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Mystical Mike
Founder member of the Den and Dexy's all round side kick.
Dexy Longshot
Welcome to my Den, I'm the resident pundit who, contrary to appearance, knows a thing or two about the beautiful game.
Michael Somerville
Never afraid of expressing views that provoke debate and banter from passionate football fans; Michael is always interested in finding the alternative angle in a football story. His writing has been featured on The Daily Telegraph and BBC London radio. Michael is a double- award winning writer and a third year journalism student in Leicester. He has written about the arts, sports, and current affairs for a variety of print and online publications. Follow him on twitter @lastminutemike
Charlie Coffey
I currently write for Fantasy League website My11.
James Baker
Every week I will be writing about the ups and downs, the controversy and the talking points of the beautiful game. I’m 31, a season ticket holder at a Premiership club, with a penchant for a Guinness and a curry and my all time hero is Bobby Moore
Ashleigh Rose
Features Editor of KiCK! magazine, the UK's biggest selling monthly magazine for kids, and writer of general football and other ramblings for the likes of, Fooball Punk and the offical QPR magazine.
Ben McAleer
A die-hard Spurs fan, Ben has been around football since the famous days of Neil Maddison, Phil Stamp and Ronny Rosenthal. The game may have changed but Ben's love for it hasn't and he is willing to write about topics that catch his eye, controversial or not. Having written for a number of websites, make sure to follow Ben's own blog at whilst following him on Twitter @BenMcAleer1.
Matt Quinn
Blogger of the year in 2009. Since then I've been in the rather unforunate position of working on a market stall selling multi coloured sparkling socks. You're more likely to find me appearing on Dragons Den than Dexys Den in the near future.
Mike Moore
As the official lower-league reporter here at Dexy's Den, I like to look further down the league standings to a place where football isn't all egos and multi-million pound endorsement deals. It's just more fun and more enjoyable!
William Abbs
Aspiring football writer, perspiring sales assistant.
Marc Sibbons
Recent graduate of BA Hons Journalism, Marc loves football like his own family. A passionate Spurs supporter who also enjoys travelling, a good ol' pint down the boozer and PS3 with the lads. Lived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for 7 years, not something you hear every day! Follow me on twitter: @Sibbo_M11
Josh McLoughlin
21-year-old aspiring Football journalist based in Preston/Manchester. Huge Preston North End fan. Looking to gain valuable experience in the journalism sector. My own blog takes a look at many Football issues from across the world and has attracted views from all over the world, from Nepal to Peru. Follow me on Twitter @Josh_McLoughlin
Goal keeper and general all round good bloke. One of Dexy's founder members. Big Arsenal & Barnet fan. I hate the prawn sandwich brigade
Dave Redden
Dave has been around the game since the age of 4, played adult football at the age of 14, also had trials at Crewe Alexandra. At the grass roots level Dave has played, managed, refereed and directed tournaments. Now residing in Kentucky, USA Dave is a regular on one of the local radio stations with his insight into "The Beautiful Game". Currently working as a professional photographer Dave is also a published author, albeit a book about basketball.
Marvin Cave
Huge Arsenal Fan, Been One For an Eternity. I live and breath Arsenal. I love tweeting and blogging About the Gunners. Enjoy Gunner
Gossip Gordon
Geeky Gossip Gordon is the man-boy charged with outing the next big transfer transfer rumours on Dexy's Den. His blogs tend to be light-hearted but don't let that fool you - in just three months he's already managed to upset an army of Nigerians, a Leicester City manager look-a-like and probably anyone who watched The One Show. When not engaging in this frivolity, GG spends his days writing for a techie magazine and picking his nose. He has freelanced for Four Four Two, Calcio Italia and a load of other publications you've never heard of.
Keith O'Connell
Dyed in the wool Gooner struggling to see the world through anything other than Red and White tinted glasses. Parental guidance recommended.. Will try to evolve my output to highlight some of the lesser lights, but until then it's the mighty Gooners all the way!
Tony Alvarez
A young journalist who is looking to find his way in the world of journalism. After starting a successful blog off his own back, Tony decided to join Dexy to get a wider audition whilst still keeping his own blog.
Michael Wade
Freelance journalist and talkSPORT webmonkey Michael Wade is a dribbling simpleton, a Reading fan and an unashamed lover of the lower leagues in that order. As such the inner machinations of top-flight football puzzle him - this is demonstrable by his claims that Mick McCarthy, Tony Pulis and Sam Allardyce are misunderstood football geniuses who play the game the right way. He aspires to appear on the Sunday Supplement alongside Messrs Custis and Woolnough and has thrown his weight behind ‘Arry Redknapp to be the next England boss. He also thinks there are too many foreigners in the Premier League.
Michael Healey
My name is Michael Healey and I am from Liverpool. I am 25 years old and I am a massive Liverpool fan and regulary attend Lthe games. i hope you enjoy my blogs and feel free to leave sensible comments. Follow me on Twitter: HealeyLFC
Edward Watson
A life-long Kidderminster Harriers fan and a Non-League enthusiast now based in Leeds.
