Battersea Ironside turn a corner

by Dexy Longshot

Sunday, November 9th, 2008

Fetcham FC 2 Battersea Ironside 7

Simply exceptional all round. After last weeks drubbing in the pouring rain -the Ironsides embarked on their longest journey of the season with just a bare 11 when unannounced absence of some let their team mates down and the pouring rain was company again. Arriving just in time for the KO it looked like de ja vue when an error gifted Fetcham an easy and early goal. However, the hero in the soaked X1 came through with a virtuoso performance all round with many playing in unfamiliar positions.

It would be easy to mention some star performances and of course an exceptional hat trick from the much lamented De Sliva and a poached hat trick from the Vulture Lampthy are just two. But to do that risks distracting from the quiet awesome performances led by the Captain El Kaddouri – a true giant. However, even in a great team performance, the saves of Woodmansey were exceptional and one in the second half when the scores were still close will rank in the all time greats by any standards and in any era.

The management team called for characters but on Armistice weekend, 11 heroes emerged to respond to the battle cry. Right now, each one of them should remember what they did and pledge to take this into the Junior League Cup match next week.

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  • Dexy

    Pucker! Get in, about time!! West Ham could do with some of that team spirit!

  • Darren

    sometimes games like this can make a season.

    My old Saturday team were playing the league leaders, on their website that had said all they knew was we were old an slow. Went traveled to their ground without our best centre back, midfielder & striker. We thrashed them 8-2, we ended up being promoted to the top division that season after only losing 3 games.

    This could be that game, lets hope!

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