Aston Villa, West Ham & Liverpool – Too good to go down?

by Charlie Coffey

Friday, January 14th, 2011

Relegation Special – Who’s for the drop?

This week Charlie, Dexy and the Bear discuss the action at the wrong end of the Premier League table and look forward to the amazing line-up of local derbies this weekend.

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  • Stan

    Jealous, I’ve seen Sharon Stones mini and you haven’t.

    Villa are way too good to go down.

    West Ham

  • Ben McAleer

    To be honest, no team is too good to go down. Over the 38 games, if a team doesn’t pick up enough points to survive then they deserve to go down regardless of the players at their disposal.

    Look at Newcastle when they got relegated, my Newcastle supporting mate made the claim that they were too good to be relegated and, with not too many wholesale chances since then (maybe the re-emergence of Joey Barton and the signing of Tiote), they may have had the squad to survive but didn’t pick up enough points over the 9 months so got relegated simple as that

  • dexylongshot

    West Ham were terrible on Saturday but i still think there is hardly anything in it with all the bottom half of the table. It certainly ain’t helping with the Avram scenario which I have some news on.

    Now, don’t take this as gospel but there are rumours knocking about The Bolyen about the imminent sacking, the emergance of O’Neill and the possible resignation of Karen (would you?) Brady as well as a buy-out. Here’s the guff:

    All the board agreed that Grant would go last week.

    Karen was in charge of Avrams compensation, getting in O’Neill and the possible purchase Robbie Keane.

    A day later, David Gold has a change of heart and tells Grant to get on with first team affairs while he deals with Karen and Sullivan.

    Avaram tells the press all is fine.

    Keane’s agent tells SKY he has been told to hold off signing for anyone else because the Irons are bringing in O’Neill .

    It gets better,
    Brady apparently confirms this while Gold denies it.
    Brady is obviously gutted she has been made to look like a prize mug.
    The 2 Daves are now rowing with each other about it all and Dave Gold has said he wants Sullivan to buy him out because he’s had enough…………and I thought the baby swap story in Eastenders was over the top.

    What a balls-up!

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