Billy Sharp – Hero!

by Edward Watson

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

Billy Sharp put the majority of footballers to shame last night!

In a four week period where controversy over Carlos Tevez reportedly refusing to come on as a substitute has repeatedly stolen the headlines in the footballing world, Doncaster Rovers star Billy Sharp earned the unconditional respect of football fans across the nation when he turned out just three days after the premature death of his son.

Sharp, who was in tears during the minute’s applause before the game showed what true commitment was when he rang up manager Dean Saunders before the game and told him he was available for selection.

The night looked set to be a fairy tale encounter as Sharp scored on 14 minutes for Doncaster to take the lead. It wasn’t to be however as they went on to lose 3-1.

Full credit should also be given to referee Darren Deadman. During Sharp’s celebration he pulled his shirt up to reveal a message that read: “This is for you son.” Despite the letter of the law saying that a player must be booked in this situation Deadman chose not to caution the Rovers front man.

If all footballers could show anything like the commitment and passion to play that Billy Sharp did last night the game would be twice what it is now.

Overall, Billy Sharp is a true football hero!

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  • jj

    the man deserves an award, that’s pure dedication, loyalty and bravery!

    Must have been very emotional to be in that crowd.

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