Arsene has to go. Doesn’t he?

by Russell Hill

Thursday, October 20th, 2011

With their last minute winner against Marseille in the Champions League, the Arsenal manager said that his team had “taken a little step forward”. Wenger also commented that “we’re a team that has to continue to grow and have lost only once in six matches. We are slowly getting there.” Come on Wenger; enough of the excuses.

You’re walking on thin ice already and you’ve been at the club for fifteen years now. At first, he was a very impressive manager. For the first few years of his reign in charge of one of the most popular teams in England, Wenger was the top dog against Man United in several of their fixtures. Wining trophy after trophy, Wenger’s reputation couldn’t be any better.

Fast forward to 2011 and it’s a different picture altogether. Although the team is in a healthy financial state, this will only please some fans for a while longer. Every fan has their breaking point. A team like Arsenal should be competing for the title year in, year out. Instead, they languished behind in fourth place last season with eight losses. They didn’t fair too well in the FA Cup with a Sixth round loss and were beaten by Birmingham in the League Cup.

With no trophies since the FA Cup in 2004/05, what other league manager would have survived for this long? If Wenger is good with figures, then he should be hired by Arsenal FC as an accountant or a financial consultant and not be the one at the helm of the ship. There is bound to be a manager out there who would be willing to clear up the mess which has been left behind by Wenger. If you are an Arsenal fan, ask yourself one question; are you entirely happy with the performance of your team?

Answers on a postcard please.

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  • Ziggy

    I’ll tell you something my friend- without Wenger we’d be facing relegation. We can’t compete with the financial muscle of Citeh, Chelsea AND UNITED. All you guys calling for Wenger’s head just make spuds fans happy. Are you one of them?

  • http://firefox al baartmans

    No matter whether arsenal wins or loses there are a bunch of “pseudo” fans who whine about something. I am sick and tired of this nonsense. We are fortunate to have a man like Wenger at the helm.
    Be careful what you wish for because you might be inviting disaster with a replacement for Wenger.
    If you want to whine, complain about the money that has taken over football and if this trend continues it will destroy the sport I love.

  • Dennis

    Actually Ziggy I think Spurs are rather glad Arsene is managing Arsenal. Bring on Gus Hiddink.

  • shooy

    Change the record . You got a couple of hits. Well done. Blog opinions are 10 a penny and there’s even a discount on yours.

  • oldtimer

    Your nothing but a dill. What a load of rubbish. How old are you? You sound as if your still at school so go back in school play time is over.

  • ron

    another blog another knob.

  • jj

    @al baartmans

    get off. FFS! no trophy in 7 years, including this year when we aint winning jack! Come on, get a grip!

    In Wenger we Rust!

  • Daniel Wong( Hong Kong)

    The win just brings some time for Wenger. I believe the jury’s still out.Arsenal have to start getting points so that they are not that far behind in the race for the 4th spot.
    Then we shall see.

  • Weedz

    Russell you are absolutely correct in everything you say. And I agree wholeheartedly with you when you cleverly suggest that there must managers out there to take the place of this dreadful,dreadful man, whose long, evil shadow has cast the doom and gloom upon our glorious club for far, far too long.

    Really, what has he done? A couple of trophies about 50 years ago.

    Right!! I know a fellow, decent type, lives just down the road. He`s had great success in our local league, as a coach. I`ll have a word with him and I`ll see if he`ll put his name forward. You Russell, being in the know and all that, may have to pass his name on to whoever looks after these sort of things at Arsenal . But I`m sure you will know who to ask.

    Well it`s been very nice reading your thought provoking article and as ever, love you heaps. Don`t forget this Sunday for lunch

  • jj

    so many deluded Gooners out there. Wenger is finished, and has been for 3 seasons. Not signing players when they needed to has cost them dear.

    He used to sell players after they peaked, now he is selling them before they’ve reached that level.

    In Wenger we trust. I mention Hiddink 2 years ago and people laughed at me

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