Black Wednesday for England fans

by Ashleigh Rose

Wednesday, April 1st, 2009

New away kit revealed

If it wasn’t bad enough that England disrobed during the national anthems on Saturday to reveal their shiny new kit. Umbro have now revealed plans for the new England away shirt that are even worse. Hot on the heels of the all white strip that, lets be honest looks like on old PE kit, Umbro will step up their ‘Tailored By England’ campaign so that for the first time in recent history both the home and away kits match and will be released in the same season. Alarmingly though, Umbro seem to be taking this tailoring thing way too seriously as they are preparing to change the away kit colour to black.

A spokesman for the sportswear company has said “To keep in line with the current trend of the England strip, the away shirt will also feel like its been made to measure and we are currently looking at a black shirt like your standard bespoke suit” and even Capello seems to be up for it! “Fabio has had a large input to both shirts and wants a sleek design that will intimidate opponents”..

So BLACK is the way forward? I know England have experimented over the years (I mean who could forget the David Seaman refreshers kit) but do they really think the average England fan is going to accept a black change strip? Fabio can go on about how intimidating the kit will be but I think a free flowing free scoring England team would scare off opponents more than the colour of the bloody shirt! And what about Umbro all we’ve heard from them the latest launch was the importance of tradition, well how about keeping the greatest tradition the England team have ever had – a red away kit. After all I’m sure we’ve won an important game or two in that! Maybe it’s the new big American Nike takeover that Umbro have had that means they’ll ignore 66 now or maybe the black shirt is paying homage to the famous Russian linesman who gave Geoff’s Hurst goal? What ever their reasons behind it, I don’t think its going to go down too well with the most important judging panel – the fans. Who of course will be probably expected to spend another £50 on an England shirt we don’t really like. In all honesty I like black kits, QPR’s away kit from the early 90’s is still one I’m fond of and Man Utd’s from the same period was also quite a looker but that was club football in an era where different kits were the norm. The Three Lions away shirt is red and that’s the way it should be. Changing that tradition is something Umbro should seriously reconsider otherwise they may live to regret it.

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  • dexylongshot

    Darth Vader always looked the money, bring it on!

  • Darren

    good wind up Dexy!

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