Attwell overshadows goal of the season

by James Baker

Thursday, March 5th, 2009

Reffin’ Ell

It’s been a while since my last UKFF article. Football has taken a back seat (“what” I hear you cry!!) over the past few months. I’m a busy chap these days and don’t see much footie on the TV. I get to my team’s home games and that is about it at the moment. However, last night, I had the pleasure of seeing Match of the Day. I know we had to sit through the Gary, Mark and Alan (Shearer, not Hansen) love-in last night but we still got to see some good stuff.

Good stuff from Keane and Lennon at the Spuds, comical play acting from Ronaldo (always entertaining from the winker), SWP and Ireland at City running the show and probably best of the lot, The Happy Hammer’s “team” goal at Wigan.



However, there was the usual rubbish as well. The scintillating games at Ewood Park and the Cottage looked and sounded as riveting as, well, most games at Ewood Park and the Cottage. But worst of the lot was the performance of the referee at the Wigan v West Ham game.

Stuart Attwell, the referee sent of the Hammers goal scorer, Carlton Cole for two bookable offences. The first offence was debateable, the second, even more so as a Wigan player stooped to header the ball as Cole went with his boot. It may have been a little high but Cole did not once look at the player, just the ball. He also made no contact whatsoever with the player. It then appeared that Michael Brown had word in Attwell’s shell like and told him that Cole had already been booked and should be off. Not much common sense going on here from the young ankle biter.

Scott Parker seemed to have heard all of this and went to knock Brown’s block off. Parker should have gone as he was already booked. But then the Hammers would have 9 players. The ref bottled it and booked Brown for just being an arse it seemed.

The 2nd half continued in much the same vein. The Hammers skipper, Lucas Neill was responsible for another poor challenge on Cattermole, the Wigan midfielder. Again, the Hammers probably should have lost another man. Neill was booked and Cattermole was left a little aggrieved. A moment later, Cattermole committed one of the most blatant sending-off fouls you are ever likely to see on Parker. Attwell at last, made the right decision.

Attwell has naturally been an easy target for the press and fans alike as he has progressed from paper round, Saturday job and then refereeing games in the Premier League. Now I’m not ageist, but surely a referee should be older than 26 years old to referee a Premier League game. I could barely control a class of 10 students at 26.  Controlling 22 players, not including subs and a management team in the highest profile football league in the world is not an easy task. I’m not sure how old you need to be but I think Attwell needs to go away and gain a bit more experience and a few more years before he refs in the Premier League again.  Of course, I expect he will be in charge of the next “big four” game.

In the words of 60’s one-hit wonder, Gary Puckett, “young ref, get out of my life…….”. Before you ask, no, I am not that old. I just have been blessed with knowledge for useless musical knowledge. Age isn’t everything you know!!!

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  • Darren

    if United would have scored it everyone would have been banging on about it for ever. Especially Man U radio (Talk Sport).

    Zola is doing a good job and got them playing some good stuff

  • dexylongshot

    Good work Jimbo and good work Zola. That goal has been coming for a few months, lots of patient build up play and then some pukka one touch movement with an end product for a change, goal of the season but them i’m biased. Zola said after a month at the club that he was using Arsenal as his guidebook for the hammers playing style. He has slowly began to work his magic with some lovely play (albeit the kick-ins against Middlesborough & The Trotters where he overdone it with too much pretty passing when we needed to knock it long and wide into space now and again, maybe this partly down to the introduction of Kovac in centre mid.) Looks like he has found a happy medium, will Europe be beckoning for Gianfranco????

  • Dan Church


  • Sam

    Careful Dexy, those could be the famous last words…wasn’t so long ago Spurs were being tipped to break into the Big Four, that Newcastle were seen to be on the up and that Portsmouth were a Uefa cup team with Harry at the helm…hope you havn’t laid a curse on ur team with that one. As for Atwell – he was foolish to set a precedent for yellow cards with the first one on Cole and got every player riled up with his hot headedness! Its a shame coz both teams are capable of producing quality stuff but the ref made a shambles of it. Then again, I think Brown should not even be allowed to walk onto a Prem pitch and wud have sent him off before a ball was kicked. He’s a tosser.

  • Darren

    not mention Boro, certainly cursed them!!

  • Dexy Longshot

    I think Arsenal will beat Burnley on Sunday, curse time!

  • Darren

    no no Dexy, keep your opinions to yourself.

    Although, can u please tell me that you think Villa will finish in the top 4!

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