Arsenal’s Victory; Nothing To Get Excited About Just Yet

by Luke McGee

Thursday, November 11th, 2010

There are two ways of looking at Arsenal’s victory at the Molineux stadium last night. Firstly, it was a much needed win for Arsenal in a game that, although historically they’ve not struggled in, the fans and team will be relieved to have behind them. A midweek game in against a physical, northern team is exactly the sort of place that Arsenal often slip.

However, in victory, the positives Arsene can take from this game re-emphasise the problems facing Arsenal this season.

The first problem is an old one; the goal keeper. Back on form and doubtlessly overflowing with confidence, how can you even consider looking for a replacement in January without shattering the young Pole’s confidence?

Well, the answer to that is quite easily. Fabianski, although having an excellent run in the team has his reputation for a good reason. It is probably an unfair reputation, that I’ll grant you, I don’t believe that he was particularly to blame for the goal against Newcastle since he was left with no choice but to apply pressure to Carroll, but it does raise an important point that any mistake he makes in his career will be heavily scrutinised in the press because of this reputation.

The second problem is home form. Last night Arsenal were fantastic in all areas of the pitch from start to finish. I’m not saying Wolves didn’t create chances and had they equalised, would certainly have deserved the point. But Arsenal always looked dangerous, in control and rigid. Would we have seen the same performance had the game been at the Emirates? Well, I don’t want to get tangled up in speculation, but it’s probably fair to say that this season we have seen a less determined Arsenal side at home than on the road.

Arsenal have only lost one away game all season, and that was against Chelsea who are owned by a corrupt billionaire so it doesn’t count. Conversely, they have lost two home games against the promoted teams. 6 points, 6 points that would put them top of the table.

I know this has been talked about at length, but so has my next point, and I feel that the two are related. The Arsenal home support is at best poor and at worst an absolute joke. The Arsenal away support however, is excellent, this season more so than ever. Even at Newcastle away in the Carling cup, thousands of Londoners sang their way to the final whistle. Last Sunday at 0-0 you could have heard a baby fart or a mouse dream (notoriously quiet dreamers, those mice)

If Arsenal want to win a trophy this year the home form has to improve. I believe that this can be achieved if the fans are willing to carry their team across the line in strong voice. How should they go about this? Well, I have some ideas, but they that’s another blog entirely.

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  • Mystical Mike

    I thought Djourou’s tackle last night was superb, I actually prefer him to Koscielny, who gets beaten way to easy for my liking.

    Good three points, but as the article says, nothing to excited about, we could easily go and get beat at Goodison Park

  • Sean D

    Thought Flappy was absolutely sensational last night, where he cost us against the Toon, he won us 3 points single handedly (pun intended) last night.

  • Emma Hiss

    Interesting point you say about Fabianski – he’s having a good run, but no good run can overcome his reputation and anything that shatters his confidence (a bad game / rumers of replacement) will undoubtedly reflect badly and possible ruin that current form he is experiencing now… I think get a new keeper

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