Becks 108 up.

by Dexy Longshot

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

Buenos Nachos

It’s been a funny old week, Big Tony got the donkey boot from Pompey and Big Phil got the Big E* from Roman. The papers have been full of it and in doing so, have given less press to the world leader in column inches: 
David Beckham.

Now, I haven’t been his biggest fan over the past couple of years with him going off to the MLS for let’s face it dollars (although it was probably the bint who had the final say). He paid the price physically and was dumped out of a few England games here and there…that hurt, especially as he was nearing the century for his country. Fast forward a bit and he has started to get his act together, after coming back over to Europe to train with the Gooners last year so that Fabio could have a close-up butchers, he finally sneaked back into the squad. He even got a few more caps, they all count, even if it is only 20 minutes. Fast forward to today and the man who McC*nt and myself thought was all washed up after the poor showing in Germany 06 is equaling my beloved Bobby’s 108 cap record. 
David Robert Joseph Beckham, I salute you!!!!

He’s had more comebacks than Steve Redgrave; I won’t go into them all because we all know what i’m talking about. He’s currently chipping in the crosses and goals at the San Siro with Milan and winning rave reviews from Serie A’s finest. Did Fabio have a word in Dave’s shell-like telling him to buck his ideas up and drag his golden-balls back to top-flight footy if he wanted the caps? We’ll probably never know…but he bet he did!

It’s done the job an all, the new leaner, fitter, matured Becks tonight walks out in Seville and will equal this magnificent milestone. You can argue about the validity of the caps, plenty of tabloids are doing a for and against job on it, Moore versus Becks etc but at the end of the day, it’s a different game and era so it’s unfair to say he doesn’t deserve it. Becks deserves it more than any recent players I can think of, he deserves it for the Greece game & that pen against the Argies in Japan alone. “Up yours Senoirs!”

Anyhow, a quick shufti at the game tonight, another meaningless friendly? Not on your Nelly Pedro! Spain are the best team in Europe if not the world apart from the Argies and possibly Brazil on last nights showing. This is Fabio’s chance to put England back on the World stage where we belong, bang at the middle right at the top. No Gerrard or Shrek but I still fancy us for a draw in Seville. As we’ve seen before, the absence of Stevie G gives Barry space to hold and let Lamps do his usual Chelsea thing. In fact, I reckon Fab may even adopt a 5-man midfield so we can play Carrick as well; him and Barry have both been sublime over the last few weeks. Carlton’s been banging them in for Zola and O’Neill’s youngsters go from strength to strength. Milner has now made the grade as I predicted yonks ago (sorry Darren/Matt) and will be a threat if he plays with Young and Gaby.

Fab has said he’ll do an Erickson and use all 6 subs due to the current fixture pile-up so it will be a good chance to experiment with some new blood. Hopefully, he’ll get the best out of them, he better, I’m already sorting out my holiday dates for South Africa.

Another thing that makes this a more than a run of the mill friendly is the supposed racist element that marred the same fixture in Madrid 2004. Hopefully, we won’t see a repeat in Seville. Highly unlikely seeing that Spain’s Euro Player of The Tournament is dark skinned Brazilian born Senna. He says.

“The Match against England is just Football and not a political issue. What happened in Madrid is forgotten-they do not represent true Spanish people”.

Let’s hope not eh? I want this match to show the world that we are serious contenders for gold next summer, in Fabio we trust!
Adios Amigos!

*E = Eng, Elbow: Span, El Bow

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  • Dan Church

    I love Becks, reminds me a lot of myself…

  • becks

    eerrr , what Dan??
    yrknow, err
    I don’t yknow…think so.

    Moneywise maybe

  • Darren

    Eboue for England! He’s brilliant.

    Well done to Becks, the man deserves some credit for the way he turned his career round.

    England 10th best team in the world, nothing more.

    I’ll lay £20 we don’t make the semi finals, any offers?

  • becks

    yknow darren, i think your wrong, yknow

  • Dexy

    talk about pessimistic, this is truly a golden chance, espec with Diego in charge of the Argies, i’d love to do one over them next summer.
    Englands record under Fabio last year is the best record in my lifetime, i’m entitled to be frothing over the iron sergeant!

  • Darren

    ok, 8th best

    1 Spain
    2 Germany
    3 Netherlands
    4 Italy
    5 Brazil
    6 Argentina
    7 Croatia
    8 England
    9 Russia
    10 Turkey

  • Darren

    Dexy dear boy, you should know better. We were favourites to win the World Cup in 2002, according to Talk Sport. Look how badly we performed in that tournament.

    It’s not being pessimistic, it’s being realistic.

    I have been an England fan since 1982, and every tournament since I’ve had my heart broken.

    Sven had a brilliant qualifying record yet when it came to a major tournament he fell short. All I’m saying is lets wait and see. Don’t waste to much emotion until we are actually in a semi final. Only then I will truly get excited!!

  • Jackie Emu

    Who cares about England? I lost my passion years ago. As long as Boro stay up I don’t care if we never qualify for another comp. Sorry but international football is dull

  • Dexy

    You won’t saying that next summer, let’s get behind the boys!!! Anyone want to share the UKFF winnebago, i’m bunking in with Elke and the girls!!!

  • Darren

    bloody bloody! Jezz, and you think watching England is dull and you support Boro?

    You have serious issues!!

  • Dexy

    You won’t have much to cheer about at 5 on Saturday Jackie, gwan you Irons! Carlton Cryff might even warm up tonight with a screamer past Casillas, probably after a 6 man West Ham move, James, Rio, Upson, Johnson, Carrick, Lamps, Cole…Goal!

  • Darren

    Boro will no doubt play for a 0-0, take them back to the Riverside for a 0-0 to win on penos!

  • Jay

    I’m with the Dexster! Lets get behind our boyz for a change


  • lucy lemon

    lets all slate boro, why?

    I hope they do stay up as at least they have local fans, local players, local loyal chairman….who can say that…?

    and I agree with Jackie to me england is secondary…I’d take a boro win over an england win any day.

  • stevie

    totally out classed by the best footballing team on the planet. We started very well but once they got into their rhythm we didn’t stand a chance. A long way to go me thinks.

    We should play to our strengths and thats high tempo with bags of pace, forget keeping the ball, we are not good enough against quality sides like Spain

  • Darren

    men v boys. There’s no way we will win the world cup, ever!

  • Dan Church

    on last nights showing we look 2nd rate, but it was a friendly, we were missing Rooney, Walcott, Defoe, Gerrard, lennon, bentley etc, all attacking players. i dont think we can take anything from friendlys whatsoever. its how we play when it counts, like away against Croatia that matters…..

  • Darren

    you say that when we beat Germany it counted! Last only proved how technically in superior we are.

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