Barcelona Masscare No Accident….

by Alex McCarthy

Tuesday, November 30th, 2010

Last night at the Nou Camp, was a rare moment in football. It was a 90 minute long moment at that, and something that will stick as the pinnacle of Catalonia’s participation in el classico – and haunt the special one.

Barcelona trounced Real Madrid 5-0 with a mesmeric display of passing and moving, with deft touches complimented by subtle interchanging that left Madrid’s plethora of stars feeling like Audely Harrison on the ropes – no need for an elaboration there.

The scenes at the end were frankly embarrassing from a Madrid prospective. The World Cup winning full back Sergio Ramos, has probably never experienced such a comprehensive defeat in his career, with David Villa ghosting in behind him time and time again, with Ramos looking flat and square.

He certainly didn’t help himself by lashing out at the magical orchestrator Lionel Messi, and then treating his Barcelona based compatriots so disrespectfully, it became a petulant sulk from some of football’s global stars, Ronaldo and Arbeloa weren’t far behind.

It seems in recent times every team is spending big to compete. The notion that money will equate to success is a loose generalisation affiliated with big stars. The price tags aren’t direct descendents of trophy cabinets, more a wealthy businessmen’s playground. Chelsea, Manchester City and Real Madrid in particular are teams who have spent to bridge apparent gaps, but Shevchenko for £30m, Adebayor for £24m and to a degree Benzema for £34.6m show that not everyone worth the gold, carries the weight.

So how much have Barcelona spent to get this incredibly gifted squad? Out of the starting line-up on Monday, Valdes, Puyol, Pique, Xavi, Busquets, Iniesta, Messi and Pedro have all only ever played for Barcelona, coming through the youth ranks and all but Messi, picked up World Cup winners medals this summer, the sheer pedigree is astounding. Cesc Fabregas could even be counted in that bracket, and were it not for Arsene Wenger and his scouts astute eyes, he’d be another world class football plying his trade at the Nou Camp.

For all the talk from clubs claiming to be building for the future and investing in youth, no one can remotely compete with Barca’s heritage. They effectively produced a World Cup, treble, winning team, and could afford to let Fabregas go astray. You hear about Wenger and his talented kids, but for England only Ashley Cole is to his credit. West Ham with Rio Ferdinand, Joe Cole, Michael Carrick, Jermaine Defoe, Frank Lampard and Glen Johnson are the closest thing to what England can claim in parallel, who comprised a large portion of the incredibly ironically named golden generation. The copper generation, at best.

In my 23 years, last night was the single most awe inspiring watch I’ve ever seen. It was near on perfect. The passing was sublime and the movement was so entwine and fluid there is no marking system or any kind of strategy that can cope, simply unplayable. The pressing without the ball though was just as impressive, the hunger was huge from Barcelona, and Madrid for all their millions and proven talents, had no answers.

A direct quote from Wikipedia (credible I know) ‘A sign of the success of the academy was shown in an England International Friendly against the Netherlands (finished 2–2) where no less than seven of the players on the field had some affiliation with West Ham a large proportion from the academy itself. ‘

If these are the margins of credibility we are working with, then England are going to stay put in mediocrity. A sign of success might be the 8 world cup winners produced from Catalonia….

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  • Marc Sibbons

    Good article mate; Barca were simply outstanding last night, showed Real and Mourinho right up.

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