Better than Ferguson? Think Mancini is rubbish? You call the shots

by Russell Hill

Friday, October 14th, 2011

Presenting the ideal opportunity to demonstrate whether you have the managerial X-Factor, if you have always fancied yourself as the best Premiership manager around and reckon you can do better than the current crop thanks to The Team of your Dreams you can do exactly that. Best of all, it’s absolutely free!

The budget which you have to spend is a massive £65 million. This will help you to select your best players as well as fringe players who play for lesser known clubs but are still hitting the back of the net or keeping a clean sheet. Points are awarded not just for scoring but also if they assist and even when they appear. However, if a player is awarded a red or yellow card points will be deducted. A maximum of two players are chosen from each club with the scoring week running from Tuesday to Tuesday. So, if your players are not performing at the weekend and instead are appearing in a Monday fixture then any points which are accumulated will count. 

With a fantastic array of prizes, you won’t find a Dream Team game anywhere else like you can with The Team of your Dreams. We offer two amazing all inclusive holidays. The first is awarded to the user who has accumulated the most points during the first half of the season with the second being given to the person who does the same for the remainder of the season. Our second set of prizes is given to two Runner Ups who have scored the next most impressive set of results during the first and second half of the season. The prize? A 32” HD and LCD TV which will enable you to watch your players in action and even spot any others who should be in your team.   

So, what are you waiting for? There never has been a better opportunity for you to flex your managerial muscles and show the rest of the world about how you can pick a better team than Wenger ever could. With fabulous prizes up for grabs, why not register an account and begin selecting your Dream Team ready in time for the next set of fixtures? With the number of people registering at break neck speed, you better hurry because the season is rapidly progressing.

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