Aston Villa Have Lost The Plot If They Appoint McLeish

by admin

Wednesday, June 15th, 2011

Alex McLeish had 5 seasons in charge of Glasgow Rangers. He only won the SPL twice. That’s a failure.

His four-year tenure at Birmingham City may have been crowned by League Cup glory in February, but it cannot hide two relegations in four years. That’s a failure.

He nearly guided Scotland to the World Cup but, at the end of the day, that campaign ended in failure too.

It’s difficult to see what Aston Villa find so attractive in Alex McLeish. His record has its highs (League Cup victory, second in the SPL with Motherwell, a win away to France) but it has just as many, if not more lows. In all. McLeish is bang average and has never achieved sustained success.

Given the quality of manager available to Aston Villa, it beggars belief that McLeish is their man. Carlo Ancelotti was available before announcing his sabbatical. One can’t help but wonder if the chance to manage another Premiership club might have convinced him to postpose it for a while.

Rafa Benitez is desperate to get back into work, having fallen foul of the politics of Italian football and, perhaps more noticably, the outrageous success of his predecessor, Jose Mourinho. His inability to deliver immediate results saw him joining the dole queue even before the new year was in. Still, four bad months can’t hide an outstanding record at Liverpool and Valencia, particularly in Europe.

Then there is Steve McLaren, possibly the most underrated English manager courtesy of his disastrous reign over the Three Lions. Given his record with Middlebrough and FC Twente, the vast experience gained as assistant manager to Sir Alex Ferguson and the fact that he was available, he would have been another smart choice.

Instead, Nottingham Forest have been allowed to make an inspired appointment completely unopposed.

Of course, even ignoring the alternatives, appointing McLeish was always going to get under the skin of the Villa fanbase. How could they consider appointing a man that they have mocked for the past four years? A manager that they, almost to a man, dislike and do not respect. Given the names touted to replace Gerard Houlier, there is also a biting disappointment that one as unispiring as Alex McLeish appears to have been chosen.

It is in Villa’s best interests to keep the fans onside. Who can forget the sitation at Bolton a couple of seasons back when, with Gary Megson in charge, the fans were simply unable to get behind their team and manager. No matter how successful the team were, the fans simply could not bring themselves to accept Mesgon. By appointing McLeish, the Aston Villa board will alienate the supporters in the very same way, something that they can ill afford to do.

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  • Tony

    We should do a man u if he is appointed,and the fans should buy a club like Tamworth, and change the name ,we could then have a club that does have the fans interest at heart,because the fans will own it.
    Interviewing this man is a kick in the teeth from Randy and Co and shows they have no idea about the roots of english football.
    This mass feeling of discontent will not fade and or be forgotton.

  • Spudhead

    You can bloody keep your hands off Tamworth! You’re not changing our name! We hate the villa more than the blues do!

  • villamat

    What is wrong with you Tony ? Lerner has been brilliant for Villa and if he believes that McLeish is the best man for the job then we should back his decision untill proved otherwise. Some of the fans have made Villa look like a joke over recent days, it’s embarassing. We need to back whoever comes in !

  • Mystical Mike

    George Graham did it, why can’t McLeish?

  • Adam

    As a Gooner, I can’t see how Villa have improved since the takeover by Randy Lerner.

    What have they achieved since Deadly Doug left? How many European campaigns or FA/League Cup Finals? None! Appointing Houllier was a bad choice. A nice enough man, but a poor replacement for Martin O’Neill.

    Unless something changes fast at Villa Park, they may become a mid-table/relegation fodder side very soon….

  • Red Ben

    They did get to the League Cup final, which they lost to United.

    Thing with Villa is that their success wasn’t down to Lerner. It was down to O’Neill. They are naturally mid-table, and shouldn’t expect more.

  • Adam

    Thanks for reminding me of that fact, Ben.

    O’Neill was the driving force behind Villa, and without him they have struggled. I can’t see McLeish doing well at Villa Park, and if the fans turn then it will not make for a good season at all.

    Then again, with the Kroenke takeover causing ripples of uncertainty with fans at The Emirates, perhaps as a Gooner I should be more worried about them becoming unstable (note that is not a key for Spurs fans to say you’d have to be unstable to be a Gooner!!!)

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