Bidding adieu to the Blues

by admin

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Bidding adieu to the Blues
Watching Birmingham City’s demotion to the less vaunted throes of the Coca Cola Championship last Sunday was one of those rare karmic events in modern football. Let’s be clear for a moment. Birmingham are, and have for some time been a championship outfit.

Success in the Carling Cup final earlier in the season was hardly fitting reward for a side who display such prosaic and uninspiring tactics that only a depressed sadist could truly justify supporting them. Hmm…Interesting that.

Alex McLeish and his charges were quick to bask in the glow of a “resilient” and improbable victory over Arsenal at Wembley. The reality however was something altogether more different. Birmingham’s first piece of notable silverware since 1963 was not won on the back of a wonderful, tactically astute defensive performance.

Moreover, it owed to the calamitously profligate nature of a brittle Arsenal side, who proved more fearful at the prospect of winning a trophy than McLeish’s assembled rabble of mediocrity.

It is an indictment of Wenger and his hugely flawed philosophy that Obafemi Martins poke at the end of that game should have yielded anything other than a consolation goal, much less a humiliating defeat. What we can definitively draw from that unlikely day in February, is that McLeish was afforded the opportunity to take credit that was not his due.

Charlie Nicholas shamelessly lamented the lack of support McLeish had received from the clubs’ board in the aftermath of that victory, arguing that McLeish should have been given the resources to strengthen the squad after such a success. It is difficult to imagine what the board could have done to strengthen the squad a full month after the transfer window had closed.

On that note, supporters may lament the broken promises and lack of investment from the Carson Yeung regime. Yet fans of Liverpool, West Ham, Newcastle and a litany of others will tell testify to the dangers of trusting owners who ride into town in a wave of optimism. Frequently the euphoria surrounding the possibility of new beginnings can leave fans and owners alike sensing a new era that may never dawn.

Football supporters believe what they want to believe, and in that sense must share responsibility in the eventual plight of their club.

Birmingham fans should placate their grievances safe in the knowledge that their squad, their manager and indeed their club will be playing at a level proportionate to what they offer English football. For the rest of us, we can take solace in the notion that negativity doesn’t pay. Even if we miss chuckling at Cameron Jerome’s misfiring antics each Saturday, it is a price worth paying!

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  • Steve

    what a tosser

  • Rob McKee

    Boy oh Boy jealousy makes you nasty, just another likely Arsenal fan who have won bugger all in Years and have to blame everything from the ref to the weather for their incompetence.

    No matter what our name is on the trophy for ever more, suck it up idiot.

  • James

    So Birmingham didnt deserve the carling cup?? hmm… interesting that.

    Unless your a fan of the claret (pink) and blue society, you must be the only football fan in the world that thinks we didnt deserve to win that match and guess what…. we won it with our fully fit squad! AMAZING.

    In the last 10 years blues have spend more time in the Prem that the Champ so to say that the champ is where we belong seems quite a stupid thing to say.

    Your obviously not used to doing posts and if you are then good luck in the future because you’ll need it!


  • James

    You sad retard, possibly the worst atical I have ever read and before you ask! i am not a Birmingham fan but my God you are a looser!

  • Blue nose forever

    You sir are clearly a very sad individual, we take particular delight in derailing your bunch of whinging losers season every time we meet. you never know without us to play you may even win something next year. SIX years & counting. GET OVER IT.

  • john

    Obviously a Villa fan. From that name will probably say Celtic should’ve won the Scottish prem.

  • Lee

    When I seen all those posh words I thought u might of been a clever bloke but from the comments regarding Birmingham fans u r obviously just a thick fickle prick and from that u must be a scum fan or maybe londons 4th team arse an all kro sotv we didn’t deserve the cup wat a load of bollocks u talk

  • bernard harton

    I have read that the carling cup final just gone was one of the most exciting for a long time. Not bad for a boring team eh!. Birminghams weakness was lack of goals, if we had a christiano ronaldo who could hit 30 goals a season different story. Alec Mcleish did a great job with limited resources.

  • Lee

    I take that back u are worse than an arsnel fan u are a cheating scouse fan from Dublin says it all really u intelligence on football is all told to u on the tv motd ring any bells try going to a few propa game and paying ur sky bill does not count as a season ticket . Wat a stroker u r kro sotv

  • Mortonsblue

    Why are you so bitter and twisted? Maybe you should slag off your own club (would that be St. Pats?) rather than comment on others. Show some respect to the team that almost made Anfield a second home over the last 10 years you sad little individual!

  • 4 Cough

    real football, real fans, real opinions from a real tosser

  • Andy

    cameron jerome would be a far better striker if he didn,t have to chase the ball for 90 mins up front on his own with no support,Mcleish is negative, but birmingham can and do play good football,defending is part of the game as is attacking,johnson and dann at the back are superb,and would get into most premiership teams

  • masaccio

    typical arrogant arsenal fan, no doubt depressed at having to live in spurs shadows for the past few seasons. Six years and they won nothing, put your money on it happening again next season. Fibrelass will want to play for a successful club like Barca! Birmingham did well with a small squad I reckon they’ll look at it and rebuild.

  • lil_bluenose

    The very first line of your article shows just how little you actually know about football. From there on its just typical gooner garbage. At least you’ll still be able to chuckle at Arsene Wenger and his over elaborated ego each saturday.

    FYI… its now the nPower Championship.

  • Mattisfaction

    We won that cup fair & square. If anything Arsenal should have been down to 10 men when their keeper brought bowyer down in the box when he was clean through and we should have had a penalty. So justice was justly served when they demonstrated some of their trademark defending in the dying seconds. Why is it Arsenal fans moan constantly? KRO

  • Lee

    Geeza ur a fuckin mug I hope u have a car crash break ur neck and die a painful death a fucking cunt. Zulu army

  • tom

    Glad to see the back of Birmingham.. all you lot talking about good football and how Mcleish has done well, I don’t think you can get worse than getting relegated can you? Cup final won because of a horrific defensive error. I would say I’m glad to see the back of the fans as well but none of them ever turned up, their away support is up there with the most pitiful showings.. Zulu army? all ten of them?

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