BBC, ITV, & Sky ban all ex footballers from being pundits

by Michael Somerville

Thursday, April 1st, 2010

BREAKING NEWS: It has just emerged that all the main sport channels have banned ex-footballers from being able to be pundits during high profile football matches.

Jamie Redknapp came under fire from Liverpool manager Rafael Benetiz form saying that ‘Liverpool were missing Xabi Alonso’ in the recent 2-1 defeat to Manchester United at Old Trafford. Benetiz was exceptionally angry at this obvious at this all round lack of knowledge as he stated that  “I was surprised to see some comments by some experts talking about how they could see Alonso playing in the 4-1 win against United- he didn’t play”

It appears that Benetiz has spearheaded this campaign to be rid of all ex- players on the television, choosing to state that players are ‘only on the television for their name, not for what they know.’

It appears that Benetiz has more influence in the game than most people give him credit for.

More details to follow shortly.

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  • dexylongshot

    Interesting stuff Micheal!

  • Dave

    If only this were true the sports channels would be better places!!!

  • Keith

    Ah, if only t’weren’t the day of fools…

    We could be firing Redknapp into space with Andy Townsend and Stan Collymore for company.

    The world would be a better place…

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