Battersea Ironside – Match report 25/10/08

by Dexy Longshot

Monday, October 27th, 2008

The Irons lose again

They say when your luck is not in its not in but in the case of the Ironsides, man it must be on vacation in Fiji !!. When you have an effort cleared off the line that seemed destined to goal, it aint in: when you have a one on one well saved, it aint in; when you dominate a half 70-30% and still go in at half time goalless, it aint in; and also when perhaps one of the leagues best strikers, get a call an hour before the game saying his parents are getting divorced, man its time to give up the ghost.
But there’s more……….. Second half the Referee awards a free kick on the edge of the area. Whats wrong with that ? Nothing much apart from the fact that no-one and that means no-one on the pitch asked for one. Then of course,  Ronaldo mimic steps up with an unstoppable shot. What there’s more ? You bet UK Football Finder readers – Ironsides go down 2-0 from a goal from a player blatantly offside -who says so ? THE ******* REF trouble is our Linesman did not flag it enough to “confirm my view” -give me strength please.
So time for veteran squad Manager  Ewemade to roll back the years with 18 minutes to go( is that all that needed rolling back ? -Ed) and lead an Ironsides comeback. His deft free kick caused utter confusion in the Chile’s defence and Claduio finished nicely  to give Ironsides hope. 1-2. Remember how we started this report with bad luck – more violins please because believe me their 3rd goal , 1 minute later was just pure tragedy of a mistake – put your worst errors on a DVD then bin it, because the mistake by the nameless Ironsides defender ( to protect the guilty) beats them all. 3-1.

Yet again ,the Ironsides fought back with Ewemade again involved in the 2nd goal, finished well by Ishmael Lampty. But hope was a liar and the whistle signalled another defeat.
We are not panicking -we will fight fight and fight again -watch this space

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  • darren

    these refs are a pain in the arse! It seems like u have a rubbish one every week!

  • The Boss -Maddy

    Thanks D – We just need some luck from a Ref who can be consistent. It is up to us to play well but we can just do without these shocking episodes that turn matches.

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