing in Jan and we should be good for a trophy at last

  • Jason

    calm down dear, I do remember all the Gooners getting this excited last season and looked what happened, win some trophies then you can bang on about how good your squad is!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike

    They’re looking good to win something this season the Arsenal… they seem more resistant than ever, but you do feel that one bad or unfair result would derail them.

    If they can beat City in the Carling cup and banish their blues from the game they had earlier in the season then the Carling Cup is theirs I’ve gotta say!

    No League this season for the Gunners though

  • Darren

    did anyone see the quality of Arsenals goals tonight? I’m not getting carried away until we win something but is there a better team in Europe at this present moment in time?

  • Mike

    Arsenal look very impressive right now. That said… its how long they can maintain this form for will be the key to winning silverwear this season.

    Wolves & Sunderland away will be tough games up north. If they can win those both and remain intact through injuries then I will give them a definite chance!

  • dexylongshot

    i really fancy them….

    the two ukff sorts on the banner of course. Arsenal don’t look bad at all either! Boom boom!!

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