Nicholas Godden
Freelance Sports Journalist with a passion for all things football. Keep up-to-date with my latest articles at
Luke McGee
I'm a journalist of 2 years, a blogger of 4 years and a football fan of 25 years. I write on many subjects other than football, but whilst doing so secretly wish I was writing about football. Follow me on twitter @monkeyhotel
Ben Match Reporter
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I enjoy writing match reports my aim in life is to join a football club as a social media manager Feel free to tweet me @MiniP16 or my match report account @BenReports1
Claire Tully
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Irelands number 1 pin up girl and massive Sunderland fan.
Martin Lindsay
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Freelance Journalist for Real Radio North East. Previously written for BBC Sport and amongst others. Newcastle United fan who enjoys denim and desert boots a little too much. At 22, ready for full-time employment, whether it be specifically Sports Journalism or not. Follow on Twitter @martinlindsay11
Alex McCarthy
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I'm a 22 year old University graduate in Sports Journalism. From Hemel Hempstead, I'm a geographically striken Newcastle United fan thanks to my family ties. I tend to think I was tricked into supporting the mags' when Shearer, Ginola, Ferdinand, Asprilla and so on made us title contenders. Those pro's toyed with my football naivete, and shame on them. I play semi-professional myself when I'm not nursing and injury, which is always. I love to read and write, I've always been a fan of Henry Winter too, his articles in the Telegraph will rarely let you down. I do have my own blog ( but now look forward to adding some of my views to Dexy's Den!
Joshua Fowler
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Currently finishing a degree in English and working part time at the Daily Express, I aim to make this hobby my living. I also write for the Barnet FC match day programme and am a huge Arsenal and Oleg Luzhny fan
Russell Hill
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During the past four and a half years, I have been involved in a number of writing projects. These include providing copywriting articles for, music articles for the magazine 'Maverick', a variety of articles such as web text and PowerPoint presentations for T'he Number 4 Group Ltd', press releases and promotional material for several bands/musicians, film articles/script coverage reports for the 'Classic Movie Review' section of, and, a variety of articles for, hog roasting catering articles for, dentistry blogs/daily news/health articles for with academic material provided for I also write scripts for 'Portsmouth Live TV', with my most recent script for the children's department currently in production.
Darryl Fraser
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I need a passport to enter the UK, but if you think I cannot speak about football (or any sport) with intelligence, then I'd love to debate issues with you. Canadians know more than just hockey. @acrossthepond8
Simon Baystead
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20-year-old student and proud Spurs fan. I write most frequently for my University website (found above), found tweeting at @simonbaystead
Stefan Vasilev
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It's hard to be an Arsenal fan these days, but if it can teach you something, it will be toughness. I'm just a guy who likes to write, supports Arsenal, and loves football. Going to Brunel in September to study journalism.
Kenny Lomas
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I'm a 24-year-old BA Journalism Graduate attempting to call himself a journalist, though I'm not quite there yet... I'm a Man Utd fan, so I probably won't be making many friends on here, though I like to think I am far less biased than the majority of United fans that people love to hate. I'm a huge computer game fan too which is my main writing specialty. I might be utter turd at actually playing football, but I will more than likely whoop you on Fifa. Add me if you like (PS3) Kezwar, and follow me on Twitter, @Kezwar
Richard Foulder
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Life Long Liverpool fan who also enjoys watching hometown club Bradford City. Follow me at
Chris Hard
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3rd year politics student, who is obsessive when it come to football. Also a Gooner and a lover of statistics. Twitter: @Chris___Hard
Luchino Gastel
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Lifelong FC Internazionale fan, football and sports enthusiast, Football Manager addict and aspiring Sports Journalist.
Ian Foulkes
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Since performing as a sheep in the nativity play to Ryan Giggs, Gary Neville and Paul Scholes in Primary School, I have been a die-hard Manchester United fan. I am currently studying at Newcastle University (I am actually from Salford, where Manchester United are actually based) before anyone calls me a glory supporter by the way! I hope you enjoy my blogs on all things football!
Thomas Bull
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New member of the Dexy Den's team who lives and breathes football. A loyal Leicester City supporter (unfortunately) with an in depth knowledge of The Football League as well as various other competitions across the continent.
Henry Chard
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I am 24 years old, and am a current freelancer for the Sky Sports. I graduated with a 2:1 BA degree in Spanish and Journalism & News Media degree at Roehampton University. My passion and love in life is football. I am an avid England and Ipswich Town fan, and I also follow Osasuna. I have clocked up over 400 live games home and away, visited over 60 stadiums and spent thousands of pounds painfully watching Ipswich and England, with hundreds more to come! As you will able to tell from my blog I am a passionate fan who will always be there every week to give my support to my team, win or lose (mainly lose). I have played football all my life, been a FA Referee and managed a university football team for two years. My long term goal is to be a presenter specialising in Spanish football, so lets see how I get on! Follow on Twitter: @RealFootyFans17 Like on Facebook: Realfootballfansonly Weekly Blog:
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I am an aspiring football journalist. Hoping to get my stuff noticed. I studied journalism in college and think it's about time a used my qualifications! I am an Arsenal fanatic and have my own little site Feel free to follow on Twitter @Gunnergirl89
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